Dallas Shooter’s Manifesto

by Ryu

Yet again, one has to fight to learn anything in the “Land of the Free.” Apparently the big bad Murkan cops are afraid someone might be inspired by it. But it’s always different when true equality is present – many can dish it out, but few can take it.

I found it here:

“I served my country before they betrayed me.

This is my manifesto to be released after my death. I am utterly sick and disgusted. I could not bear watching my brothers and sisters die every day by these insignificant self-righteous pigs. With the continuous shootings by these cops with no moral beliefs and who think they have the power to control a people’s way of life, I had to take a stand. They had to be taught a lesson.

If you are reading this, it means I’m dead. And clearly I have departed this Earth. But if you’re reading this, it means you are clearly still alive. You still have a chance to do more damage. If you truly care about your brothers, if you truly care about the black race, you will defend us.

The BLM movement has been destroyed from within. Al Sharpton and his cronies have torn the real message of truth, we need to declare our independence and take it by force.

We shall prevail.”

14 Comments to “Dallas Shooter’s Manifesto”

  1. Read some of the comments on your link, lot of people think its fake, claimed he didnt have social media etc.
    IF, and apparently thats a big one, the ending is actually prophetic and I can respect it.

    Aside: do you think its dangerous commenting on sites like dailystormer etc?

    • I think it’s real, EK. Many of our own have written similar sentiments.

      You could reason it out several ways. Dailystormer and Stormfront are known racist sites, and big ones. Almost like going to a big nazi rally right in front of the city hall.

      In real life, we always warn WNs to avoid big groups like that. I don’t see what they have to offer you now. You’re at a higher level now than news and jews. For the good stuff, you’ll have to go somewhere else.

      A WN can do quite well without SF or DS, though I salute how much they do for new people. I have not visited either for a long time.

      And also, I’d be banned there quickly. You can’t write gas the jews or anything cool like that there.

  2. I’m suspicious… Black separatism without the usual “racist” backdrop reeks of disingenuousness. Few are willing to self-annihilate for abstract betrayals.

  3. REAL black separatism… As in, genuine black Supremacy… Ergo, black man’s separation from liberal “white” degeneracy… Is the antithesis to BLM.


    To hold passion for BLM while publicly pronouncing a desire to separate from liberal “white” degeneracy is FATAL cognitive dissonance.

    • Yes, 99% of nigels will never walk away from the freebies doled by witey, who are responsible for much of their heated anger and hypocrisy. BLM is another extension, as with the countless other groups of the past, who profess the same type of self annihilating falsehoods, that really affects nigels and no one else.

    • BLM are not ethnic nationalists at all. They are your garden variety kwan civic nationalists who just want a bigger piece of the pie for their people. They don’t want separation, just more goodies at someone else’s expense. In a way, BLM is similar to certain iterations of ‘White Nationalism’ that I’ve seen. Any type of ‘ethic nationalists’ who’s goal is a bigger seat at the table and not absolute and total separation fall into this category.

  4. Alicia Garza gave a clear interview on the network, CNN I guess, the other day. She said that it’s not about white people being mean to black people. It’s not about cops. It’s about black people getting less than white people.

    She wants the real radical agenda: refusal to separate and demanding of more extra racial advantages. This is in line with the insidious WEB DuBois based promotion of the “Talented Tenth” — they want some black faces in every elite even if they don’t want to be there. It’s probably more about that than helping the average black person, mainly because it never lets the whites be free of this issue.

    That’s their real demand. That they’ll always be among you. Let them act out, punish them when they do, defend yourself, but know their objective and refuse to give any more freebies. Make separation more attractive for them.

    • That’s true. nigels do pretty well in Murka, yet they complain about oppression, or lack of a better word, getting less than witey, which isn’t true.

      In NYC, swaths of public places are made for nigels, and they destroy them in a blink of eye. All the hard work performed by construction workers, making buildings and playgrounds at the taxpayers’ dollars, all to be trashed by these savages overnight. Then nigels complain to wites about discrimination, for not fixing them.

  5. Correction” “even if they don’t deserve to be there”. Not “want”. Of course they want to be there …

  6. We should go back to making central places for them. Called “projects”. Maybe, hopefully, that’s what Trump means by “revitalizing the inner city”.

    Because spreading them out among everyone else with Section 8 isn’t good for anyone else, and not even better for the blacks, except it’s slightly better for black kids around age 5 or 6. Beyond that they revert to their ways, or can’t keep up with whites, and they don’t get actual benefit from being next to and around whites,while lowering the tone of formerly white areas and harming a lot of ordinary residential construction that isn’t built to take the beating they give it.

    These are actual research results.

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