The Best WN Movie of All Time

by Ryu

Not American History X. What really distinguishes this movie is the ending, which is quite pro-white; may be it is the only pro-white ending I’ve ever seen. Apt Pupil provides a magnificent example for WNs.

Todd Bowden is different than most young boys. He was not horrified by the holocaust tale…he was fascinated. He had to learn more, like what it felt like to be there. Everything they are afraid to teach in school. So he found a German who live there and did it, whose name was Arthur Denker.

The beauty is that movie becomes a sort of duel between two cobras. Both Denker and Bowden are dangerous men. Each has a different strength, and they teach one another many things. The climax of the movie comes as Denker has killed a gypsy. He had a cardiac event and called Todd to bury the body for him.

The ending is perfect. Todd is pitted against a slick jew teacher who threatens to turn him in to the authorities. He defeats the jew using jew tricks. So the old Nazi dies, while a new one is reborn.

I have found that the very best white recruits are just like Todd. They should be fascinated by outlaw groups like the Nazis. It is hard to teach an ordinary citizen revolution; better to teach a born revolutionary WN.

Here is the entire movie.

12 Comments to “The Best WN Movie of All Time”

  1. That’s two, can you recommend a third?

    • It’s hard to find good racist movies, G.

      Have you ever seen Boss Nigger? That’s a funny one.

      Then there’s a new movie coming out soon, Imperium.

  2. I’ll watch it when I get a chance.

  3. Notice: it is the boy’s shedding of blood which turns him into something else.
    Never seen Boss Nigger.

    • That’s good, Marlon. I think he had it in him even before he picked up the shovel. How did it feel? That’s a great line, when the old man says it in the end.

  4. Have you ever heard of a spoiler alert Ryu? Looks pretty good though. (Apt Pupil)

  5. So Ryu: Have you been following Roosh lately? It appears that he has been banned from entering Montreal, because he tried to “rape” a woman there.

    I think he was a fool for starting trouble there. It’s really the last bastion of some sort of sanity in North America. He should have made his actions loud and clear in Canada proper, which behind in Murka, about 10 years in degeneration.

    • Yeah, but starting trouble in the West now is very easy. Like breathing. It would not have survived the insanity the rest is experienced.

      • Rooshie shot himself in the foot big time, by stirring up trouble in Montreal.

        It’s like me going into Spain and complaining about the immigrants, while ignoring our serious problems in Murka.

        Montreal is really the only place in North America with an ounce of sanity, and that it his first target of attack. He basically burned all of his bridges.

  6. Stephen King wrote it as a horror story, since people are supposed to be as horrified by Nazis as by ghosts.

    Makes me wish he wrote a horror novel about an actual revolution and overthrow of the government.

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