New Record! 5 Officers in One Day

by Ryu

Allah akbar! We offer a black power fist to Micah Johnson and his crew.

I also want to sympathize with the beatings any survivors will be taking from pissed off cops. ***I*** know they occur. They only beat you because they are scared of you. That’s the penalty for making cops afraid.

Cops perform ambushes all the time. They only dislike ambushes when they themselves are ambushed. That makes them sad 😦

There’s a secret out there only a few know. Cop-killers are beat up and often tortured by the American police. To get away with it, they do the injury documenatation while being initially processed, then start the beating afterward. Then, they just write up a report that the inmate fell or got in a fight. It’s SOP for them.

To this day, the best WN recruiter has been the black criminal. That doesns’t mean that the white cop is our friend. The American police state is made possible by white police officers. Without them, America would already be third world. White cops are also responsible for “softening up” many skins and nazis by throwing them in cells full of niggers and spics. The boys in blue, work for the jew.

White cops are in a quandry. They find themselves caught between black nationalists, WNs, and the dollar. I fully expect them to serve the dollar bill, until the checks no longer clear. We cannot support white cops until they stop serving the USG and start serving us.

One has to both ding and salute BLM. They did a very couragous thing. At the same time, they did not get away with it. The time to discovery in this case was very short, which almost guarantees capture. Increase your TTDs to go clear.

TRUE excellence is getting away with it, and having a life afterward. Like this case, out of Bardstown, KY. It is possible. This is sniping done right.

4 Comments to “New Record! 5 Officers in One Day”

  1. I find that the gov downplaying this really interesting, as if it was a white guy it’d be all over about how ‘racist’ it was killing 5 black cops etc. Instead its just a ‘lone wolf’.

  2. If you knew you were living inside a simulation, and there were no consequences because none of this was real, and you could always reset to an earlier state, would you get in your car right now and drive to the police station to go dove hunting?

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