What Happens When Soldiers are the Protesters?

by Ryu

The usual; they get beaten, imprisoned or killed. Do you think the USG would hesistate for one second to kill vets?

Soldiers are conned by the USG in many ways. Veterans are convinced that no soldier or cop would ever wrong a brother soldier. Wouldn’t they?

Of course they would. The soldier’s primary duty is to obey; everything else is secondary. Soldiers are infinitely replaceable. “If you won’t do what we say, we’ll just recruit another dumb 20 year old and give him a gun.” There is an endless supply of sucker-whites hot to impress their USG with how obediant they are.

The best example of this was the Bonus Army. Of course, Randy Weaver was also a Green Beret, which did not stop Ruby Ridge.

During WW1, the USG promised their Jordies a bonus if they signed up. The USG didn’t pay up after the war ended. By the time the Great Depression came around, the Jordies were angry. They still didn’t have their cash.

When the Depression rolled around, a whole new crop of fresh meat had joined the military. They too wanted to show their masters how obediant they were.

So, the two groups came together in the same place. The veterans brought their familes to DC to protest. The youngsters went to DC with their guns to get the Bonus Army to stand down. It’s kind of embarassing when soldiers have to hold rallies to get the USG to fulfill its promises.

The result was obvious; the Bonus Army was slaughtered. American soldiers had no problem at all killing other Americans. That has NEVER changed. It is well to note that Patton lead the actions against the Bonus Army.

Patton was an interesting fellow. When he was a young hotshot, he tried to impress his DC masters by destroying the Bonus protesters. Later after WW2 ended, when he understood that the USG handed over Europe to the Communists, the Americans “accidented” him. He was assasinated in a car crash.


Don’t fall for the same con that Patton and the Bonus Army did.

American cops and soldiers WILL kill American citizens and veterans – without question. Do not believe groups like the Oathkeepers or 3%ers, who are just trying to get worship from an ignorant public. It has been proven time and time again; Kent State, Waco, Seattle WTO 1999, Katrina, the Boston Bombing manhunt, and so on….

Young men do not join groups out of “honor” and “duty.” That is a load of crap. Young men want waht they don’t have – which is pussy, money and power. Some even like killing! But you’ll never hear them admit it.

Many need to hide behind the cloak of respectibility to pursue their own need for power. Kaczynski called it “the power process.” We’ll have to do it too.

Let our soldiers think they are pursing truth and honor, while they are paid in cash-money. We must be sure to give our men a good cut of the action, so they stay enthusiastic and loyal. Well-paid soldiers protest nothing – Murka taught us that.

8 Comments to “What Happens When Soldiers are the Protesters?”

  1. I never even heard about this before… here is the full 30min documentary, where your short clip is from.

    It makes me always laugh when people who fought in the oil wars talk about protecting freedom, nigga please!

    UK deploys ground troops to protect Libyan oil fields“: January 8, 2016, The operation will involve around 6,000 American and European soldiers and marines – led by Italian forces and supported mainly by Britain and France.

    I salute your freedom fighters! Protecting oil wells must make them feel especially patriotic.

  2. Personally I find this topic interesting, but in a way its disheartening that Ryu feels it necessary to even write this article. Anybody with even a modicum of historical knowledge should know the Military/Police will fire on anyone they’re ordered to.

    What I do find psychologically interesting is Jordies know what the score is, but they still sign up, etc. Let’s just take a quick hop back to WWII. Has anyone ever noticed that you rarely ever hear anything from those poor bastards that the US abandoned at Corregidor? You know, the Bataan death march and all that? You’ll rarely hear about these guys because they typically had nothing good to say about the US. They knew they had been abandoned and left to die and were/are understandably bitter. Jordies still sign up. (Oh, the ironic bit here is that General Douglas ‘ I shall return’ MacArthur also was the Army Chief of staff who ordered troops to open fire on the ‘bonus army.’ ) Now let’s hop to the end of WWII. America left between 15,000-20,000 American POWs in Soviet hands at the end of the war. The Soviets denied it, but everyone knew the truth. It was more expedient fro the US to forget about them, so they did. Jordies still sign up.

    After Vietnam, I’m given to understand that US troops won’t leave anyone behind if they can help it, because they KNOW once captured the Gov’t forgets about them. Jordies still sign up. Now, here’s another interesting irony. The modern equivalent of the MASH unit does a phenomenal job of saving people who would have died 20 years ago. Great for troop moral. Once they ship what’s left of Jordie back to the states they dump them in rat infested VA hospitals run by 3rd world bureaucrats (probably in the hopes they’ll die soon to spare the Gov’t money.) Everytime I see a ‘Wounded Warrior Project’ advertisement its a tacit reminder that the Gov’t really doesn’t give a crap about these guys. Does no one else notice?Jordies still sign up.

    Ryu has made the point again and again that Cops/Soldiers make bad criminals or revolutionaries. The problem/weakness Whites have at the moment is that we’ve become a race of rule followers. We need permission to ‘rebel.’ (Anyone else note the irony there?) Cops/soldiers are the ultimate rule followers among us. Do not look for rebels there. If White US troops were ordered to mass murder White Americans they’d do it. Would some feel guilty about doing it? Of course, but in true American fashion they’d cry about it, then put a .45 to their head and blow their brains out. The thought of actually rebelling would never occur to them, so they suicide instead. Expect no help from that quarter.

    • You understand things well, Adit.

      Whites cannot trust cops or soldiers. I aim to destroy all hero-worship of these fakers. Most whites still admire pigs and soldiers, so I work hard against that.

  3. BTW, is FP on vacation or has he gone poolside?

  4. “Some even like killing! But you’ll never hear them admit it.”

    Had a relative who fought in Vietnam. He passed away a number of years ago. When he spoke about being over there, he always said he enjoyed it. I don’t think he was joking.

  5. US military attacks demonstrating American War Veterans

    Meet Smedley Butler
    March of the Bonus Army – Part 1

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