Cop Lies: We Care About YOU

by Ryu

Every business had two sides: the public face and the insider face. The difference is very pronounced, especially for cops and soldiers.

All people in the USA have to lie in order to get a job:

The Starbucks barista has to say “I love customers! And I love coffee. I just want to serve people the best coffee possible.”

The American cops has to say “I just want to serve the community and protect the weak. I care so much about other people. I never lie or break the law.”

There are certain truths cops learn very quickly. Their great sin, is not applying those experiences to other cops.

– There is no such thing as fighting crime. We can jail people, beat them up, fine them, shoot them, but the second we leave, they’ll return to what they were doing before we came.

– Those cops who do believe in fighting crime are chasing the buck. They con the public and their superiors to get the promotion. The higher you go in law enforcement, the more one sees this. This is just like corporate executives talking about their deep concerns about people, instead of money.

– Everyone is selfish, everyone lies. Including cops. We lie all the time to each other, our family, and citizens. We’re just like anyone else.

– People are nervous around police because they are men with guns. A cop can do virtually anything he wants, without consequences. Many cops act like people should not be nervous around them, but they know the the truth. If you treat a cop like a cop treats a citizen, he becomes very upset and indignant.

– There is no such thing as “protecting the weak”

The weak are either eaten by the criminals or by us. They’ll pay protection money to the Mafia, or to us. Either way, they will pay. The same racket mobsters use to extort businesses, we use to extort citizens. The War on Terror and War on Drugs are both welfare for cops. They will NEVER be over.

7 Comments to “Cop Lies: We Care About YOU”

  1. I speak to cops like fast food workers: with brief, simple, clear, and emotionless responses. It tends to accelerate the interaction and deprives Officer Friendly of any extra ego gratification.

  2. While this has nothing to do with the thread at hand, I thought I’d mention the following piece of ‘intel’ about things going on in Europe. Talking to some young Germans visiting the US, apparently an exodus is beginning in Germany. Because Germany is filled to the gills now with Muslims and Niggers, the young Germans can no longer get places to live nor places to feel safe to raise families. For those with decent professions, many are now leaving to other countries like Australia, etc. because they feel like at least they have a chance there. Basically, the trained professional class needed to actually run Germany is now leaving.
    Prediction: IF things remain on the same trajectory and since the German Govt is filed with ex-communists, they will fall back on old communist memes. In the next few years expect the German Gov’t to institute some kind of restriction that Germans won’t be able to leave, but anything brown will be let in. After all, you can’t Genocide the Germans if they aren’t there to kill.

    • Thanks! I am seeing some Krauts now moving to the USA. I am always sure to ask them about their Muzz buddies.

    • Instead of fleeing the invading hordes they should fight back as hard as their ancestors ever fought. Maybe harder.

  3. Cops care about order, not justice. And what they call order is entirely defined by the elites.

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