We Salute the Golden State Skins!

by Ryu

I saw this story on the TV but left more confused that when I went in. After digging about it seems that about 15 whites came out on top after being assaulted by 200 leftists.

Whoever trained the skins, trained them well. I too learned about the shields. You’ll notice that many of the cops there had body armor and those plastic SWATzi shields. Best thing of all – no arrests at this time.

To learn how to use knifes well, ask youself who uses them the most? Prisoners. The knife is in the back hand, the other hand defends.

We do good when outnumbered because neonazi racists actually train for it. This vid comes from Russia.

That’s what it is like at rallies today. Antifas are mostly negros, hipster whites and some feminist women. You’d better be ready for violence, being outnumbered, and dirty cop trickery. This vid is from a jew-controlled source, so take a pinch of salt.

5 Comments to “We Salute the Golden State Skins!”

  1. Ha, I was wondering when you would post about this.

    • I’m like the Americans…support our troops! Thank them for their service. Defending our truths and freedoms; freedom isn’t free. It sounds good already.

  2. I salute the WNs in Sacramento. They put up a good fight with these LNs. This is the 1st phase.

  3. Resistance may be ineffective, inadequate, seemingly hopeless, or it may not be noticed at all. But it’s never a joke. I don’t see the hipsters laughing (triggered cackles excepted).

    There can always be consequences. A single insult could change history, like happened to Gandhi and Osama.
    Let’s hope for many more consequences in the future.

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