Forgotten Racist Movies: The Postman

by Ryu

This movie is from 1997 and stars Kevin Costner.

It takes place in a post-collapse Murka where there is a large band of white racist raiders. The economic system they use is the protection racket, which all governments use. Pay us off, and we’ll make sure no one hurts you (except us.)

The situation is plausible. The raiders take conscripts from each of their settlements; men from age 15-50 of suitable ethnic foundation. The law of eight:
1. You will obey orders without question.
2. Punishment shall be swift.
3. Mercy is for the weak.
4. Terror will defeat reason.
5. Your allegiance is to the clan.
6. Justice can be dictated.
7. Any clansman may challenge for leadership of the Clan.
8. There is only one penalty – death.

I found something another racist wrote. He has a good site and even stuff for kids, strangely. This guy has been around 15 years, which is a very long time in our business.

This movie is long at 3 hours.

3 Comments to “Forgotten Racist Movies: The Postman”

  1. Great find, and there goes another Sunday afternoon reading those articles…

  2. A lot of people I know hate that movie, but I enjoy it. If only the ending and a few other things were a bit different. It comes so close to being perfect.

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