Mossad Ayoob is a Shill for the Murkan Police State

by Ryu

Sacred cows make the best hamburgers. We aren’t going to allow any police state supporters off the hook – no matter how many books they sell.

Everything is an “industry” in Murka. The police and military have parasites too. There is a racket for teaching “advanced” courses in policework, like advanced super-duper shootgunner while driving one-handed (only $999.95 limited time only!).

Ayoob is one of the biggest hustlers there is and has stacked up the money because he is a good conman. This is no different than PUA, where mPUA-gurus charge $2000 for a live infield demonstration awesomeness seminar. Ayoob just choose a demographic with a larger budget – the Murkan police state and the public that admires them.

I recently spent some time on google and searched every iteration I could imagine: mossad ayoob articles waco, mossad ayoob ruby ridge, katrina, boston bombing martial law…nothing. The guy has never written a harsh word against the USG. Either Ayoob is blind to police state Murka, or he is foolish. He doesn’t even write about American interference in his native Syria. He

Like a true pig, he supports his masters wholeheartedly. Just like Rooshie, he doesn’t want to live in the Middle East with his Muzz brothers. He wants to live in a white country. As it is, he lives in New Hampshire – white people paradise, writing about crime in one of the safest states there is.

Ayoob is not a “lethal man.” The qualification there is a pile of bodies. Shooting paper targets don’t count – and bricks don’t hit back.

How many people has Ayoob killed? Anyone got a body count?

If you REALLY want to learn how to kill, be honest with yourself and learn from a real killer. Franklin, John Allen Mohammed, or Anders are good choices. Ayoob is a stooge for the American police. He works under their protection, as they consider him a demigod.

You cannot learn revolution from any cop or soldier. All cops and soldiers make poor criminals. They fight something they do not truly understand.

To operate on your own, without state permission, is a different ball of wax. It is the highest thing a man can achieve, the true definition of white supremacy. WNs will have to learn the hard way that the only teachers there are “criminals” and “terrorists.”

One of the hidden reasons why the survivalists are so impotent is who they listen to. SPs listen primarily to ex-solders or cops. All of their training time goes into shooting targets, just like a true soldier – which they aren’t. When a civilian does what a cop or soldier on duty does, he’s a criminal. Unconsciously, the SPers know this, which is why they do not and cannot act. Either you learn from criminals or you don’t learn.

Pulling the trigger is nothing. It is 1% of what’s necessary. The other 99% is getting away with it. Stop being fooled and impressed by police state hustlers. You will never have the protections they have.

Here is a man with something to teach. Whoever pulled the trigger here was worth 100 Ayoobs.

8 Responses to “Mossad Ayoob is a Shill for the Murkan Police State”

  1. Great Post. I’ve read two of his (thin, priced-thick) books 100 years ago — a peripheral character to the nascent awakener. Good for etiquette/basic proficiency with this tool-of-choice, zero to add re: character — which we both know is the real essential.

    • I don’t think there’s anything special about learning how to shoot a gun. There was a time when most Americans could do it well. American gun proficiency probably peaked in 1890.

      Cops always hold back when they write books. Ayoob has also done this. I have to dig to find the really good information.

  2. Deadly Force is an excellent book… it’s just not about combat… it’s about the civil and criminal trials after you defend yourself. And we will all face this, no matter what society we live in.

    You can’t have one source for everything.

    • It is not just one thing with Ayoob. It is his doing the USG’s bidding as a pig, his lack of attention to the police state, his big white hat.

      If a friend had to shoot someone, and were shook up, I’d want him to call me first. Before monkeying around with the corrupt American legal system.

      The important question of all – does he treat his readers as he treated his fellow officers?

      LEOs have a word “testi-lying”. It is a play on testifying. I’d bet anything he told his readers to tell the truth.

  3. Great post Ryu.

    Hope you don’t mind my posting the following. It’s a great propaganda piece in my opinion.

  4. He admits that snitches are vital to police work here:


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