For All the Posts That Can’t Be Written

by Ryu

There are many areas in WN that are not covered.

For some, they can’t write about them because they are not aware of their existence. For others, it is just not prudent to write about them.

America is a police state here and now. One has to adjust his methods and conduct accordingly. Any strong WN knows what it would have been like to be a jew in Nazi Germany or a Palestinian in modern Israel – no need to read the history books.

Beware of those who write “we will go to the authorities with any threats of violence….” They are the surest informers there is. No heat, no pressure and already they are ready to turn their comrades in. The USG uses the threat of violence day and night against them and they still don’t complain.

The very best WN material available cannot be found on any public site. And the more advanced one becomes, the more one must hold back. Never doubt that there are oceans out there waiting for the right person.

6 Comments to “For All the Posts That Can’t Be Written”

  1. But until that’s a problem it will be a while, since people struggle even with the obvious basics.

    • Most will not get there, guest. But WN is largely the history of strong nationalists like William Pierce, Rockwell, and so on. Many are called but few are chosen. Quality is more important than quantity.

  2. Hmmph.

    I believe Stalin said quantity has a quality all its own.
    Quality leadership + riff-raff = disaster
    One needs quality followers too.

    But I suspect this all going to play out as FP theorizes:

    Decades of slow grinding decay
    Punctuated by the occasional scientific discovery here
    And the sporadic massacre there
    While the patrimony goes to rot.

    The wealthy prospering in little islands of green
    Among piles of discards – human and otherwise

    Feudalism now, Feudalism forever

    (Forgive me; Yeat’s Second Coming and Eliot’s The Hollow Men came to mind upon reading Ryu’s post).

    On another note,
    Ryu, you might find this useful
    Though I expect you are already familiar with some of it.

    • TOR wouldn’t help.

      Most WNs are not yet ready to read the kind of information needed to win. Both writers and readers must be brave.

      There are some articles I’d like to write. Most of our readers would stand up. But I ***know** there are snitches about.

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