A Detective Masquerading as Film-Maker

by Ryu

One has to be very careful with American media. They often have a hidden agenda.

There is a film called “The Jinx.” This whole film is a setup.

Its stated purpose is an objective examination of the events of Robert Durst’s life. The real purpose, which comes out during the filming, is to trap Durst and get a confession.

The producer is not LAPD. He is just an ordinary citizen concerned with “justice.” In practice, that means he will do virtually anything in order to get what he wants.

One always has to watch Americans. They allow and even promote torture, bombings, assassination, or lies when it serves their purpose. The ones you have to look out for are the “good” ones. The bigger the white hat, the more evil they will commit for justice.

I cannot emphasize enough to other WNs how dangerous law-abiding citizens are. They are the USG’s greatest ally. They’ll be the first to narc on you if you are discovered as an activist. The only thing they are good for is paying taxes.

This film ends with Robert Durst’s arrest. His participation in the film destroyed his case. Beware.

16 Comments to “A Detective Masquerading as Film-Maker”

  1. Didn’t watch the film but loved the sentiment Ryu. Beware the nark – they lurk everywhere.

  2. Too bad the CNN reporters visiting OBL in his hideouts didn’t have that much civil courage.

    • I salute Osama, guest. He’s the greatest fighter of terrorism in world history. The USA is the biggest turrist group in history. You’ll find more turrists in DC and Manhattan than anywhere else.

      He’s a hero to me.

  3. Ryu…

    The “jinx” is on a dull white mass being sold a tale of murderously privileged “white supremacy” INSTEAD of what is arguably an obscenely wealthy and particularly savage {{{serial killer}}}.

    • The problem being – the “dull white mass” aren’t necessarily buying into that fiction anymore. A good card up the liberal sleeve, but its repetitive use is becoming toxic to them

    • TD, where did you get that ((( )))) thing? I’ve seen WNs using it to refer to secret jews.

      Like an echo. JEW-Jew-jew….Something like that.

  4. Just (((testing))) if wordpress is letting echoes through.

  5. The Daily Shoah originted the (((echo))), a symbol used to visually represent their signature Semite sound effect, it took on because it can’t be easily searched for and removed on web platforms, because search algorithms usually ignore those characters, that’s why the panic, there is no easy way to get rid of it, the adl even declared it hate speech.

    Listen to an interview with the inventors here.

    Sorry if double post, my previous comments got eaten, speaking, can only FP approve comments?

    • Which is something Tanstaafl on age of treason often talked about, how: “jews on their jewsmedia soapboxes pontificate and moralize about the virtues of “free speech”, while at the same time distinguishing and arguing in favor of punishing “hate speech”, with jews literally and figuratively defining what “hate” means, cloaking their concern for their own particularist interests in disingenuous universalist language.”

    • Thanks! I’ve just been seeing it around; I had little idea what it was.

      I can approve comments also.

  6. In truth Ryu, Durst is an arrogant fool who trapped himself.
    He shows a weakness of many criminals – the need to brag, to rub it in others’ faces – to show how “special” he is.

    • You watched it? How did you like it?

      That’s a problem with smart criminals. They want credit. It is a very human emotion. It is hard to suppress. The USG rubs it in our face.

      • Ryu: Have you been to jury duty? Most of the criminal cases are boring, but a few can get interesting, especially if it involves cameras with relation to the police state.

        I recently sat at in a case where a migga who works for a residential building, allegedly assaulted a woman in a stairwell while she was descending down the stairs, but this wasn’t caught on camera, because there weren’t any. The prosecuting side couldn’t get any witness and there wasn’t enough evidence to convict as a rape crime. They only have views of him entering the building from the main entrance. It appears that he left from one of the side entrances that has no cameras, and he knows where to leave so he can get away without being noticed. Many Murkans are so disconnected with reality with their fun n games, that cameras are only doing the watching. And guess what? The guy is still working in the building as a caretaker. Sick!!!

      • I’ve been called to jury duty, but didn’t respond. Fuck that; I ain’t working for free.

        Ha – so he got off. Good stuff. Nice to see there are still some areas without cameras. Smart guy.

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