CCTV On Power Poles

by Ryu

One of our comrades in District 1 warned us about this years ago. Looks like the trend has spread across the US. This is when a BigFed agency throws video cameras on lightpoles, yet another manifestation of the Murkan police state.

America is a police state here and now. Not “approaching” or “almost there…” One must act and think accordingly. Beware of those who won’t admit that truth. Changing a police state is far different than changing a democracy.

4 Comments to “CCTV On Power Poles”

  1. The one weakness of many of these cameras is that many are wireless due to the cost of implementing a wired infrastructure. Anything wireless is susceptible to temporary jamming. Also, a great many cameras are also IP cameras, which opens them up to hacking. I would wager that criminals already have hacks to these cameras since they have a vested interest in knowing. The difficult part is spotting them nowadays since they are getting smaller and thus easily disguised or even integrated into say, the lights themselves.

  2. The sad part is how the only limiting force on surveillance is now technological, not any push-back from the public. And it will get worse, coming soon, 24/7 drones above all major cities, taking pictures every millisecond of the day, where any vehicle or person can be tracked back to it’s point of origin, just imagine, photographic location tracking of entire towns.

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