Is This Case Worth Investigating?

by Ryu

All cases…ARE NOT…created equal.

The police only have a limited amount of time and resources. They triage those resources into either important cases or cases likely to be solved.

In order to direct their resources, the police use matrices or grids to estimate the probability of solving it. Incidently, this concept is also used to decide whether or not to deploy swat on a raid.

Most cold case squads run after the easy cases. If they have a real loser case and a bored college intern, they may turn him lose on it. Sometimes the kid might even solve it, but it is highly unlikely. For the list below, most squads would go after level 3s and below.

Las Vegas Metropolitan PD Cold Case Solvability Criteria

Level 1:
– Named suspect
– Forensic evidence (DNA, latent prints, AFIS, firearms)
– Witness ID of suspect
– Physical evidence connecting suspect to victim (photos, writing, fibers, etc)

Level 2:
– Unknown suspect
– Forensic evidence present
– Witness ID of suspect
– Physical evidence present

Level 3:
– Unknown suspect
– Forensic evidence present
– Physical evidence
– No witness ID of suspect

Level 4:
– Unknown suspect
– Physical evidence present
– No witnesses
– No ID on victim

Level 5
– Unknown suspect
– Little or no physical evidence
– No witnesses
– No victim ID

No witnesses, no forensic evidence, no motive….a ghost. That’s always the ideal.

There are better solvability criteria out there. I merely introduce the subject. A good student will educate himself, once the hunger is set.

5 Comments to “Is This Case Worth Investigating?”

  1. Just posting because I’m happy today. A bad bitch got what she had coming.
    Sure, it was probably just some random crazy guy altercation…. but this is war (not everyone realizes it yet). If an enemy soldier (or in this case an officer) meets with misfortune then I’M celebrating.

  2. Speaking of investigating…

    What’s your bet Ryu on how many people in Orlando were actually struck down by the cops?
    And is it bad taste to listen to Murder On The Dance Floor now in this time of mourning?

    My take is that half the bullets recovered will be from the police praying and spraying.

    2:02 a.m.

    The Orlando Police Department issues an All Call Major Alert — all officers who can respond should do so. Within moments, more cops pour into the club’s main dance-floor area, returning fire. By now, customers are fleeing to the back, seeking refuge in the smaller Adonis Lounge or in an outdoor patio area.

    2:15 a.m.

    A second wave of cops — there are now 11 from the police department, three from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office — arrives, and the heavier fire they unleash forces Mateen farther inside the club. Police won’t even venture a guess yet about how many shots were exchanged. And they tread carefully in addressing one grim possibility: that in the dimly lit, chaotic gunfight, some of the Pulse victims may have actually been hit by friendly fire from police.

    The police was essentially firing for 15 minutes into the crowd, the best of the best!

    • Probably quite a few were shot by police. Prove that would be quite easy, just look at the caliber of the bullets recovered from the body. I don’t expect anyone in the MSM to look into that though, guest.

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