Grand Theft Auto 5: FIB Raid

by Ryu

There is some incredible material out there, if one knows where to look. I couldn’t believe that the makers of GTA did this.

The existence of this video suggests that the USG is alot less vigilant than we all imagine it is. It is one thing to “smell” that the USG is all bluff, and quite another to “know” it. One might almost say video game makers are training future revolutionaries.

There is something else, one of those hidden connections, in this game: the music at 11 minutes in on the above video. I recognized it immediately. The programmer who wrote that might contact me, if he reads this and is interested. I don’t know who wrote it specifically, but it must have been a special type of white man.

4 Comments to “Grand Theft Auto 5: FIB Raid”

  1. You could accurately simulate a spree shooting with dynamic software and figure out how to maximize the death toll.

  2. Can you suggest any sources for modern mafias ? it’d be interesting to read how they operate in this day and age. They seem to be flourishing in these second world countries. I’m really wondering when we’ll reach the point of bribing cops on the regular like they do in these places.

    • Cops accept bribes in ALL countries. It’s just that it is cheaper in the third world. Here in the USA it takes some real money.

      Think of the Mex drug cartels. They operate in every state of the union now. There is obvious collaboration at play.

      Both the cartels and the USG profit from this method. The cartels get to peddle drugs. The USG gets to “fight” the War on Drugs….forever. The only loser is the public who doesn’t use drugs.

      Here you are, comrade. How to bribe a spic pig.

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