ROK Is Now the Best Intermediate WN Site

by Ryu

I am unabashed in my admiration for them. ROK is the future of nationalism. The EU wants to censor them for the same reason ROK doesn’t allow men like myself to post there: only revolutionaries need and use freedom. Eventually though, they will sound just like the most advanced WNs.

What The Coming Race War Will Look Like

Mexican Protesters Attack Trump Supporters In San Jose While Police Stand Down

PUA is a necessary part to WN. White women don’t respect white men, because the men aren’t worthy of it. What sort of man allows women and invaders to tell him how to live?

I happily concede all intermediate WNs to ROK and the limits of that development-stage. When they tire of knocking their heads against the wall, they’ll have to find or become us.

All whites who want to live really work for us. Liberalism is a form of white-suicide. One day, we will be looked upon as moderates.

ROK has some problems that time will resolve. A few years ought to do it.

1) There’s only one direction in WN: more extreme. WNs don’t moderate with time, they become more intolerant. And the more extreme one becomes, the more dangerous it is, the more precaution is needed.

2) Their public meetings are constantly going to be interrupted by agitators and infiltrators. They’ll have to learn to keep it small and private, or don’t do groupwork.

3) Much of the West is already a totalitarian police state. The ‘terrorists’ they fear are us and the MOG, not the Muzz. One has to think and act as if one lived in Nazi Germany or the USSR as a jew or capitalist. The US is already as “bad” as each of them were, except that the new Soviet man in America is a mulatto.

4) Minos cannot lead WN. Roosh’s interest is white poon – always is, always was. His revolutionary spirit is dry because of it. Similar with Jack Donovan, who is a Mex-homo. They can teach the kids’ stuff, but only we have the real power. Minos get the same government protection that cops and soldiers get. IT IS NOT the same as doing it without the shield.

The strongest nationalist on ROK is a commenter named “Ghost of Jefferson.” He combines PUA, MRM and WN – a very modern combination. He should develop into something special if he survives the next few years.

34 Comments to “ROK Is Now the Best Intermediate WN Site”

  1. Glad you like ROK, I’ve always thought that site had pretty good stuff. The comments are pretty good.

  2. Ryu: Did you ever get chance to communicate to any Euro nationalists in Spain, Greece, etc? I remember you wanted to check out some websites, especially those from PIGS.

    • I’d still like to, JS. But my time is limited – none of us get paid to be nationalists, so we can’t do it 8 hours a day. I’m mostly following a Rhodesia nationalist right now.

      • What do you think of this current incident in Orlando? A migga shoots gay miggas in a nightclub. Strange world, we live in!

      • I think it is a good thing, JS. Two white-enemies killing each other. We are fortunate that the FFOL really has nothing in common other than hating whites.

      • But FP will not be satisfied with your response.

        wites in Murka do nothing to make themselves better, or make their country better. They just sit on their asses all day, or become like the Jews and count money, feast and luxuriate.

        The gunman who shot up the Orlando Night Club, apparently hated the FFOL and acted on it. He was a security guard around other no good MINOs, this is where one becomes a radical.

      • Many whites want to act. It’s just that the police state is mostly directed against whites.

      • According to Astrology, this is an era of niggas and miggas. Basically anyone from the 3rd world, who is dark-skinned is going to disrupt wites and their civilization. They will be in the headlines for a quite some time, for at least another 10 years.

      • Interesting you know that, JS.

        There was another guy in the MRM who like astrology: Obsidian. Have you found astrology to be a useful thing to study? It makes good predictions?

      • Yes, astrology is good for revolutionary purposes and dire predictions.

        Anders Breivik, had some very dangerous, extreme planetary alignment on his birth chart.

        Murka died a long time ago. It’s natal chart has an Achilles’ heel. It’s ideologies were always in contradiction.

        Currently, Murka’s ideologies are being shattered and denuded like an empty suit, as it is going through a transit opposing one of its planetary positions.

        Basically, whatever the country stood for, is now dead and turning into a rotting corpse. It’s really up for grabs, for anyone or any group to take it and lead it into a new direction. Currently, it seems like the MINOs are taking the helm. They will try to disrupt and challenge witey to their fullest.

      • What’s a good site you use to make those predictions, JS? My astrology is not that advanced.

      • I look at the various astrological sites, just to make some speculations.

        Search for Anders Breivik’s birth chart. He has a few badass revolutionary transits in him, such as Uranus in Scorpio and Mars in Aquarius. Anders is in the same generational group as I am. So is Rooshie V, something about us that make us unconventional. Roosh is probably in the same age as Breivik.

        In the early 2020s, I think the Baby Boomers will suffer a breakdown, perhaps death by the masses, simply Pluto will be transiting into Aquarius, the opposite transit of the boomers who were born in Pluto in Leo. I’ve come across sites, where young millenials are advocating for the fleecing of the Baby Boomers. Let’s kill them first, before they go into retirement, is their motto.

      • Also Pluto in Aquarius is the generational marker for Muhammad, the prophet of Islam. Pluto in Aquarius was also the transit period when the American and the French Revolutions happened, especially the French one, because it was there for most of the time.

        So it will be a dangerous era that brings out the revolutionary/rebellious spirit and it will come to the forefront, in a very strong and forceful way.

      • Orlando is truly fascinating JS. The stupid fags haven’t realised that their mainstream supporters have decided, that “when push comes to shove” the establishment will “throw them off the roof”. I expect the smarter fags to wake up to the reality in a few days.

  3. I can’t post at ROK either… Ultimately, the anti-white Supremacy of Forney bolstered by Roosh will determine the fate of ROK. in Mala Fide died because of its refusal to go towards wS. ROK will probably suffer the same fate.

    • It is ironic that only the most extreme racists still believe in free speech.

      Ultimately, it is the contradictions that defeat a person or a group. Your philosophy tries to solve that. You are definitely ahead of your time. I myself have had to fight to keep you on certain sites.

      People are misunderstood tend to be either insane or very good. Manson was like that too, TD.

      • I can’t have unique answers for the masses. Nor can I provide the masses with degenerate “solutions.” So where does that leave the white Supremacist in relation to a mass that one AUTOMATICALLY separates from per genuine wS?

        Part of this is persuading the mass to just let go, but not of themselves and towards self-annihilation… Just let go of your genuine white Supremacists and see how high they can really fly?

      • I would never ask you to moderate your positions to become more popular, TD. In the long run, it just degrades the recruit quality.

        One might say white supremacism resembles objectivism, what Ayn Rand promoted. It is a sort of rugged individualism. A WS needs to be selfish in order to reach his highest level. Some things shouldn’t be brought down.

  4. I’m an old guy. I started out as a Goldwater type libertarian conservative. Over time I noticed “freedom” only benefited people not like me- blacks, women, gays. Conservatives did things, but only things that liberals found it convenient for them to do- mainly cutting taxes.

    Doing what you’re supposed to do as a libertarian- work hard, start a business, make money- doesn’t work when all the jobs and businesses go to immigrants. Being a nice guy with money is supposed to get you women, but most young white guys can’t even get to the having money, a career, or some kind of business part. They need some way to get women, so they look to PU, which is just sociobiology repurposed.

    Roosh is of course a filthy carpet rider, but from the career/money standpoint he may as well be white. His Persian father didn’t pass on to him a shady business, just a good education, which didn’t impress girls in DC bars.

    So most young white guys know what the deal is, but can’t get together yet. It may happen though.

    • Things seem to be changing, Thrashy. Younger WNs dream of earlier times, at a young age. I think they know the American dream is a con now.

  5. @ Ryu – Its easy to comment on mainstream European sites – you just have to understand their censorship rules. Whilst you see this as an infringement of your first amendment rights, you may be better off viewing it as a challenge. The EU establishment is weak and confused. Their populations, in many cases in “revolt”, It is the place to be stirring the pot. The trick is to know how to stir it.
    I’ve only been knocked of once this year, not for the comment, more a targeted complaint by a sophisticated leftie.

    • Southern Eurot seems to do better with identity politics than the North and the Anglo Faggot World.

      Young Spaniards burnt down a Starbucks in Barcelona few years ago, in protest of globalism. So yes, Europeans are truer to their values, when push comes to shove.

      Murkan pansies are simply hypocrites, and here’s why. They only care about money, not their identity or culture. So yes, Murka soley exists as a flea market of bartering and trading.

      The same could be said for Britain’s entire Fago-Sphere. Money dictates everything.

    • What’s a good mainstream Euro site to comment at, Colin? One with alot of WN types on it.

      • Doesn’t work like that Ryu, The Google and Microsoft crowd would take it out for the Euro elite. Because Freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom to speak.
        The trick’s not to get closed down. That was the fate of the European Guardian, which was fairly tame – just reported the news really. The pigs will track you on the likes of Brietbart London and Going postal. If you set up a site, of this sort, you won’t get many takers, except for the pigs.
        There’s some interesting discussions of political alternatives to Liberal nonsense though. The European power centres are that confused at the moment, they can’t work out who to have a go at first. Maybe perversely, their suppression has led to the fucked up state they are in now. Where effectively they have made enemies of the majority by pandering to the whims of the minos.

  6. We live in a time where contempt is wisdom.

  7. @JS “I’ve come across sites, where young millenials are advocating for the fleecing of the Baby Boomers. Let’s kill them first, before they go into retirement, is their motto. Sounds like a typical Jew divide-and-conquer tactic. Turn Whites against their own parents and grandparents. Genius. Also what a great strategy for men who are too cowardly to fight the Minos. But of course JS isn’t actually white so I am not surprised that he is promoting this.

  8. Your presence on this blog is that of a useless commentator.

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