Letter from a Female Neo-Nazi Pornstar

by Ryu

What should be done with white women who mix?

I advocated recruiting some ex-mixers to catch current mixers and also to increase the penalties. As a general rule, women are more cunning and vicious than men are; this is one of their great virtues. It takes a wolf to catch a wolf. And no one will be more familiar with the excuses than someone who has been there themselves.

This letter is from 2007. Details are sketchy, but apparantly she and her husband were skins before entering porn. Then she retired and worked as a stripper in Vegas. Finally, she now raises horses in Texas.

She (or her husband or ex-husbnad) writes 6/1/05:

To the Army of the lonely and misguided,

Since you’ve always loved me so much I thought you might need some fuel for your flaming ways. I want to return the love displayed for me on every porn mark site. Someone told me that there was a site that had an image of me getting my head stepped on. Please e-mail me with that URL. That must be awesome! LOL I’m separated from my webmaster. My website is just a link for Metro now. I want the website pirate who stole JessicaDarlin.com and Metro who runs JessicaDarlinxxx.com to feel your pain. I want you to make sure they hear your animosity for me loud and clear. Force them to distance themselves from this so called Nazi propaganda. Tell them you won’t invest a dime into their companies until they drop all affiliation with Jessica Darlin. I’m doing my damnedest to shed my skin and move on. I know I can’t get rid of all of the years of content out there. I will make sure people know the true girl behind the content though! These people are going to be affiliated with one hated whore! Hit them in their pockets people!

Don’t support people who have an employee with strong feelings about Oklahoma City. This was a day when people rose up against a murderous federal government. (Ruby Ridge & Waco) The same employee has altered feelings about the yuppies in the WTC (I love the hero’s that make up the police and fireman– They lost their lives in vain trying to save what was considered by Al Qeida-a Jewish soft target). This employee carries her lack of tolerance as a badge and her shred of empathy as a cancer! This employee wants that coward of a president to challenge the raping of our border by bringing our troops home to militarize it. The Arab world doesn’t want freedom-they want a Holy war. We’ll never be appreciated by a movement that calls for the death of the West. Quick question-Can’t they just blow up liberals? This employee can say what she feels but it’s never known to be good business! Shut up you liberal weasels concerning this war. The hippie, commie, black revolutionist thought that this war is fought by the poor is garbage. Out of the first 1500 soldiers that died over 1200 were WHITE! Out of the people who enlist (Not Drafted) over 80% voted for Bush. Stop acting like this is your fight. It’s our fight as Christians against murderous fanatical Islam.

After I leaked my true feelings about the business I learned what selective hearing meant. I explained in bold italics what went wrong for me in porn. I always said that while in porn I judged people by their performance rather than their social status/race. I left home with a heart full of anti-Semitism. I never really had any hatred for Black America and I still don’t. I relate to them more than socialite Whites. More down to earth. That doesn’t mean that my experiment with the cultural divide worked though! I always despised wiggers and the thought of losing your identity and look what I became! LOL I had a true feeling of racial intolerance and a promise never to let the weak determine my truth. I fell out of touch with my skinhead brothers. They were my soldiers when we were together. Away from them I gave tolerance a chance as hate weighed heavy on my heart. Everyone told me it was wrong to feel this good about myself. From there I took it down a whole notch and gave peace a chance. When I agreed to do the first interracial scene it was a gut wrenching mistake. People remarked that Shawn using Redneck shouldn’t have been a breaking point. That word is reserved for rednecks like myself. I love the word when it’s between proud Southern whites. When it’s used from Blacks, Hispanics, liberal whites or Jews-it’s a racial slur no different than any other. From one black to another ”What’s up my NIGGA?“ Get it?

Later in my career interracial was what they wanted as the fad became predominate. My career lasted 7 years and I’d say with the degeneration came the expectation for me to be the nigger lover that everyone saw with Shawn. They wanted the anal that they saw in my first flick. When this business gets its claws in you it’s widely known that they’ll shoot you for what you’ve done in the past. You do interracial and that’s the calls you’ll get. You do anal once and you’ll be doing it the rest of your career. That’s how I got caught up in the vicious cycle of demoralizing scenes, interracial, and the anal production line. I became a corporate whore. I could’ve said no to the 10,000 horrid interracial scenes but it would take just one picture from that scene with Shawn Michael’s to contradict the rest of my life. At that point I went through the meat grinder as part of my career. No-one made me ever do all of those scenes. I was under the delusion that the blacks in the business saw me as equal. That we were all the same. Believing that nonsense made things feel different. Stepping away and noticing the sell-outs that followed in my path was the realization point. I heard that girl Ashley Blue say on Playboy that you can’t be a big star unless you have a big black dick in you. WTF are you telling girls that for? Let them make that decision on their own. Tell Jenna that you need to do the Chocolate thunder to be big. Stupid white girls think black guys are cool-They stopped judging them as people. They think they have big dicks & (Santino Lee-LOL) that’ll some how they’re the privileged few that gets that. I guess they haven’t been with the amazing Euro men that changed my walking habits. They think It’ll make them look progressive in a society that hates the idea. They’ll leave this business ostracized by all with no real relationships from either side. After I did the first I was dead in the eyes of racial purity and dead to my true love. White America.

I fell out of touch with my true feelings for others while trying to obtain my 15 minutes. Some CATTLE on Mr. Marcus’s website said “Who dis bitch tink she is-talking s— bout black performers and interracial”? What he was referring to was my plea to white girls in the business to stop the trend. They have the right to be selective no matter your how lacking the consumer fantasy ends up. New girls are going to be the first generation of strictly interracial and anal performers. I can tell you about the negative affects of both and the type of support that waits when you fall. NONE girls! The most painful thing I said to get the brothers in arms was my myth buster! I told girls that if you are attracted to black men because of the big dick myth- BEWARE. I f—ed all the big blacks in the business that are looked up to by porn marks. The best cock I ever had was Mark Davis. The finest guy i ever worked with was Julian. The biggest cock i ever had was a beautiful pure Euro man. White girls if your cock hunting there’s nothing better than an uncut Euro cock. There’s no guilt involved-If you fall in love with him after the scene you can do your best by strengthening our American bloodlines. We’re all mutts in America but if you have the chance to replenish our purity-DO SO! I work in Vegas. The interracial capitol of the world. Everyone is so busy falling apart that people don’t verbalize their distain for that disharmony. They can blend in without the retribution. There’s also a huge lack of emphasis on family here so it goes unnoticed. Then again there’s a huge pimp to ho ratio so it just might be a working relationship I’ve been seeing? LOL GARBAGE!

The words came out proclaiming me as a hypocrite? I only speak from life experience. I blurred my vision of other races and their agendas in America but never lost total sight. Mr. Marcus has Black power speech and Black Nationalism all over his site. I’ve never heard a word from him condemning it. Maybe because he looks out for his race as well. They’ve called for the death of me and I’ve never responded. I guess they know that 13% of the population isn’t enough of an issue to warrant a response. Look how your VOTE or DIE proclamation worked-AHHHHH! LOL It’s just not fashionable for a white to have pride. We all make our initial judgment of others through small increments of stereotypes. I don’t endorse the stereotypes without a base. I’ve had a very poor relationship with just about every Jew I’ve ever come in contact with. I won’t deny the Holocaust but I will admit to being anti-Semitic. I would never be rude to someone based on their skin color or religion. I just recognize our differences and I rank their existence accordingly. Back to my Jewish relationships-I will say that the stereotypes that haunt them reared their ugly head in our friendships and furthered my distance. I see the successful whites separating themselves daily from the Latino population. We worry about illegal immigration but they can’t afford to live in our neighborhoods so they can’t bring down property value. This country was built on immigrants. We all have the right to be here. Just do it legally. We are vastly different along culture lines. I’ve had all types of relationships with black people and have no stereotype that prevents our friendship. There is a precursor that limits our possibilities though.

I went back to my bloodline and found it to be a source of pride. I gave my old friends a call not to ask for forgiveness or make excuses. I called to let them know that I was wrong. Any chances I took or decisions I made thinking that tolerance and racial acceptance was a better form of life-was crap! They would never take me in at the National Alliance or the hate groups that my boys affiliate with. They’d hate me for life and I understand. I’d still support the cause under any condition. They always looked out for us. They were the truth and I looked for an weaker/easier life. It’s easier to play the liberal whore-it’s hard to stand your ground against the weak that has Americas ear. I used to be hated and proud. Somewhere down the line I chose to be loved. It’s so much better to be hated for who you are rather than loved for who your not!

One of my dearest friends was one of the skinheads Bianca Trump e-mailed and partied with. He told me that she denied her Latino background but the truth about her did bring and end. When my friend found out about her porn past she was 86’d. The hate that I know they have for others was directed at her. It breaks my heart to know they feel that way about me but I’m stronger. We agree to disagree. I was the first girl in our crew. My husband has taken the true brunt of the blow. He’s lost everything due to our decision to incorporate tolerance. They blame him for not demanding that I stay pure even while choosing to be a video whore. They hated that decision anyway. My husband befriended racial diversity in the business but that got him no-where. My husband considered Mr. Marcus a fiend when he had so few. Leaving his boys he saw something good in Mr. Marcus. Marcus wouldn’t be seen dead with him now. Look at what TOLERANCE has done-The worst word imaginable.

Who knows more than I do about interracial and the real feelings that exist? I speak from lessons learned. Of course a black guy is going to question my motive! I’m hurting his chance at that trophy white pussy. I’ve been there and done that and that’s why I can talk! People hate without having any real knowledge and contact with their enemies. I can honestly say that I know my detractors up close and really f—ing personal. Two of the three worst f—s were with black guys-so save the -BEAT the PUSSY up- whisper. I’ve seen girls change their dress, their talk, walk, and overall pride to see the dark side. No-one challenged the strength of interracial relationships when I commented about their short existence. I said if the white girl is chasing the black dick one day she’ll land on it. The pussy will get loose, the dick will get tired and you’ll have to roll over and have a conversation. Real responsibilities take effect and they fall apart.

What the white girl has to do is take a look in the mirror. I was left with the reality that even the black performers felt the same way I did. Most blacks have more respect for a white who sees his skin color versus the sellouts that cling to theirs. Black people want their own identity and are sick of us blurring that line. I mentioned two prominent black performers that told me they’d never date out of their race and that the most they could see in a white person is a performance. Not one limp stood up to question who that might be. I told you about a former boss who wouldn’t let a certain black performer get around his girl. His girl had sucked him off before they met and the thought repulsed him. I could shoot with that performer because he sold movies but I wasn’t to dare bring him into the office. The double standard was that he-(the boss)-liked the thought of black broads SO BLACK (How Black?)- That their teeth glowed. African bush black was the phrase. (Actual phrases heard by more than one) I’ve had a lot of bosses so you do your best to figure that one out. Multiple contract girl and all. When the business started coming down on me not one black performer ever spoke a word of support. I had decent relationships with black performers away from the job. Someone said she must be drugged out now as she fades from stardom-lol No dips—-I was high for the period that led me to giving up my pride. The days experimenting led to addiction, embarrassment, bad decisions, and overall failure. Winning awards doing crap like that wasn’t an accomplishment-It was a failure. It took me being sober to see all the stupid things I did. No-one ever forced me to do interracial. I was influenced to say the least and then typecast into the last part of my career. It led to the mindless industry standards that I help set.

Most hate groups do it from a far. They rarely act from first hand knowledge. They’re taught to hate and pass it down. My parents were pretty liberal. I formed my opinions through trial and error with a variety of nationalities. There’s nothing violent about wanting to set a life away from the influence of others. Segregation only hurts the ones that need from others. Interracial is the death of individualism. Why shouldn’t we strive to be different? The socialist way has all of us getting the same ration. I want my people to strive for more. What if we were all self sufficient? -Look at history-(remember that your beloved Malcolm X called for the complete separation of races)-few knew first hand whether or not Dr Kings sandbox vision for our children and their future would work. Dr King was a man pushing for the advancement of black people during a time in America when they needed it. He never spoke for the future of white America. He didn’t care. Now look how many whites are trying to eliminate Christianity in a guilt soaked movement to gain tolerance from others. Tolerance is what Dr King spoke of. Tolerance has weakened the legs white America stands on. Now we’re (proud whites) left wondering why we would ever celebrate his existence? He was a good voice for Black America but he’s not my Dr!

We can’t just all get along! He was a black civil rights leader. He wasn’t that different from the violent chapter of the Black Panthers. A militant movement still exists from the civil rights era and is voiced in rap today. I’m one of the few whites who have moved on and don’t look at the integration of America in Dr King’s eye as progress. If races could be self sufficient we wouldn’t have the need to co-exist. Do Mexicans assimilate-NO. They’re not called racist for it. They border jump-rape and pillage our land deeper than the land once known as Mexico. They set up in their own little barrios and force us to add Spanish options to our lives. From T.V to radio to everyday life they do everything they can not to lose their culture.

Back on the beaten path-I was ridiculed when I misspelled words but the worthless lonely porn marks that march to the video store on the release dates knew what I was saying and it ripped apart their fantasies. I think rather than my grammatical errors they should focus on real social interaction. Ones that don’t end up in blistered hands, lubed up remotes, 5 Viagras, meth, and burnt out DVD players. The avid porn fan that makes up the daily bloggers has larger issues that lead to their addictions. Failed social lives-marriages-acceptance from women-and overall a lack of self worth is the driving force that is the lonely soul. Porn does revive some marriages and help accelerate the sexual prowess for others. Few take it lightly compared to the ones that are consumed and detached from real relationships. I never got close to my fans because I f—ed for me. I was never shy.

What do you think drove the material that Brandon Iron, Thomas Zupko, Rob Black and Lizzy Borden made? The material that you thought fit to defend against obscenity charges. The truth is that underneath that line about ART stood real disturbing underlying motivations for that material. One of them has a pound of cock but got a lot of gay fan mail for some reason? He has an issue with male patterned baldness, a voice that lacks testosterone, and blazing amounts of insecurity with women. The scenes became his canvas for retaliation. His finished piece wasn’t art it was REVENGE! It leads to a series of punishment and brutality that you supported. It was the sick treating his illness and you saw it as ART. One of those people was the Christmas Grinch-The Jew in him threw a fit when he couldn’t degrade/shoot a girl to no end on Christmas day. The business was watching us at the time and he was told to ease up. He came to tears when his beer & cough medicine ran out. He asked how he could make a movie without destroying these girls. No talk about art. One of them was known for mistreating previous girlfriends with violence. He had a list of insecurities and glitches that would make Howard Hughes look messy. He was the mastermind behind the overall concepts against these unsuspecting girls. (Did they take the paycheck and run-yes! Do you care where they are now?-NO!) The last was a poster child for ENVY. Who would want to be a porn star worse than someone who tried and failed you ask? Maybe the same person who was handed the ability to direct the girls she was most threatened by. Drop them down a level to help her sanity. Are these the products of the art you backed in that court case? Was this the landmark decision that you wanted? I had my money on states evidence. Another lost bet!

The government had a chance to weed out the sick and you rallied to strengthen the disease. Congratulations. For the girls who might read this here I roar. Don’t change who you are-Understand that all the physical damage you do to your body won’t be s— compared to the next girls pain. Somewhere down the line you’ll have to take a stand and it will improve the business. If every girl stuck to her guns and only did scenes that she fantasized about than we’d have an industry full of truth. The girls you see on film are doing what they’re paid to do. I can’t remember more than five girls who actually wanted to be there for the sex. These guys will replace you before you hit the ground. What’s a porn funeral look like? I’m guessing pretty lonely. How dare I give the girls that they manipulate and degraded a voice? You can’t handle the truth!

Jessica F’N Darlin

P.S-I said that Darren James had victimized the girls he infected and all the brothers who didn’t want the responsibility stood up for him. Girls catch HIV and the obvious lack of empathy showed. Let that be an example. QUESTION though? Darren was to have had a spider bite that lowered his immune system to a level low enough to catch it from a woman? LOL – OK hear this bitch. Around that time the weasel ranting Devan at HGC posted something about performers spreading staph infections. Devan said something about performers using the line “It’s a spider bite” From there he or someone at HGC said if you’re found to have a Staph it’ll look like a spider bite and you’ll not FOOL anyone. You’ll be outed and quarantined from this business. That means in all likelihood that Darren might have had a staph that led to his weakened immune system. The brothers and the industry would have you believe that Darren wasn’t working with a contagious Staph infection but you’ll believe a spider bite? How many of you have ever been bitten by a f—ing spider? Come the f— on! I’ve had a staph after working with a black performer and maybe because of their skin color it’s hard to see. Then again the boils hurt like a bitch and if he didn’t have the early flu-like HIV symptoms he probably had that symptom. I never heard that weasel DEVAN come out and question the validity of the spider bite. If he worked with that infection who’s to say when he got back in the states he didn’t feel like s—. Feeling like s— and working anyway. The Staph will give you flu-like symptoms at the on-start. Save the innocent black man because HIV sees no color. HIV does give you warnings-I hope he didn’t ignore them. Darren was a nice guy to me but we questioned the girls deeper than him-Why? Just questions-no facts.

PSSSSS-Some people say my Conservative talk is some deep down need to be Rush Limbaugh or Ann Coulter. The truth is that I hate Rush Limbaugh’s holier than thou ass kissing of this president and his numerous mistakes. From the immigration issue, to the kid gloves he’s put on our proud soldiers. They behead our people and we’re worrying about the Koran? No more smart bombs. Lets drop it down to their brutality. Turn that desert to glass and bring‘em home!!

Do you think Ann Coulter has ever been pounded in the ass on camera? Even though I’d love to see that or do it to her myself. I love her strength but she’d hate who I am. I support her fight no matter. Conservative women get hell and she returns with fire. I’m pro abortion and stem cell research to advance medicine way past what this administration would allow. I’m nothing like either side. I have my own brand of life that I broadcast love it or leave it.


I’ve made and spent more money than most of you will make in your whole lives. I’ve traveled to countries you’ll never go to. I’ve signed autographs for the way I f—! Imagine that. I’ve had better sex than you’ll have in your whole life and if I die tomorrow I will have lived your fantasies in a 24 hour workday. Your fantasy was just another day at work for me. Your death wishes will never make up for all of the time you spent wishing you were someone else. I just had to figure out which way was best for me. Either way is better than you!

10 Comments to “Letter from a Female Neo-Nazi Pornstar”

  1. Gross but interesting. There will be a lot of repentant mixers in the coming years. Yes we should put them to work after being re-educated.

  2. That’s actually an interesting post. People can be used in a lot of ways, this is just an extreme example. It’s easy for a lot of people to point at her and shame her, but can they really say they are any different? It’s funny, I’ve been thinking about this topic all week due to work situations. More and more I come across people who have worked for a decade or more somewhere and then are just let go at the end. They are promised all sorts of things and they never end up where they want or should be. Jessica has a very powerful message, and with the rise of ISIS certain snarky remarks people have made about her post are now proven laughable.

    • I’d like to hire her. Because she has been screwed by the system, she’ll fight harder for us.

      • Yep, like ?Kiki in one of HAC’s novels — she fought with a hatred only those who’ve compromised with the despicable can.

      • I remember her, FWM. She had a tatoo and a kid.

      • Bro, hoes ain’t loyal to anyone but themselves and they’re shortsighted enough to persue instant gratification at all costs. This bitch ain’t no exception. She is just like those cunts in Germany holding up the “Refugees Welcome!” sign.

  3. Good letter from a former porn star.
    2007 is when I got serious about hate myself, inspired by the War Nerd. Before that, it was contempt courtesy of P.J. o’Rourke.
    The long lists of outrages and observations in this letter are like nothing to those who oppose us and are responsible for them. The Elites hold those beneath them beneath contempt. Still, I remember another long lists of complaints: the indictment in the Declaration of Independence.

  4. Interracial relations are nice in theory but don’t seem to work in practice. They may get along, but not on a basis of equality.

    A diverse group of white guys like a news organization or law firm could have a black member to widen their observational horizons.

  5. “Your fantasy was just another day at work for me. Your death wishes will never make up for all of the time you spent wishing you were someone else. I just had to figure out which way was best for me. Either way is better than you!”

    It’s really tough for me to feel any simpathy for any ill will that comes this woman’s way. She doesn’t seem all that repentant to me. If she wants to work for WN, she can continue being a cum depository for the white men she feels are beneath her.

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