The Best Mission of the Last 4 Years

by Ryu

“Why didn’t I hear about this case?”

…because it is that good. American media won’t cover a case where the bad guy wins. The impossible happened; a cop-killer got away with it – and he didn’t get lucky.

This case will reveal the existence of a higher plane, for those who doubt. The clearance rate for murdered cops is over 99%.

Whoever did this was amazing; a god amoung men. Many say that they can do anything, but this man truly could.

The vic is Officer Jason Ellis of Bardstown, KY. The operative surveilled him and had his routine down pat. Then, when the time was right, he laid the ambush and pulled the trigger. He was never caught.

You will notice the great outrage the police feel. They take everything personal, and don’t ever believe otherwise. Some have threatened to kill the killer. Few Americans know that cops beat and torture cop-killers.

Top Cop Threatens to Kill After Fellow Officer Gunned Down

Of course, you already know the cold routine that was given in the press. They sprinkle the usual phraseology about:
….cold-blooded killer…
…he was a family man..
…his poor children…
…there’s a killer ON THE LOOSE!…
..we want justice…

No motive, no witnesses, no forensic evidence. A ghost. It’s not impossible, just difficult. White supremacy is real. The skill lies in knowing it when you see it.

One Comment to “The Best Mission of the Last 4 Years”

  1. The guy was like a ghost, operating in total secrecy. The cop never saw him coming. Preparation is everything. The operation itself only takes a second.

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