“Arrested” for Brit Nationalists

by Ryu

Nationalists across the world have the deal with many of the same problems. The Brits have produced their own guidebooks for avoiding and mitigating arrest.

“Arrested” is the guidebook used by the English. There are many parallels with what Murkan WNs have to do. This guide seems to be heavily influenced by Tom Metzger’s Resistance work.

4 Comments to ““Arrested” for Brit Nationalists”

  1. The cancer of political correctness has infested the UK.

    • England’s police state is more developed than even Murka’s, Tim.. It is surprising that there are any WNs left there. They’ve got hate laws and CCTV like we can’t imagine.

  2. UK Leftwing traitors should all be lined up against a wall. Probably no wall long enough though.

  3. I liked the parts about passive resistance and delaying tactics during police operations against you. Don’t help the Bastards in any way. They are the agents of Satan.

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