America’s Best Arsonist

by Ryu

Arson is a special crime. Only 2% of arsons are cleared by a conviction. This is because arson is a secretive, cowardly crime with few witnesses, and also that fire tends to destroy evidence. If a case can be made, it is usually circumstantial in nature.

This dude operated in DC from the 1980s to 2005. He set over 320 fires. His name was Thomas Sweat. The below article is listed because it goes into his incendiary device, a very simple and powerful trick.

Please note how he got caught. Because he was so active, just one of his fires had a wick with some DNA on it. By itself, that was nothing. But eventually they caught him in the act, making the connection.

Here is a short 20 minute docu on how he was caught. Essentially, he got too active and was following his pattern too much.

6 Comments to “America’s Best Arsonist”

  1. The Washington City paper link isn’t working for me Ryu – (error 604 whatever that is)

  2. More than a few years ago, I remember a bunch of fires in the SEATAC area (hope I’m remembering correctly) that were crazy infernos. Apparently, a firefighter was behind them.

  3. There have been many arson attacks against refuggee resettlement centers in Europe. These were carried out both by their unhappy inhabitants, and by brave local resisters against the population replacement process. The second type gives me great hope. Eurocops don’t like working at night, but it still takes great courage to approach these places and then get away when the streets are deserted. If only there could be more such heroes.

  4. The jew slumlords are experts and the king jew arsonist and your hero is,
    strange this site does not carry anything at all of 911

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