Warrant Sweep

by Ryu

This is a police trick. They take a small area of town. They try to track down all suspects with an active warrant living in that particular area. Just saturate the area with uniforms and start making arrests.

It’s also called “beating the bush.”

The idea is to stir up water to catch fish. Put a bunch of people in cuffs and sweat them out, and someone may start talking.

America’s legal system now needs snitches. They do alot to generate and reward this behavior.

Snitches are cheap; forensics is expensive. The American police are as constrained by their budget as any business. They need to do things fast and cheap.

Be extremely careful with what you believe about the police. They are trained liars and will say anything or omit anything, in order to get what they want. These are admirable qualities – if only they were so focused and ruthless for us!

10 Comments to “Warrant Sweep”

  1. ot: What do you think of those 14 points on holding out? Coincidently 14! May be worth reposting…

    • 14 points for 14 words

      It’s funny how Google returns the ADL description when searching for 14 words:

      “14 Words” is a reference to the most popular white supremacist slogan in the world: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

      What an evil and supremacist notion! Safety for children, whitey must be crazy!

      • Ha! Learning about the 14 words from a jewish organization is insanity, guest. They’d never say anything flattering about us.

    • Weak. Jimmy has a big problem, guest.

      He’s afraid of himself and his own motives. We are all criminals in the US. No living person can obey 500,000 laws at once. He thinks he is a good person and there’s a big white hat sitting on top of his head.

      He is afraid of “criminals.” The American revolution, and all revolutions, need criminals. Pirates, raiders, buccaners, killers, arsonists all play a role.

      “Good” people don’t fight back. The “better” they are, the less they resist. He’ll find out.

  2. The pic of this attractive women on your post seems about normal. You and FP were posting mostly crazy porno bitches up to this point.

    She looks a type from Spain. A typical Mediterranean beauty.

  3. I’ve learned a lot from the adl website. They are a treasure trove of information (just read with a healthy grain of salt)

  4. Twould be an honor.

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