Memorial Day Special: An Army Ranger’s Action

by Ryu

Cops and soldiers make poor criminals. Believe it yet?

The issue is that neither is trained to get away with it. There’s no need in their professions. It has been a very long time since an American soldier had to operate deep within enemy lines, fearing torture and imprisonment. Cops seem to rely on their badge and uniform to cover their actions.

In this case, an SP Ranger killed a cop. His work was nearly flawless. He even collected the shell casings at the crime scene.

There were two problems. One, he drove his own car. An eye witness got a description of it. Your car is MORE identifiable that you are. The larger issue was that 6 days later, he confessed online.

The weakness in all cop killings is the very short TTD or time to discovery. Everything a cop does on duty, he radios to dispatch. At best, one has a 4 minute window.

“Mobilio had radioed in to a dispatcher at 1:27 a.m. that he would be getting gas for his patrol car, police said. When the dispatcher checked in with him, there was no response.

Red Bluff police Officer John Waelty and Sgt. Ted Wiley drove to the gas station, where they found Mobilio dead near the left front tire of his patrol car.

Mobilio was shot once in the head between 1:30 and 2 a.m. Tuesday as he stopped for gas at an unmanned station on North Main Street used by Red Bluff police and Tehama County sheriff’s deputies.

Mobilio’s gun was found near his body in the ready position with the safety off, indicating he had drawn his weapon, Police Chief Bob Petitt said. It was unclear whether it had been fired.”

There is no need to ever “take credit” to strong and experienced WN leaders. The USA is a police state here and now. If they did not know how to make reads with missing information, they wouldn’t have lasted this long.

Never drive your own car on a mission. Never rent a car. Don’t use a friend’s car either. American cars are full of identifying information, from color and make to the license plate. New cars even have GPS which can place you at the scene. ANYTHING – with electronics in it must be suspect.

The heavier the job, the more precautions need to be taken. Nothing is more serious in America than a dead pig. Cops are valued because they protect and serve…those with power. They are the only thing holding back change.

2 Comments to “Memorial Day Special: An Army Ranger’s Action”

  1. Have you ever watched the Russian Roulette scene from Deer Hunter?

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