That’s a Witness, Not a CCTV

by Ryu


CCTV. It’s such a benign name for such an insidious device.

Video cameras are witnesses with perfect recall. They can show others exactly what they have seen. The FBI and ATF have special software that can clean up noisy images.

There’s a new field called “forensic gait analysis.”

This was created in the land of the CCTV, England. People are using disguises sometimes. But they usually don’t disguise how they walk. It’s a pseudo-science, but it works to convice the average person. It is also great for bluffing out suspects in the interrogation room.

Witnesses, evidence, confessions. That’s what solves cases. Don’t underestimate CCTV. Treat it just like a sentry standing there.

7 Comments to “That’s a Witness, Not a CCTV”

  1. Just incase anyone forgot or didn’t know, when you get a Driver’s License or other official ID your photo is now in a biometric database. This wasn’t the necessarily the case up until a few years ago, but I think the FedGov now requires all the states to do it.

  2. Gait analysis? Oh yeah the one that hobbles a lot is clearly a zombie terrorist just like the defendant?

    • They can tell a lot from video. Man/woman, height, weight sometimes. Spies in the KGB used to study the gait.

      • No I’m sure that’s the case. Though convincing a jury could be tricky, with a decent lawyer. I shall have to practise mincing or something. They’d never nick a fag.

      • A good barrister can eliminate most forensic evidence, even DNA or prints sometimes. The only problem is, most cannot afford a competent defence.

  3. Keyser Söze?

    • I like your new avatar, TD. I was going to make one like that, at one time.

      I know what that name represents. He was quite a man.

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