The Two Faces of Joe Paul Franklin

by Ryu

You know who Joe is, even if you don’t remember the name. Pierce devoted Hunter to his glorious actions. He was mainly caught because of the tattoos on his forearms, recognized by a nurse as he sold blood.

There are two ways to remember him, two different faces.

One is when he was free: riding across the country in a jacked Trans Am, wasting interracial couples and shooting porn moguls. He did this for 3 years.

The other is the Joe after 20 years in an American Gulag. Like many WNs, he was locked in seg for most of his prison time. It’s almost like locking yourself in the bathroom for 23 hours a day. This is America’s favorite punishment: getting old and tired. NO ONE looks good after that (except Manson – time has not reduced his power.)

Joe was a beaten man after all that time in “the box.” Bear in mind what he has gone through, when you hear this confession. I think it was a con to stay his execution.

There’s a secret teaching out there. “Put me in a dark solidary cell. To you, that’s the end. To me, it’s the beginning…” Manson’s been in prison far longer than any other WN. He hasn’t been beaten yet. The system would love to see him whimper and beg to his captors.

This is a docu on Manson, made by some racist Satanists. I can pinpoint the moment when my opinion changed from the norm to admiration. It was at 1:35:43 of this film. The interviewer is Nikolas Shreck, a famous WN of the 80s.

17 Comments to “The Two Faces of Joe Paul Franklin”

  1. That guy is hardcore. He shows it’s possible to survive deprivations that would turn 99% of the masses into gibbering wrecks in a month.
    Step One is simple: give up all hope. Then the fun begins.

    • Manson is very special. He’s a little nuts, but he has retained his humanity better than most would. I have interviews with cops who say just 9 months in seg broke them.

  2. Ryu, are there any good books on what really went down during Katrina, i ask because i saw the following comment somewhere:

    “I worked with a fellow who had a relative that went to New Orleans after Katrina. and he said he shot more there than in Iraq. I don’t think we ever got the whole story of what went on there. Of course this is all second hand but there’s been a lot of talk about how bad it was.”

    And found via the History Reviewed Channel:Holohoax Humor at the Mall!

    I’ll do this next time I’m at a book store or library! Because who doesn’t love practical jokes? Does it count as DA? 🙂

    • It’s another alarming trend i notice in US media, that WW2 is not referred to as WW2 anymore, but just as the holocaust, i chatted with some murkans once who didn’t believe me that whatever was going on with the jews was just a side show, and that the Soviet Union bore the brunt of casualties during WWII, tens of millions dead, i was called crazy…

      • I find that the holy-cost fable is decreasing in power.

        White kids love to hear about the jew. The very best teacher is a power-hungry jew in a high position. They always piss people off.

    • I have also heard rumors about that, Guest. I heard that it was a free-for-all, that white cops and citizens went around shooting nigs. Sounds great! I have not looked deeply into it though.

      Our comrade BTR was there. I’ll ask the next time I see him.

  3. “Night” was pretty much fiction by YKW.

  4. Ryu: Is Roosh V now sympathetic towards the shrinking wite majority?

    He writes:

    The elites have engaged in a depopulation agenda that first targets the strongest groups most capable of armed resistance against them. A superfluous population hinders their power and control objectives.

    • I’ve been watching Rooshy close, JS.

      I’d bet 90% of his PUA audience is white male. They’re pissed. He MUST cater to us. He’ll take it as far as he can, but a mino-muzz can’t push revolution like a true WN.

      We’ll let him teach the kid’s stuff. When they get serious, they can look around.

      • In a perverse way, these MINOs that “side” with WNs, have something to lose, if they don’t. They know the wite world is better for them, and they are thirsty for wite females.

        Who really wants MINO women? Most of them are unattractive.

        The only reason why I read him, is because he often writes serious topics suitable for a general audience, and not just for the PUA guys.

      • I know what they are doing. They know that when whites wakes up, there’s going to be hell to pay.

        The longer revolution takes, the more will die. They want to save themselves from what’s coming.

        Roosh has a good crew. He has some strong white writers. But they really work for us. Roosh is gonna learn some things that we already know: the US is a police state here and now. There is no legal, voting revolution.

      • Roosh is not stupid for sure.

        I just never understood why he has a beef with wite PUAs becoming WNs, because those are the people he attract anyway. He has a lot more to lose in the current state.

        Before LNs over-sexualized wite women as trophies for all men, the rift between wites and MINOs over wite sluts, was not a big deal. MINOs were satisfied with their own women.

      • Essentially, I think Roosh fears the competition.

        He knows that in a truly white ethnostate, he wouldn’t last long, sleeping with white women. So his libido stops him from being a true racist.

        I don’t envy his position. If he ignores WN, he earns our wrath and alienates his audience. If he embrasses WN, he’ll be kicked out of Poland. Lose-lose.

  5. There’s really no competition, given that hot American women don’t settle for average guys during their prime, with or without him, and that only in America, is where PUA survives, because of its social pathologies.

    He doesn’t even get supermodel or playboy bunny types with his game.

    • PUA has some great concepts, but the whole idea of selling a service, that you can just talk your way to get a hottie is complete scam. It overlooks things like physical attractiveness and status.

      I see many wite guys in NYC, and most have plain girlfriends. Nothing to brag about.

      But propaganda has told men, especially MINO types, that they can have a pretty witey slut, which is the cause of all the problems.

      • The TRUE METRIC of “game” IS CHILDREN… Everything else is hearsay and mere claim.

        ALL OF PUA is essentially 100% morbid in the realm of PROOF IN THE PUDDING.

        You cannot GAME one who is FUNDAMENTALLY your SEXUAL EQUAL!!!

        A radical sexual autonomist “gaming” a radical sexual autonomist EQUALS 100% mortality rate…

        There is no real game.

        It’s a race to self-annihilation.

        And the REALITY of PUA if “we” are to believe its “leading” luminaries equals A LOT of dead half-Roosh mixed in with a plate of “racist” “white” female self-annihilators.

      • Murka is a sick nation, because one’s entire, survival cycle depends on a business entity of mechanization. PUA is mostly a Murkan phenomenon, a component of “Capitalism”.

        Nowhere do guys spend money on coaches, dating gurus, gaming women-seduction experts, who promise men, great sex, much for TD’s term of radical autonomy.

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