“Prime Evil”

by Ryu

Sometimes, DAAs are so famous they even get a nickname. What do you imagine a man would have to do in order to get the name “Prime Evil?”

In today’s world, it would be a white man who defended his race and killed minos. With practice, one can easily make these predictions; the more “evil”, the more pro-white. Hitler being the most evil man conveivable, in the modern system.

Prime Evil’s real name was Eugene de Kock. He was a hired gun for the apartheid government in its last days. He eventually took the fall while his bosses sailed.

One must note: the South African government called anti-apartheid activists “terrorists.” Again the magical phrase comes up. There is nothing new or modern about terrorism.

Of course, no one knew or approved of what he did. It is typical for people in the field to pay while the planners or supervisors go free. This happens in the police force, military, criminal enterprises, in all countries.

As a government killer, Prime killed far more than an ordinary DAA. He operated under state protection. Only after his government fell did be become a “criminal.” Before that, he had won metals and commendations for fighting terrorism.

The rest of the story, you may guess. He went to a South African prison. 20 years in the pen has changed him.

Prime was parolled in 2015, but he is a shadow of the man he was; prison broke him. One has to be very careful with evaluating this post-prison statements. It’s like listening to a soldier after he escaped enemy confinement.

43 Comments to ““Prime Evil””

  1. Ryu are you pretty good with history? My question I have been wondering lately, is we are utterly swamped in endless cultural marxism which we all agree is bad. But my question is, was USSR a pure marxist place? I ask because of the ‘heroic’ art that came out of there where it was square-jawed men going to the stars, kind of this deep masculine energy. I am having a hard time reconciling these two things.

    • I am “OK” at history; better than the average Murkan but far less than our own WN specialists.

      Marxism and Communism are dirty words to an American. They cannot comprehend how anything good would come out of them. It is worth noting that the only nations who haven’t buckled to American culture are either Communist or Islamic.

      I too admire Soviet art. It has a beauty and purity.

      Tom Metzger taught us this. An American would rather wage war against a Commie White than a Black Capitalist. I’ll write something about this style of WN. You don’t need to be ashamed to ask questions about Communism. It had goods and bads. Guest lived in a Commie country.

      BTW, is your email working? I have some things for you.

    • Fuck me – You don’t know the answer to that one – it comes straight from the leftie text books. (maybe in Europe only)

      None of the so – called Marxist/Socialist regimes have been pure communist – they have been poor impersonations. That is why they have failed. I hope this answers your question 🙂

      In fact pure gommunism, has never been tried – which is why it has never worked out right.
      And means the lefties do not have to answer for all the failed “experiments”. With Venezuela heading the hit parade at the moment.

      • American students don’t read about Communism in their high school textbooks. All they get is a “hate Communism” message. The 3 things Americans are allowed to hate is the Nazis, whites, and Communism.

      • Thanks. That is unsurprising. There’s no voting solution for us. In a way, it is good. It tell us that those on the right should give up playing their games, and play our own.

      • The surprising thing is the admission. They can normally be relied upon to obfuscate better than this. The rigging of various elections of late, by legal (see French NF,) Or illegal, the Austrian Presidential by “postal votes”, where there was a 146% turnout in one region.
        Clearly the fuckers are spooked. The remarkable thing is, its a “no win”, as time passes. If you don’t have a voice at the ballot box and are told that this is the case. Well, this tends to lead to rebellion.
        The question in Europe is where will it kick off first? (Don’t put a tenner on Greece btw)

      • I saw on Voxie that he said it would take 2 election cycles for a nationalist party to win. 1 to get close and ripped off, and the 2nd to actually win. We’ll see if he’s right.

  2. It’s funny, I was recently reading about him as well.

  3. I think it’s a legal technicality to call your enemies terrorists, so the Geneva and other conventions don’t apply. When was it even the last time the USG described an enemy combatant as a soldier, Vietnam? Our overlords consider themselves enlightened, hence any opposition is illegitimate. Even regulars from the Iraqi Army were called terrorist, and the invasion of Iraq itself was officially part of the international “War on Terror”, which is funny, because Saddam Hussein himself was opposed to Saudi Wahhabism, Iraq wasn’t paying for the construction of mosques around the world, the Saudis were, and still are.

    Any word from FP?

    • I don’t know where FP is, guest. He’ll be back when he comes back. He is probably on vacation, or taking a mental break. I am looking into it, but I’m sure he’ll return.

      That is the glory of the cellular system we have to now us. Every member has to be a leader. I’d expect that if I had to leave, someone would take over for me.

      • It could be that FP has resigned from this blog. What else is there to write about? He covered everything already. We’re all waiting for the next step. Someone has to ignite the catalyst.

  4. Neither pure communism nor pure capitalism have ever existed, or will ever exist.
    Human nature forbids it.
    We are not disassociated atoms in perpetual Brownian motion,
    Nor are we all brothers and sisters.

    Each nation must have a mix of the two which bests suits its people.
    But the actions of the powerful that would harm the nation must be stopped.
    This means no globalization as that enriches and empowers corporations at the expense of the people in the trading nations.

  5. A bit more:
    Men differ in talents so communism cannot work.
    One can limit profitable activities that would tear the national fabric but men must be allowed to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

    Capitalism works too well. We are approaching economic singularity.
    A few big companies doing everything and storing wealth, looking around the globe for some new spot to turn a profit while workers are impoverished in this global hamster wheel.

    • You are comparing apples to oranges under the stunted notion that one is comparing competing economic systems. Capitalism proper TRANSCENDS the material economic plane to which communism is self-imposingly confined.

      A simple question will suffice to answer the debate.

      Who is the Man with the most Capital?

      Bill Gates?

      Carlos Slim?

      Jesus Christ?

      “Capitalism” as the highly efficient distribution of goods and services at the “hand of the free market” is REALLY the COMMUNIST AIM minus the BIG LIE of the “free hand in the market.”

      Capitalism proper CANNOT BE DESTROYED unless Man is destroyed. All men of influence seeks Capital even while pontificating as anti-Capitalist.

      To deny a desire for Capital is to deny a desire to be credible… To assert a desire to self-annihilate. Communism is only the cabal’s attempt at creating billowing clouds of smoke screen in a disingenuous economic schism that doesn’t really exist.

      • Well, it depends on what thinks “capital” is.

        Most would say capital is money. Jesus never had the most money. He stored value, but it wasn’t money he valued.

      • Ryu…

        Well, more specifically, it depends on whether he only conceives “capital” as strictly tangible and/or cannot conceive Capital as Man’s intangible credibility? For the purpose of the anti-Capitaliist, it is to convince the dull mass that economies DO NOT transact on the credibility of men. This is the impetus of “universal equality” rearing its diabolical head.

        In a truly Capitalist society, the man with the most Capital is the man with the most credibility and the man with the most credibility is the man with the most Capital. This is economic order, in principle.

        “We” operate in its antithesis… “We” are immersed in anti-Capitalism… Where “capital” can flow to the least worthy of “men” to be recklessly destroyed.

        NOW… “Communism” serves as cinema to distort the simplicity of the above. But also, it serves as the “sales pipeline” to all-out anti-Capitalism… The LITERAL BRAINWASHING of the dull mass to desire no men of true credibility in their daily transacting.

      • Ryu…

        If you BELIEVE “capital” to be strictly material THEN all things of “value” can be destroyed.


        It is, in fact, BECAUSE one desires all things of value able to be destroyed that one “believes” Capital to be strictly material and NOT intangible in its essence.

        The stunted mind says “capital” is strictly material.

        The truthful mind says Capital is The Perfect Man’s intangible credibility… Empirically-validated where a true economic order reigns supreme.

        In the real world, the true value of a thing must have the impetus of a credible man behind it.

        And so “we” ponder the value of Eradica in simultaneous judgement of the credibility of FP. It’s one and the same.

      • I don’t believe that capital is strictly material. Not everything that’s measureable is important, and vise versa.

        There is a modern tendency to throw numbers at things that may not need numbers. Like the gym. You’ve learned this, TD. Weight used may not be the most important thing. One has to think about the quality of the reps.

      • Ryu…

        Then you must differentiate between Capitalism and the American economy system of “capitalism” so that when you speak against the latter it is not as an attack on the former AS THOUGH you spoke like an anti-Capitalist.

        To conceive of Capital as more than material is to conceive of Capital as fundamentally immaterial. The best approximation being a Man’s credibility. An orderly economic system STARTS AND STOPS with truly credible men or lack thereof.

      • Too much detail bores people, TD. This is what I’ve found.

        I don’t think money is the best form of capital. American-style capitalism is very destructive.

      • Ryu…

        But the larger from a wS standpoint is determining whether Ryu is potential wS or fundamentally anti-wS.

        So when you write against “capitalism” and write for “communism” WITHOUT an proper addendum articulate true Capitalism, you single a stunted conception of the “thing” at hand TO THE POINT of submission to the zeitgeist.

        The economic order of the wS is economic independence… Ergo, “we” desire uncoerce economic transaction subject to the most minimal of “tax” to engage that transaction. But ultimately, the freedom that is desired above only manifests amongst credible men… Amongst genuine wS who recognize that the consequence of attempting to destroy the indestructible economic system of Capitalism… Trying to destroy man’s desire to gain untold credibility… Will result in chaos and economic disorder.

        This is where “communism” makes its “dramatic” entrance only it’s a show seen a thousand times before. Such is the “nature” of Redundancy attempting to unseat Perfection.

        You attempt to transcend or you submit?

      • I use Soviet communism to oppose American capitalism, TD. It is a device, a POV.

        I do have an ideal of a sort, but I don’t think it would be useful for most at this time. It is a difficult thing to communicate, especially in one post. It would not do to just post a series of videos and pictures.

      • Edit:

        But the larger [point] from a wS standpoint is determining whether Ryu is potential wS or fundamentally anti-wS.

      • Edit…

        So when you write against “capitalism” and write for “communism” WITHOUT [a] proper addendum [articulating] true Capitalism, you [signal] a stunted conception of the “thing” at hand TO THE POINT of submission to the zeitgeist.

        PS Sloppy begs for something redundant…

  6. It’s a salient question whether one can raise the sword in defense of The Perfect Man. To raise the sword in defense of one’s life seems axiomatic in these parts, but is very much in dispute all over the white world. Aggressive eradication not closely grounded in the Catholic notion of “just war” just must be prepared for all possible unintended consequences. I still believe that a small, but spiritually and intellectually relevant conversion to wS is first needed before one can assimilate all the above because, ultimately, though “we” recognize the liberated ability to label a thing “prime evil” out of purely ideological motivations, “we” in fact believe we are fighting prime evil to the death out of truthful conviction to wS.

    • Maybe only a white supremacist can raise the sword, TD.

      Liberal nazis cannot resist mino occuption forces. For some reason, they lack the spiritual or mental “faith” that white civilization is superior to their own.

      I doubt very many are full WSs, but the very fact that some can fight back means they are part of the way there.

      • WS in Murka is as relevant as Bigfoot, mythical, elusive and it probably does not exist, given, wites in Murka at every facet of life are intertwined with their enemies, either by choice or by necessity.

        This post of Lion’s tells us that Murka’s WS does not exist.


        If anything, a self hating Jew should allow the Anti-Semite take over the driver’s seat.

      • Wow, JS. Lion likes to write about Trumpy.

      • This presidential election is just fucking unbelievable. A NYC liberal Jew and an Anti-Semite team up to challenge Slick Willy’s wife and Trump. I wouldn’t be surprise if the Cons & Cunts will be siding with Hillary so Trump will lose. This goes to show you that the country is in its death phase.

      • It’s not just LN’s who won’t raise the sword, but bona-fide “white” Catholics who will condemn the very wS who would raise the sword in defense of The Church being overran by radical liberationists.


        None of this matters… It does not matter who WILL NOT raise the sword… ONLY who will?

  7. TD, help me out.

    You are saying communism and capitalism are 2 sides of the same coin with the same end result: power and wealth in the hands of a few.

    You are saying men should aspire to true capitalism: a Capitalism of the spirit, of values.
    Then, with this understanding, one can justifiably pick up the sword against those who would lay waste to It.

    • Marion…

      What I’m saying is that the Anti-Capitalist uses “communism” to HIDE the fact that he ONLY CONCEIVES of a strictly material “capital.” And the purpose of this self-imposed deceit is the acquisition of material “capital” at the expense of one’s credibility.

      If “we” are true to our reality then this reality says the LEAST WORTHY of “man” are in possession of an obscenely inordinate amount of undue material “capital.” To then CALL THIS a Capitialistic society in need of “communism” is simply playing into the hands of the Anti-Capitalists… Who are, synonymously, anti-white Supremacists, quite naturally.

      Even the staunchest atheistic secularists CANNOT ASSERT that Gates or Slim possess more Capital than Christ, himself. They simply refuse to answer the question. Ergo, they leave much of their credibility strewn out amongst the audience. They reveal their anti-Capitalistic underbelly.

    • How “we” know that we operate in a anti-Capitalistic society is that wS is financially targeted for ruin and subsidized by acolytes to no extent. So if a wS where to arrive on the scene and establish a truly credible voice, he would be met with willfull material destruction… The anti-Capitalists will attempt to destroy a white man’s material “capital” so as the destroy his own sense of internal credibility… His sense of having amassed true Capital from amongst his listeners.

    • Marion…

      If you think strictly business perpetuation then you choose “break even” economics recognizing the deleterious pitfalls of debt and profit. Instead of framing your economic motivation in terms of generating a profit, one should recognize sound economics makes virtue prophetable. One practices economic order in the same vain as one recognizes virtue as regenerate. And so to the extent a man’s credibility equates to his material capital, economic order can be assumed and the efficient distribution of goods and services inspires legitimate regard.. And consequently lays the ethos for a freer hand in the market.

    • At the meta-economic level, it’s self-sufficient economy (economy of man, woman, child) versus Advanced economy (globalization) and the inability of our economic “elites” to fashion a Unified Economic Theory that suffices all economic players. But, it is then a realization that the inability to carve out self-sufficient economies from a global economy JUST MUST BE ideologically instigated that those in favor of the Advanced Economy stand in direct opposition to economic independence at any scale.

  8. Break-even economics requires a return to borrowing on property, no more compound interest etc.
    To get to that kind of economics would require a wS state.

    • Marion…

      “Break even” economics is first and foremost a psychological reframe from the economics of “exponential growth” and the “black market.” The psychological reframe is an economics of perpetration versus an economics of self-annihilation. “Break even” is, theoretically, perpetuating business. Ergo, if your business “breaks even,” it lives another day. This is not the theoretical endpoint of “exponential growth” nor “black market” economy. The endpoint of these economies is a cancerous abyss… A black hole that eats you alive. Furthermore, “break even” economy pays heed to the American ideal of self-sufficiency while “exponential growth” and “black market” economy speak to an advancing economy. So again, one feel the psychological pull of big economy seeeking to devour little economy and thus creating the selection pressure for all to join the Advanced Economy or be crushed out of existence. Ergo, you CANNOT OPERATE by “break even” economics… You must slave to profit and/or perish in-debt-dead.

      • Edit:

        The psychological reframe is an economics of [perpetuation] versus an economics of self-annihilation.

  9. TD: The Jew will not survive on his own, once he wrung witey dry, because his capital is only the tangible, yet the Jew is not capable of producing it. He can only take up a profession that creates nothing of value via propaganda, essentially, a parasite that needs to seek a host (or slave), to get his sustenance or self-annihilate.

    • JS…

      Reality is big enough to accommodate a Jewish oligarchy that can somehow be placed exactly where the destruction is warranted. And that here might just be the case.


      The Jew qua Jew… “The Chosen Ones…” Are the archetype ethnic self-annihilator. In constant rebellion with reality. Hysterically-blasphemous mockers of The Perfect Man. And the “heart and soul” of anti-white Supremacy.

      So this is the character that must be written into the Narrative so that every single Jewish individual can be accounted for in their anti-white Supremacy. It is anti-wS that all modern Jews can imstinctively coalesce around.

      Now, if the “opposition’s” first response wasn’t…

      “Uh… Uh, uhh… Uh. I’m not a white Supremacist.”

      “We” might take a first step.

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