Two Docus Guaranteed to Alter Your Worldview

by Ryu

“The Act of Killing” and “The Look of Silence.” The two go together. These docus are in foreign language, so they are subtitled.

In the 1960s, Murka funded anti-communist efforts in Indonesia. A million people were killed. The killers are still alive, free, rich and often hold power.

They have no shame, and eagerly re-enact their work for the camera. Many are proud. To most of the country, they are heros. That’s “The Act of Killing.” This is a unique opportunity to hear honest truth from killers who feel glee. No PTSD here.

“Silence” follows a family member of a victim as he confronts several of those government-backed killers. Naturally, he has to be careful, as the regime is still in power. In one case, he is threatened during filming.

The victimized say prayers and want to put it all behind them. They decide to let Allah punish in the next world. The victors are like “Wooooooooooooo it was great! They begged for mercy and screamed. Then we killed them.”

One interesting thing about “Silence” is that under pressure, even government-backed groups start cracking and ratting out one another – just like ordinary citizens or “criminals.”

Don’t be impressed by the “solidarity” of police and soldiers. Start turning the screws and they’d rat just as fast using standard investigative techniques.

The combination of these two documentaries will cement the idea that killing is great…when one wins. The most important thing during revolution is to take it all the way, and not to lose.

16 Comments to “Two Docus Guaranteed to Alter Your Worldview”

  1. gookers are subservient to the western elites. you cannot get these cruel animals to be on our side. The Nazis were baking kikes, while these savages and the japanese before them, were butchering their own people. Today’s gookers are all subservient to the jew and his materialism.

  2. I must try to see Silence.

    A film for you, Ryu.
    John Wick.

    Something to relax the mind.

    Available on the usual sites.

    • Nice timing. I just watched John Wick. That was a good movie.

      I have been changed by these two movies, Marion. Serial killers can be admired by the public and loved. It is a shocking and amazing idea.

      There were pieces of this lying around: the American public’s approval of all those foreign wars and torture, but this was something different.

  3. I should also mention that the last half hour of The Act of Killing is really about the Director bringing “closure” to his film.
    You can stop watching at about the 2hr mark or a little beyond that.

    • The director is a kike not surprisingly, maybe he will do a movie in shitrael next about the Gaza massacres that happen every year? hahaha

      • Indy, we have you covered.

        There’s a docu called The Gatekeepers. Shin Bet is Israel’s top intel agency. This docu talks with various Shin Bet leaders about Palestine.

        By the end, they admit that their policies have not worked. They have made jews cruel, almost into Nazis. It was a rare admission.

  4. But note; it takes a certain kind of man who can kill repeatedly without breaking.
    A lot of the killers avoided responsibility, throwing it on the army, the government and Americans.
    Some couldn’t live with themselves and broke down.

    But it does show the truth: violence works.
    And with the right incentive people will send their own blood relatives to death.

    Kill enough and you will get what you want.
    And hopefully you can live with yourself afterwards.

  5. The secret to no PTSD, no deathbed remorse (for an ordinary man) is a righteous kill – justified extermination of one’s foes.

    • That’s good.

      It’s also why so many American white pigs and soldiers off themselves. They know that they are serving their enemies and killing innocents.

      It’s almost unprecedented. No American committed suicide because he killed too many Nazis. That’s because the world declared them the most evil people ever.

      • That’s because the German army was a formidable enemy, the allies lost like a dozen guys for every kraut, the soviets even more, it was a grind. My theory is that many soldiers nowadays have negative ptsd, anxiety because they didn’t see any or only little combat. It’s hard to believe that people fighting in the sand wars can have that much ptsd, especially compared to Vietnam veterans, who actually fought a real war. As compared to Afghanistan, where the Air Force levels a whole village just to get one guy with a WW2 era bolt-action rifle, it’s really funny, and when the foot soldiers do finally move in, the first maneuver is to spray and pray.

        I recommend Generation Kill, the seven-part television miniseries produced for HBO on the 2003 invasion of Iraq, they dive a little into the “no action frustration”, that’s what they have, NAF, not PTSD:

        Generation Kill (2008) – Trailer

      • I watched that one, Guest. I like Stani docus.

      • Ryu: Yes, Hitler promised his fellow Germans that he will make their country great again, and he did for sometime. While the Germans were baking kikes and invading their neighbors, it was let the good times roll back home in Germany.

        Murka is quite the opposite. Pigs and Jordies are enticed by benefits, yet Murka is now a shitty country, with high cost of living, low quality of life, MINOs etc….

  6. I couldn’t see English subtitles but there’s a copy here with them if anyone’s interested.

  7. One is a communist, or a gangster. Gangster = free man. Around 11:30 .

    He realized that much younger than I did, probably.

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