How to Keep Your Soldiers and Cops Loyal

by Ryu

So – you’ve got a group of kids who want to be heros. You’ve trained them how to kill, torture, and blow shit up. But now there is a danger; they might use those skills against you. How to keep them loyal?

Hold back a portion of their earnings.

The Americans call this system “pension.” It keeps their men quiet, no matter what they are ordered to do. When ex-cops and soldiers finally do speak up, it tends to be during middle age, when they are no longer capable of fighting.

All slick employers use the long con. They promise that if only the employees will stay loyal, the long money/the big score will come….in just a few short years. Pimps in the past used this on their whores, promising that carefree and prosperous future if the whore kept humping.

The American way of war is not possible for most men over 30. Long marches, carrying 75+ lbs of kit, on little sleep and poor food is something only kids can get away with. And most of them have to use stimulants like Ripped Fuel to get up from lack of sleep and then alcohol to turn down the adrenaline at night.

Similar with cops. After about 10 years working, the job loses its shine. Injuries add up. One drinks more. It becomes a countdown to retirement.

Cops and soldiers cannot be considered good or bad. They simply obey whoever holds the money. Once, German soldiers obeyed Nazi commands. Today, they obey Liberal Nazi orders. Right, wrong?

Once, American cops enforced Jim Crow laws. Today, they too work for the Liberal Nazis. Their utility and our judgement of them comes from who they serve. If WN ever has the money and the power, cops and soldiers will serve us.

8 Comments to “How to Keep Your Soldiers and Cops Loyal”

  1. Ryu: WNs just need to step out of Murka, retreat for a bit, and pounce when ready. You cannot rebuild Detroit, when it’s a half assed civilization.

    • I think it’d be good to leave Murka, for a time. Leave too long though, and one loses his edge. This is one of the great police states of the world.

      • I believe Murkan elites have forced its dependent populace to stay put in Murka.

        Murka ranks dead bottom when it comes to job flexibility. In other countries, you can work at those companies remotely, anywhere in the world, without stepping foot.

        Murkan companies want to keep their workers in a perpetual slave state.

  2. Pensions hardly even exist anymore. A big thing is the inflexibity to move to new jobs. At my place, nearly EVERY office worker here I could do their job in under a week with training yet they have these massive HR or ‘health and safety’ experience etc etc so they self-niche themselves.

    Can’t move to new places because its like that everywhere.

    • Murka is a cesspool of miggas and coloreds – Go enjoy your sweet pension and have a iced tea with them.

      Manhattanites love seeing their nigga slaves fetch their things for them.

      witeMurkans have been so beaten with the liberal nazi tune, that they want more of them around.

      Proof: A few Murkan expats in Montreal, whom I had the pleasure to meet, were complaining that Canada lacks the vibrancy riff raff south of it.

      It’s too white for them!

  3. Self employment is key. No one can call your boss and tell them you’re an evil nahtzee. You can get paid in cash sometimes. You can fire rude clients.

    It’s totally worth it to cut your monthly expenses and start your own business. Are you an internet warrior? Use those skills to make money elsewhere. Open your mind. There ARE opportunities.

    Ryu said it a long time ago. Without money we are nothing. Earn money to help your family (children, parents, gparents, whoever) to stay healthy and safe. Money gives you power to move to a White area…even out of the country if need be. With no money you’re a sitting duck.

  4. Same exploitation occurs for medical interns, working 100-hour weeks while being paid peanuts. For most interns in fact. Just keep climbing the pyramid.
    We need massive defaults and state-level bankruptcies before there can be a revolution.

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