Cop Tales: What Purpose Do the Sheep Serve?

by Ryu

…to be skinned.

I have a certain admiration for the American police now. They are extremely cunning, in exactly the same way that a good criminal is. Both are running cons; its just that the LE con is longer and bigger.

Many have heard the tale of the sheepdog, the sheep and the wolves. This is a tale old cops tell baby cops to make them feel good about their new job. Cops are the sheepdogs, protecting the sheep from the wolves.

…but in this story, they never reveal what the sheep are there to do. The dogs protect, the wolves prey, what do the sheep do?

The sheep are going to get sheared anyways, by the sheepdogs or by the wolves. Sheep support dogs by paying their taxes and various government fees. The more fear the sheep
feels, the more wool you can rip off him.

It’s a slick con and it works well. The wars on drugs/terror/crime/poverty have never been “won.” The victory is over the sheep. Fear in the people is job security for cops. Honest cops (if there is such a thing) know sheepdogs are descended from wolves; both are canines. By legitimizing their operations, they removed the pucker factor which makes crime so hard.

It is almost too easy for them now. There are so many sheepdogs; local, state and federal. And everybody needs to eat, so new laws and new crimes must be created for the wolves to break.

In the third world, cops are not trusted. Third world citizens know criminals are actually less greedy than the cops. Thugs with uniforms, thugs without uniforms. That’s coming to the US soon, if not here already.

This is a vid of an “honest” citizen getting shaken down. He should have just paid the fine. In the third world, torture is often used during interviews and interrogations.

11 Comments to “Cop Tales: What Purpose Do the Sheep Serve?”

  1. I thought this post would be about:

    “The NYPD has slapped more than $4 million in tickets on hapless drivers who parked in front of curb cuts — even though the city made those spots legal in 2009, it was revealed on Wednesday.” via

    They were systematically ticketing legally parked cars for millions of dollars a year, no harm, no foul!

    But why bother with 1000 rupees?

    When you can take everything, and just call it “civil forfeiture”:
    Police Civil Asset Forfeitures Exceed All Burglaries in 2014

    • The public is just an ATM to the police. At this point, I’d question whether true criminals and the Mob costs the public more than the police do.

  2. “Under the umbrella of “civil forfeiture,” officers of the law confiscate millions of dollars in cash from thousands of individuals like Charles Clarke every year. In doing so, they need no proof that the money is obtained through illegal means. They do not need to file a criminal charge. The law flips the American justice system upside down: the burden of proving innocence is on the “suspect” — and if he or she can’t do that, the property is fair game for officers to take.

    Using cash that is unjustly seized from Americans, police departments across the nation buy firearms, SWAT gear, flat-screen TVs, and a slew of other goods they deem to be “essential” to operation.” via

    • Did you listen to the new HRC show, guest? He tells the story of how the ANP saved a Murkan hippie.

      • Listening right now, speaking of SA:

        Violence and Private Security in South Africa, VICE

        It’s worth watching just for the scenery, too bad the country is lost.

        Just imagine a completely White SA and Lesotho (that land locked part)!

      • Thanks for that docu, I liked it. I’d love to go to SA or Rhodesia. It’s a perfect environment for WNs. A revolutionary white police force could do a lot there.

  3. After that i watched: Ross Kemp On Gangs: South Africa

    Where some dindu talks about rubbing wood glue into your fingers, which acts a 2nd transparent skin!

    • I mean as a, it fills up the ridges on your finger.

    • Nope, it will not work Guest.

      Acid, fire, those liquid bandaid things, wood glue, nail polish – WILL NOT eliminate your prints. Sometimes, one can even get a print through latex gloves.

      I have seen a presentation on that. I’ll try and find the slide. It shows various attempts to cover the friction ridge skin. Police don’t need the whole print to make a positive ID. If you wish to learn about fingerprints, ask a print tech, not a banger.

  4. The increase in the number of loyal citizens with low assets could be seen as promising.

    More folks with nothing to lose, except the current state of artificial calm.
    BushW and Lowdownbama were all about keeping the news as boring as possible.
    So far they have succeeded.

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