Destroying Israel

by Ryu

It is curious to watch the Palestinian effort to destroy Israel. It almost seems as if the effort has been designed to fail.

There has been a stalemate for many decades now. A Palestinian may knife or shoot a jew. When this happens often enough, the jews send in the army and kill a bunch of civilians. After a time, both stop, only to restart later.

There are crimes against people and crimes against property.

People are infinitely replaceable. The only purpose the average citizen serves is to pay his taxes. There are tears and a funeral, then life goes on. Nothing has changed. This is true even if 5000 citizens die in a day, as with 911.

Why haven’t the Palestinians attacked the water supply? Electricity? Shut down commerce by attacking in malls? Destroyed the sewer lines? The strategic dimension demands making a….….. move in order to draw a mistake several moves later.

One has to conclude that the Palestinians don’t want to win.

One has to be careful to avoid making revolution a “business.” There is a point in any group’s history when risks must be taken in order to win. One cannot play it completely safe.

Golden Dawn and the IRA are two groups that failed to make this step. Both groups have a measure of political power now, but far from what they first envisioned. The National Socialists, on the other hand, pushed all the way to the top. If you’re going to start, finish.

15 Comments to “Destroying Israel”

  1. Palis can not win, no matter what, it’s game over, so they milk aid organizations and the EU instead.
    They are on “international welfare” so to speak, and the number one goal is to keep that train going.

    The EU goes along and is paying billions for civil servants in Gaza who are not even showing up:

    “The European Commission says it is important to continue providing political support for the PA, and that includes paying salaries. But it also admits that it is hard to gauge which civil servants are still working.”

    “Recipients such as the authorities in Gaza, who do not have any obligation to account for where the money is spent, are free to squander EU funds on unemployed politicians instead of helping the local population. I can also imagine that significant sums have been used to line pockets.”

    “And why is the EU forking out this money to this region under the guise of ‘Neighbourhood Policy’? The last time I looked at a map, the Palestinian territories do not border the EU. It is all highly indecent and ridiculous.” via

    In a century, pali monkeys will be a mere myth, like bigfoot, Israel will just keep on building settlements until the last Arab is pushed out. Slow and steady wins this game, and the prize will be a greater Israel.

    Look at this map and project the trend into the future. Even today there are already only disconnected patches of Pali land left. Who built all the roads? Israel. Who provides the power? Israel. Water? Israel.

    Not even Palestinian wombs will save them in the long term, like Arafat thought. They will NOT outnumber and take power in Israel via the democratic process:

    “Israeli Arab births have stabilized around 40,000 a year, while Jewish births are rising consistently. Arab populations have modernized and entered the demographic transition and are not growing anymore, while Israeli Jews are becoming more traditional and family oriented. We are winning this battle too.”

    And it seem walls do work, especially those armed with automatic gun turrets!

  2. I recommend reading The Learning Diary of an Israeli Water Engineer blog for some insight from the belly of the beast, he writes great stuff like:

    “Human brains have the rational part covering the old, deep irrational part. That old lizard brain demands magic rituals and sacrifices, and we are not evolved enough to escape its influence. All religions try to satisfy the lizard in a harmless way, and the Jewish religion has an elaborate set of rituals and prohibitions that has its cost but saves us from worse crazyness. Rejection strawberries that have touched the soil and organic fertilizer may be less harmless than reject it because it is not “organic” or because it was genetically engineered or some stupid EPA rule.”

    That would be considered a WN blog, if he was White, it’s just normal for him…
    They really do believe they are gods chosen people, that they are the cat’s meow.

    It doesn’t get more supremacist than that.

    • I used to read that guy, guest. I stopped reading people who weren’t revolutionary. He doesn’t offer anything that a good WN doesn’t have, and the WN is actually on our side.

  3. The PLO was a disaster. Look where all the $ ended up. And the palestinians have been used by other Arab nations to fight the yids. Beats doing it themselves. But the muzzies don’t get along with each other anyway. They all hate each other. And Jordan is actually in a decent relation with the yids. The PLO tried to overthrow the royal family.

  4. Never thought about it that way Ryu. Perhaps, the line of thinking is that if they get kicked shitless for firing off a load of toy rockets. They best not try anything too smart.
    Back in the day though, they used to be pretty top notch terrorists.
    Mind you it could be a sand negro thing. The two terrorist organisations are different branches of Islam (I think) Hezbollah – Shi’ite, Hamas – Sunni.

    • Yes, Hezbollah is backed by its Middle Eastern Powerhouse – Iran. The Shiites are no doubt more organized and resourceful. In 2006, they mopped the Israelis, when they encroached into their territories in Lebanon, and Hezbollah shipped some bombs into an Israeli city that displaced thousands of civilians, and also killing a few captured Israeli soldiers. Israelis view themselves as more civilized, therefore their lives were more worthy, not to engage with the more barbaric Hezbollah guerrillas.

      Sunni Muslims are like blacks: Random, sporadic, no coordination and organization, and thus, they can’t get their shit together.

    • One cannot be a turrist forever. It seems to lose momentum and effectiveness as time goes on.

      I figure a method/group has about 5 years before the system adjusts. One has to take it down in that time. One has to build the strategy with that in mind. No 20 year campaigns!

      I found something that will be of interest to you, Colin – what it was like to be a Brit soldier during the Troubles. I have to find it again before I post it. To sum up – they don’t apologize for anything. The only thing that really wakes up a soldier is when he or a friend gets shot.

  5. In this sordid affair, the Palestinians are the FAVORED perpetuating self-annihilator to the Jewish “supremacists.” But the Jew qua Jew is anti-Supremacy. Even the ones who reside in Israel and give illusion to the perception of Jews desiring a “homeland” in principle. Theirs is a symbiotic regression at play and it matters not one wit which side one pom-poms for. And to the extent one finds himself indifferent to this perpetuating Semitic self-annihilation, he merely practices a different type of radical autonomy.

  6. One cannot see anything as a white male in objective manner UNLESS he views things from the perspective of the genuine wS. It’s very easy to miss the obvious fact that the hard left and “anti-Semitic” “hard right” both come down on the same side of the Narrative. Both sides come down on the side of Jewish “supremacy” versus the State that never was. Both sides lament the racialized religious fanaticism of the ethno-State Jews to rally behind a racialized religious fanaticism that never made a State for itself. There is no principled stand to take in the Jews versus Palestinians because both sides have co-signed onto the symbiotic regression. Both sides intimately recognize the ability of their co-narratives to successfully cull “white” liberals down to the bare bone.

    Neither side wants a REAL NATION… Nor does the MRKNbeast that “seeks” a two-State solution.

    • Israel has all the pathologies, that are apparent in self-annihilating Murka.

      Israelis cannot come to an agreement on who is a Jew and what makes a Jew country, the same way a Murkan tries to understand his existence in his homeland. The only difference, the bigger the country, the pathologies are harder to resolve.

    • You might like this guy, TD. He sounds alot like you actually. Guest and I like him. He speaks of spiritual syphillus.

  7. Israel is also weak. If they just immediately returned fire indiscriminately when rockets are launched at them from the territories, they would be respected more.

  8. Ryu: Israel is on the trajectory with Murka in terms of self implosion. Did you know Israel has a low quality of life with high income inequality that one finds in Murka?

    Many Israhells want to leave their country and come to Murka, because it’s a better deal.

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