Forgotten Movies: Prayer of the Rollerboys

by Ryu

“Before many of you were born, our parents caused the Great Crash. They were consumed with greed.

They ignored repeated warnings. And borrowed more money than they could ever repay. They lost our farms, our factories, and our homes.

Alien races foreclosed on our nation while we were locked in homeless camps. Now America belongs to the enemy….

We are the next generation and we are the remedy.”

This is a racist movie from the 1990s. Few WNs seem to have seen it. You may like it movie though. It shows a West-Coast style of WN.

A white gang called the Rollerboys owns the streets and deals drugs. Americans are working illegally in Mexico.

5 Comments to “Forgotten Movies: Prayer of the Rollerboys”

  1. That was actually a pretty good movie.

    • I liked it too, Doomie. Finding WN movies is a hobby of mine.

      It’s very 90s and California. The leaders was very charismatic. We definitely need teen nationalists, and to teach them not to go off half-cocked.

  2. Obscure enough that the Wikipedia overseers haven’t gotten around to giving the entry the full SJW treatment.
    In fact Wikipedia has many marginal entries that aren’t being monitored for political correctness yet.

    Their next fund drive will probably strive to establish a Diversity Board to make sure unacceptable viewpoints are “cleaned up”.

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