Random Information on the American Surveillance State

by Ryu

– Those swiper things on hotel room doors record each entry to the room. Not exiting, only entrances.

– Garbage is not placed randomly in a dump. They record day, part of town a load came from, and where it was placed. Grids are used.

– How long are CCTV images recorded for? In many retail locations like Walmart, Safeway or Trader Joe’s, about…….. 14 months. They can look back a little over one year.

– Everyone has heard of the DNA revolution in forensics. Few know how much CCTV has done. 75% of homicides in Great Britain involve CCTV evidence. It is not just a camera, its a witness.

– The four C’s. These things are getting people caught: cameras, computers, credit cards and cell phones.

One has to consider these elements in addition to all the traditional concerns. If its electronic, it leaves a digital footprint.

The USA is a police state now, today. Those who really notice are prisoners who went in during the 70s and 80s and re-entered society today. They see the 1001 ways information is collected on virtually everything. “Stay out of the computer” is their saying.

12 Comments to “Random Information on the American Surveillance State”

    • I’ve taken some of MIT’s classes, Colin.

      They are not special snowflakes. MIT students are now just like ordinary college students. They put off studying, doing assignments, they play on their computer during class, they don’t participate in the discussions, they talk to each other during class. Maybe MIT meant something once. No longer.

      Liberals everywhere play the same game. They know its a racket, but sometimes they can con a stupid 20 year old. Some of the most anti-white talks you’ll ever hear occur in those seminars.

      • Thanks for the practical explanation.
        The most alarming thing to me is the sheer degenerate nature of the whole thing. The implicit arrogance and smugness – transcends anything I’ve seen before. (in the academic fields)

        Like drunks with two bottles of whisky left – I suppose my point is you can only get so paralytic, before you do yourself an injury.

  1. Is FP taking a break from all the bad news that we’ve been discussing here for eons?

    People react at a snail pace, even during a calm before a projected storm, especially Murkans.

    Many Boomers are set to retire from their antics, and their kids are now broke.

    • I don’t know where FP is. I might guess he is on vacation.

      WN can be a frustrating thing. JS has explained about Spain. They were under Muzz rule for centuries, and it took a long time to dig out of that hole. Perhaps that is the case for us also.

  2. Surveillance is only increasing, but they can’t surveil the contents of your head at all.
    If they somehow could, they could also be corrupted by this data.

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