by Firepower

It takes more brains to write an article than read one.

So, witey writes – for those too old to rebel. For rare is the literate witey under 40.

It was told once, youth listened to elders’ admonishments, grudgingly accepting them as a warning how to improve their lot. Today, even slight differences compel youth to tell their elders to suck a cock – then screeching demands to kick their ass. They are ridiculously ignorant, silly and mindless. It’s why they suck.

But, most elders were potheads fucking hairy hippy whores at Woodstock or selling out to Reaganite corporations. Now, they repent by ….…….slapping Lone Wolf/ScreaminEeegle jpgs on everything pretending VRW is some viable strategy to teach youth on teh Twitter. No wonder yoofs see them as senile, disconnected bullshitters. They suck.

I’ve reluctantly long suspected (and am currently reaching) the conclusion wites themselves have reached The Conclusion. Taking the two above classes of wites into account, none are worth fighting for and both deserve extinction. Both exist in a fatal Irony Free Zone vacuum.

on a flabby bod, the scene’s summed up well

Jordies with the experience to fight are flagwaving VRW fools. Those with the brains to fight are too old and those with the stamina to fight, too stupid.

Differing from the VRW Fantasists’ attractions, I must disappoint you with my lack of Sexxxy Daily Warnings! on Prepping for imminent RAHOWA~WTSHTF~TEOTWAWKI. That is just another ploy to glorify war – our war – with $7,305 AR15 rigs and bunkers stocked with buckets of freeze-dried Mountain House. In reality, war is ugly, grinding and protracted – just like Afghanistan and Nam. Even more so when intractable evil fights unrepentant stupid.

I suspect today’s witey will die with a full gunsafe …and a 58″ waist. His moron kids will then sell off that safe (and that Mountain House cache) on the vacation property to feed their brain-dead brats – who in 50 years or so will be the ones to experience the dreaded, actual collapse.

Tatoos are permanent bumper stickers.

Thus to all, I give a hearty fuck you.

25 Comments to “EndGames”

  1. So how was you weekend FP?

    • Murkan Apple Pie draws a line of curry munching miggas in Londonistan for the newest iphones.

      Colin – Anglosphere poofs (the elite saxon fags) wished the entire westin weld was under their helm, essential a filth of 3rd world, with them sitting at the thrones, and dictating the decree of royalty.

      A different disease from ours, so to speak, but with the same result, witey is no longer relevant and dies from the ailment. We got coloreds as the malignant tumor, and you’ve got the chronic scabs and herpes.

      • We must be careful, FP.

        The survivalists have been alarmist for decades, since the 1960s. To eliminate a whole race of people, all 700 million whites, would take centuries. We’ve got alot of time.

        We’ve been through this before. Dozens of times. From Genghis Kahn to Muzz Invaders.

        The system is tied too. If they try a hard genocide, as the USA went for in the 1990s, we hit their infrastructure. Like Tim. They can’t risk it.

        You are right – the very strong nationalists today are all from 30s to 60s. You should not dismiss our young members though. It takes YEARS of this to get good. I’d say 5 years as a start.

        Socrates – “The children now love luxury. They have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise.”

      • Murka’s migga/colored/gooka population is set to swell at this point, that in 10 years, wites become 50% of its population, and in another decade, it’s about 30%.

        The only difference between now and then: A benign arrival of filth, enabled by our elites. In Medieval Christendom, the Church and Royalty provided weapons, alms and men, to fight off the aggressive plague coming from the south and the east. Today’s western institutions are all about enabling our enemies. Furthermore, we don’t have a successive wave of barbarians invading us, they come here simultaneously. Your California is both a Mexico land and a Chinaman’s land

      • There’s something I’m curious about, JS.

        When would you say the Spanish Empire fell? Do modern Spaniards have any recollection or fondness for it? Have they gotten over its disappearance? There was a time when Madrid was a city like London or New York.

      • The average Spaniard does not know much about Spain’s former colonies in the New World. Remember, Spain and Madrid are still very Spanish in terms of identity. London and the Anglo fag world have completely succumbed to a multicult dystopia. It happened a long time ago. I was in Madrid almost a decade ago, and then visited London shortly. The difference was night and day.

      • I’m not against Spain, Portugal, Italy or Greece, JS. In a way, they are far ahead of the Northern countries. They have already experienced what is now happening in England, Germany and Scandinavia.

        Spain was under Muzz rule for many centuries, JS. Do you think that had anything to do with their later empire?

      • The Muzz made the Spaniards very belligerent, inquisitive, and Spain at the time, was trying to expand its own trade route to the East, independent of Allah’s followers, who were the Middle Men, raging in the Mediterranean Sea with their barbary pirates. This eventually led Spain to the New World and its bellicose stance with its Eurot neighbors.

        You are perhaps correct that the Southern Euros have more of an identity, after fighting directly with foreign invaders for centuries, and they now have 2nd thoughts of inviting barbarians in their homes. However, in modern times, the consummate greed and lust of the Anglosphere capitalists, and to a certain extent the Northern Euro countries, is what really drives coloreds and migga hordes into their territory.

      • It seems to be what it takes, JS.

        Compare Spain and the Northern Europeans, with their racial awareness. Then compare the racial awareness of a Californian or Texan with someone from Maine or Idaho.

        It takes minos to make WNs. I don’t think the articles do anything but help those who have already been touched.

      • Yes, but the Anglosphere and to a certain extent the Northern Euro countries are a lot more capitalistic. McDonald’s doesn’t care about your profile, only money and its profits.

        In Southern Euro nations, culture is less defined by money driven results, but by its native people.

        Business in Murka and much of Western Europe is defined by brainwashing its citizens to consume. Where as in Spain for example, businesses have to find ways to accommodate the citizens, if its want to offer something radical or entirely different. Therefore, Southern Euro nations have succumbed to the capitalists, mulitcult pigs and radical loonies, at a much slower rate than Northern Europe and the out of control Anglosphere.

      • Are they still able to take siesta in Spain, JS? I used to hear that Southern Europeans had better quality of life than Murkans.

        I just read something interesting. Seems the jews and Muzz worked together for a time in Spain. Before the Inquisition, of course. I’d almost say that the Inquisition was a WN like movement.

      • I found something of interest, FP.

        Seems some moderate MRM or WN-ish types are trying to link up with the SPs. The thing is, the SP doesn’t allow racists. This one dude Mosby is interview by Jackie.

      • Siesta is still common in Spain, but in a big city like Madrid or Barcelona, it depends on the business and age demographic. Spanish Millennials don’t care much for a long 2 hour lunch break. They just continue to their work. Spain is breaking its traditions, but not yet on the verge of becoming like us. Maybe in the next 20 years or so, you’ll start to see some cracks.

        Yes, Jews and Muzz work together before the Inquisition, also some Jews and a few Muzz sided with the Christians. In Murka, we can’t not even get a few blacks and miggas, self-hating jews to support WNs, let alone wite women.

      • Hi there JS – Haven’t you got some of your wog shit to be getting on with?

      • Colin, I need to tell my fellow Spaniards and the rest of Southern Europe that this is what happens when you lust money like the Jews, and emulate the Anglo fags, with their fetish for darkies.

        You do understand the entire Anglo world is dumb downed for primitives. Real winners and supremacists do not find it conducive to achieve greatness.

      • Indeed. Whites today are trying to imitate the jews. This lust for money, avoidance of physical work, wanting to be white collar laborers, hipsterism, their faux-racism.

        The problem is, the jews already occupy that niche. There’s not a way for whites to displace a position jews already occupy.

      • American ingenuity, perhaps even its former beauty, have been replaced by Murka the pig fest, the ugly and the repulsive, all thanks to the greedy capitalists and our beloved Jews, who pushed the envelope of a bottom line culture regardless of outcomes. The average murkan lives by the sword of euphoric over-consumption – the next fix of festive feasting, fucking and spending spree. There are sick people in NYC with 2 apartments in Manhattan, one for hanky panky, and the other is where they normally live. Now tell me, why do wites care about their land sinking into an abyss, while they play with their petty toys? Poorer wites and 3rd world animals still get to feast with bread n circuses due to the immense resources and wealth of this nation.

        Whites created the grandest of civilizations, and can create more, but decides to retreat for fun n games made for stupid coloreds and other primitives.

      • And yes, it all up to the elites on what they want to do. Greed has overtaken the elites in much of the developed world.

        Some people will just throw their parents under a bus to make a dime.

  2. I’m reading all the between incidents that lead to a muzz being elected to oversee Londonistan.


    It appears that Limey town is witnessing its own meltdown and complete cognitive dissonance of what FP calls the infighting between the FFLNs here in Murka.

    The other contender vying for Mayorship of New South Asia (Londonistan) was this Kraut-Mick/Anglo hybrid, Gold-Smut fucko, essentially a Kike-Wasp elite, who takes sides with Britain’s own Cons n Cunts. He went on to attack multiculturalism, by spouting that all muzzies are zealous, self exploding, dingoberrys, incapable of being “liberals” and have no business to live in Britain’s faggot land, when in fact his contender is a lover boy for Allah, who leads homos to the altar, which caused Goldysmut his own demise.

    • I suspect there’s a jew behind that Kahn election, JS. Anything bad for whites, look for the jew.

      England is in worse shape than the USA. They’ve got a more complete police state with no freedom of speech or guns.

      • And the opposing opponent who was running against Khan, was Goldsmut, a Kikenkraut-Anglo Fag. How can wites win, when the Jew plays both sides of the coin?

      • Whites must change the game, JS. There are no legal revolutions. One has to go “outside the law” to do it.

        Politics is a struggle for the greatest prize on Earth – power over men. It’s a dirty and nasty thing. Not to be taken lightly. One has to be willing to do anything in order to win.

        They’ll come around, JS. Eventually, people get tired of losing. THAT will teach them better than anything you or I can write.

  3. Ryu: My strong desire for an exodus out of Murka tells people I’m either a loser, or someone who is too good for it. It depends on the people judging.

    Some young men I know are so boring. Their lives revolves around slaving away at a a job so they can live the Murkan over-consumption lifestyle, or those lucky, born with money, and still do the same thing.

    America and England are not really countries, but corporations with sole intent of making profits. The police state is one of its profitable output. Another one is the tax system. Why are American taxes so convoluted? In other countries, people fill out a card to report their earnings and pay any additional taxes due. Simple as1,2,3. We have a multi-billion dollar industry. They make complicated it by design, so lawyers, accountants, software companies, and also Federal agents can raking in a lot of money.

    • Yeah, get out of here. There’s nothing in Murka that you need. The USA is half negro, half jewish.

      I’d rather live in the third world. There would be less government there than here.

      It seems that there are WNs leaving. This guy went to the Carribean. I know others who went to SEA.

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