Why So Many DAAs Get Caught: Climbing the Ladder

by Ryu

There is a secret reason why virtually all DAAs get caught. It doesn’t have to be that way. This article will be a bit longer than the usual; sorry, I too hate long articles.

The fbi’s UCR defines 8 crimes: homicide, robbery, burglary, larceny, assault, rape, grand theft auto, arson.

There are property crimes and crimes against people. The system treats crimes against people more severely. Below, I have ranked the UCR crimes from…..….. most to least severe:
1 Homicide
2 Rape
3 Assault
4 Robbery
5 Grand Theft Auto
6 Burglary
7 Larceny
8 Arson

There is a rule in investigations: the more severe the crime, the higher the clearance rate. Nationwide, 66% of all homicides are solved. 18% of burgs are. Only 2% of arsonists are arrested and successfully charged.

WN DAAs try to go from ordinary citizens to killers in one go. It is a recipe for failure. Too much, too soon. They do not expect to get away with it. Shoddy work.

The action itself is nothing. It is learning control and discipline, that is the test. How to handle the adrenaline rush? That’s the greatest challenge for anyone operating without sanction. Pressure makes all the difference.

Ordinary criminals follow a different path. They “climb the ladder.”

Let us take a typical career criminal. He starts with shoplifting. Then he steals bikes. Cars by teenager. Soon, he’s pulling robberies at 711s and liquor stores. Then he robs banks. Later, if he is not caught, he may graduate to rape or homicide.

Cops go through the same process of learning. Milestones include:
First traffic stop
First felony stop
First use of force
First time he pulls out his gun on duty
First raid
…and so on. The concept is clear.

Nobody is above the process. There is no substitute for time and work.

4 Comments to “Why So Many DAAs Get Caught: Climbing the Ladder”

  1. Only the ladder is real, the climb is all there is!

    (Stolen from the Game of Thrones TV series)

    • That Rhodesian guy seems to be getting banned in many EU countries. He must be doing something right!

      How many nationalists of his caliber do you think there are in this world, Guest? He’s in his 50s, so he has a ton of experience.

  2. Arson and infrastructural damage 2% eh? Yet this is the one the establishment fears most. Try a Zippo post on a UK news site and see how much attention you get from the spooks. Virtually impossible after your first post. I’ve bin blocked twice on Kikebart recently, (only on Zippo posts)

    • UK’s police state is far more developed that Murka’s. They seem to ban everything.

      They also have a more dense population. It must be hard to move around without being seen, either by people or CCTV.

      Can you get in trouble for writing about the IRA and Michael Collins? I still like them alot. They were amazing.

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