A New Forensic Revolution: The 5C’s

by Ryu

Credit cards, CCTV, computers, cars, and cell phone.

This is America’s electronic police state in action. The jazzy new law enforcement term is “markers.” A cell phone is a marker because it can reveal where you are.

Since about 2005 a new revolution has taken place. The 5C’s are cheaper and faster than DNA.

Cars – new cars often have electronic black boxes inside of them. These track location, speed, etc. They also list ….…..the time when one was at a location.

Cell phones of course, show where you were, who you called, for how long, and when all of that occurred.

Credit cards – this show where you were and what you bought.

Computers can show what a man was reading or looking up. Maybe there is a journal on there.

CCTV – it’s not just a camera, it’s a witness. One with perfect recall.

My challenge to readers, if they are unimpressed, is to buy a pack of toilet paper anonymously. Without getting caught on camera. This is hard to do.

You cannot trust anything electronic.

There are good reasons why serial killers no longer exist in America. As the surveillance state grew, they became more rare. By 2003, they were almost extinct. The last one was caught in 2012.

DAAs of the future have to go low tech. They have act as if they live in a pre-computer world. Its gonna be hard because the system sells “convenience” for tracking.

16 Comments to “A New Forensic Revolution: The 5C’s”

  1. The thing that will blow your mind… most of the 5C’s, we pay money into the system to have them.

    The toilet paper challenge got the cogs spinning. Does it count if #I’m on camera but not recognizable as #me

    • Hello, BTR. How have you been? Why did you quit writing?

      Just about every store today has CCTV. I think it is about the minimum that one can leave. So being caught on that camera, without being recognized, is as good as can be done today.

  2. A better challenge would be trying to get your wages paid out in cash, if you aren’t Mexican.

    So be sure you are marked down as a White hispanic on your next fake id.

    Which is itself counter productive, leaving no footprint, a spike in the sheep pattern, or glitch in the matrix, Not going along, to get along, is already seen as suspicious, and people without Facebook profiles are weirdos. Or take email, there are some limits on what no such agency can do with the email of murkan citizen, except if you encrypt your email, then all bets are off, anything goes. So it’s almost counter productive to encrypt, because it’s a spike in the pattern, and it’s all pattern analysis these days, databases, patterns, not evidence, that’s old fashioned.

    Now I’ll go post some dik pcs on faceborg just to seem normal. And not be a straight edge weirdo like Romney, who didn’t even do blow or smoke weed, unlike cool Barry O.

    • In the computer forensics world, It’s already seen as atypical if no traces of pron are found.

      So no evidence gives probable cause for more investigation, that’s they way of the future, because who needs evidence in a proper witch hunt? The establishment wants everyone to be a degenerate, hence the war on normalcy, trying to make normalcy itself a probable cause in murka:

      “According to the DOJ, if North Carolina persists in carrying out the law, its public schools will lose millions in federal funds. The federal government has also threatened to file a lawsuit to block the law.”

      In further news, the European Central Bank will withdraw the 500 euro bank note, nick named the Bin Laden note, to associate it with eeeevil, i feel safer already! Limits for cash payment are also on the rise, it was just lowered to a mere 1000 euro in France recently, to fight trrorsm of course.

      • The police are suspicious no matter what, guest.

        If someone talks too much, or too little.

        If someone is too calm, or not calm enough.

        If someone has a poor alibi, or one that is too good.

        It cracks me up because the game is rigged. If only cops were as suspicious of their masters and their fellow cops, we might have something.

    • I wish I could get paid in cash, guest. The spics seem to have that job sector wrapped up. Or the pay is crap.

      Lawn maintenence, construction, maybe babysitting. It’s hard to avoid the banking system. On those employment tax forms, I’ve tried to say I’m exempt, and not to tax me. They ended up doing it anyway.

      And I always say I’m white Hispanic or white African-American:)

    • How do you get a fake id?

      Also, can anyone here speak definitively about intermediate steps to minimize online tracking? Things like mac addresses etc, I hardly understand them but really need to.

      • There are books on getting fake IDs.

        I think it depends upon what type of ID one wants – driver’s license? SSN? Birth certificate?

        It is not a “hard” thing but one does have to hunt down the information. There are many resources available. The FBI, NSA, SS, and Marshalls all have to create false identities.

        No one who knows how to do it would tell someone the exact way. Especially on the internet. Alot of evidence is left here.

        Keep looking. And the more “taboo” or “illegal”, the closer you are getting to the truth.

        There is something else to know. Being criminal – is a skill. There’s alot more to it than just deciding to break the law. Operating without USG approval is a different ball of wax. The skill takes time to learn. The public gets that wrong. Actually, they might start looking up to criminals, if they fully understood what it entails.

        HR at Aryan Skynet knows the most about the computers, MAC-daddys and all of that junk. Track him down and ask him.

  3. All of you describe a victorious Regime angering its slaves.

    Just in: The System never worries about infuriating its captives.

    • That Rhodesian guy Guest showed us is fantastic. I can’t recommend him enough.

      • I’m also binge watching his stuff, even backing it up, just in case.

        In more euroland news, pakistani muslim Sadiq Khan sworn in as mayor of Londonistan, the other candidate was Zac Goldsmith, a jew. Talk about between a rock and a hard place, that’s worse than having Kang and Kodos on the ballot.

        To commemorate this i recommend the Rivers of Blood The Great Betrayal speech by Enoch Powell, a British politician, who foresaw the future and what will happen back in 1968, a documentary on him can also be seen here. But rivers of blood was yesterday, now it will take oceans of blood!

        Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not calling for violence, it’s just reality, it is not possible to repatriate millions of people without force, not even the few israelis left gaza in a civilized fashion, they had to be dragged away.

  4. Londontown became a New Lahore or New-New Delhi for many decades. It finally revealed itself with such truths, a curry muncher as a mayor. It could’ve been worse with a colored on board!

  5. I’m thinking if Anglo elites once controlled 3rd world savages for wealth, they now use them to contain their wite subjects for more wealth.

    The sun hasn’t set on the British Empire, as of yet!

  6. This London mayor election show the things we have been discussing:

    – the Cuckservative candidate Goldsmith is a Jew from a Bankster family that arrived in England in the 19th century and promptly married with British Aristocrats, the samething is happening in Murka, the WASP elites married with jews.

    – the Labour candidate is a Paki mudslime representing the lower-class peeple, the former working class from Western countries are expected to miscigenate with Miggers, Muzz, Blacks and any shitskin 3rd worlder they can bring.

    • My trip to Spain almost a decade ago, became sour after my departure and arrival to Londonistan.

      Not only do Brit Fags have bad food, and its country with bad weather, the amount of 3rd world garbage that infest and overwhelm the wite fags in its capital, should be an embarrassment.

      At least in NYC, the Jews and their slightly wealthier WASPs, and their genBrandon spawns set a tone of elitism, among a cesspool sea of primitives and riff raff, who end up catering to their needs. Londontown is not of this sort. Limey Elites appear to be abandoning from the hoards of filth they once governed in their native countries.

  7. redflex made , installed, maintains all traffic cameras just about around the world. They even get a higher percentage of the fines than the cities get. They have stock on otc pink sheets meaning penny stocks that never really went up since it’s IPO After they finished installation ect they removed the stock from the sydney aussie stock market after it took off. It’s a aussie company

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