Right Hypocrisy

by Firepower

sperm on the rocks & a pussyjuice chaser

The sleeeple forgot about the Hastert scandal. I suppose it’s because Bill XXXlinton’s Blighthouse cockplay “taught” the sheeple “what happens behind closed doors during sexytime is PRIVATE mmm-kay!

The Speaker of The House was supposedly the second-most powerful ruler of Murka (as it also was for America) but you can’t tell anymore from the way Republican’t Speakers dicksuck every LN ruler from XXXlinton to Harry Reid.

Never mind how a JV wrasslin’ coach got a spare cool $4 mill to toss at former schoolboytoys. A nation of Nobody Cares is a nation you shouldn’t* care about.

There are few lessons to be learned in a degenerate State – still fewer from the degenerate State. One still remaining is:

A creature who nonchalantly clinks champagne glasses with sworn enemies Colon Powell and Killery got to that point in the same way he willfully ignored the inherent human revulsion of sucking little boy cock. The infuriating problems we face today are the result of ignoring this common morality.

The “right” has it down just as good as the LN now.

*mrms and “activists” – not proper usage of the word “should”

23 Comments to “Right Hypocrisy”

  1. The repubs are as bad as the LNs. I remember the Franklin Coverup, with all the high-up republican pedos. Even some fucky in the White House!

    This is exactly the way it is in the third world. The elite do the same stuff across the world.

    I heard some funny stuff about the repubs disliking Trump. A few said that they would burn their voter registration card.

    [ed note: that should be enuff for you to Vote Trumpy – and TrumpHaterJS to go out and campaign for Our Lord on Broadway]

    • Here is the subtle difference between a Con-n-cunt and a LN faction:

      Pubicans at their finest are the ones in NYC, the Manhattan Wall St fratbois – who feast n fuck too, but want to keep it moah wite than the LNs, who’ll invite moah token coloreds to their parties.

    • If elected, a genuine Trump will not rewind Murka to Merica with ease.

      Perhaps, yes, with very hard might, but the colored toxin does not go away, unless with blood and gore. They are more of a problem now, and were always a problem back then.

      It’s really nihilism as the solution, going forward: One facilitates Murka’s downfall, ultimately destroying it, per Machiavelli.

      As I have mentioned before, along the lines of TD and mines, it’s about capitalizing on the radical autonomists. LNs fucked this country to the ground, your job is to facilitate it and take them down with their own doing.

      [radical autononononmommsous…is just a fancy word for…liberal]

      • It’s bullshit, JS.

        My young WNs too think Trump will save them. No revolution is won by votes. Trump’s promises aren’t worth a hill of beans. The WN rumor is that Trump is in the jew pocket.

        He’s a rich New York real estate con-man. He just wants us poo’ niggas’ to work on his plantation. Rich people don’t want to change anything. He’s already got everything he wants.

        But, it’s good. They’ll get more disillusioned when he disappoints them. They’ll learn faster.

      • Correct, Ryu. I’m waiting for NYC to elect an upcoming LN colored, to be mayor, who’s now contending with de Blasio for his spot. Maybe all these wasteful genBrandons in Manhattan, will call it quits and leave.

      • I’m waiting for NYC to elect an upcoming LN colored

        This is typical wn regressive logic:
        Wait until all formerly white cities resemble Detroit
        then wait for White Peepul to rally
        and then declare “victory!”

      • wite in Murka needs to be dicked hard by the elites and their colored minions. there’s no other choice. PIGs prevent the most anger prone from acting up. But I’m sure PIGs will think differently, when their surrounding towns are Detroit and arresting coloreds and miggas, takes away their dumbnut munching. what applies to the wite civilian, applies to his PIG counterpart.

        i can’t stop genBrandon from luxuriating in Manhattan while Titanica sinks.

        Murka needs to rock bottom!

        [ed note: always remember: pigs are the best paid BIGov/MMM employees. so, they can afford living in clean, lily-white, safe UMC ‘burbs. they hate both coloreds and whites]

      • London just elected a Muzz mayor, JS. I think FP shall write something on this.

        [ed note: close enuff 4 decayed SissiBrittis: Patterns of MINO Rulers: http://wp.me/p2kmGE-4sS%5D

  2. Still following that Midlothian case FP? 2 weeks in, still nothing. Bullshit.

  3. The Murkan Empire is a continuation of the Britfag Empire, like Trump, Clinton and Biden have their progeny married into the Kikedom, the Brit elite also married their sons and daughters with Shekelstein Bankster crimefamilies:


    The faggotry and pedos running wild in DC is how the Kikestein keep control of the goyim catttlepoliticians.

    [ed note: the useless Royal fam also married into Krauts so much – they’re more kraut than britfag]

    • Spaniards also married kikes — the only difference, Sephardo Kike embraced the persecution and elimination of their judaic faith.

      Anglo Saxons always loved an array of coloreds, miggas, multicult that made their empire wealthy, divide and conquer, oppress and tokens, and then invite them into their homes. It’s the only western entity to uplift primitives as their rulers.

      FP is going to respond that all western civs are degenerate, but anglobutts take the cake as the being the butt of the jokes.

    • And it’s true in the sense that kikes send their garbage to mix with other garbage, while garnering the best of the goyim to do their bidding.

      jew women who marry niggas, expect a big paycheck from them. Not the welfare colored from the hood, who mixes with the stupid witey shiksa, that didn’t give their heeb men the time of the day.

    • Indy, there is a story I read on Rooshi’s site. Do you think this is true?

      It sounds true to me. Makes sense too.

      [ed note: keep it simple: there’s so much fame & money in Entertainment, that alone is plenty to buy actors without some KrazyKult O’ Blackmailers. actors are mostly stupid, read no books, only pursuing Ego things. think simple. the true KK is Scientology]

      • It’s not bad, FP. I don’t like that POV anymore. The truth…will not set you free.

        War is always shit. There is no good guy. Atrocities are commited on all sides. Whoever robs, rapes, and kills the most – wins. I have no problem equating Dahmer with Chris Kyle or Pat Tillman.

        Many believe that telling “the truth” will save everything! Nope. You gotta know what to do with it too. Not just studying, but action also. The truth is not a magical incantation that will make everything alright.

        All these writers ENDLESSLY writing on why why why….but what should we do?

        Let us study the how, FP. Let’s learn from the cons, serial killers, and criminals. Nothing’s off topic.

        [ed note: that zh post reaffirms my view on dim murkans and that accompanying, accelerated degeneracy of GENBrandon. they are not Sponges of Knowledge destined to learn – or even listen to your Mansonite & T-Kat observations. ]

      • Someone’s copying me, FP. It’s good stuff. I hope they keep on going.

        [ed note: hope schmope: i hoped you’d be the one writing such wisdom on Rooishie, not bound & gagged watching a copycat…so much for H-h-hope]

      • I understand it, FP.

        This is business for him. He sells books and stuff. In addition, all of his writers are weaker than he is. If I go on there, he can’t tell me anything. He’s afraid of those with superior ability. I’d tell him that those “secret meetups” are already hot.

        He couldn’t deal with the heat. Might cost him some $$$:(

        If we did have a large audience, we’d waste more time on noobs than on self-development. Reminds me of the old Spearhead. There’s only a few strong commenters.

      • I understand it, FP.

        This is business for him.

        As in all things, moderation is key.
        Thus, you need capitalism (in moderation) to support wn. All politics and respective parties run on money. Those imagining it’s all Happy Unicorns & Ideology are as green and ignorant as OWSer hippies.

        WN eats itself until it becomes wn then finally, a joke.
        You saw the same internecine warfare between Trump and Cruz as you saw between Turdi n’ Me and roooishi n You…
        Near identical goals disrupted by (remember?) The Narcissism of Small Differences.

        Difference is, I expected it.

      • MMmmm……. Don’t see it myself. Perhaps what we have nowadays is a sort of inverted McCarthyism. In order to succeed as an actor, You’ve got to me more LN than a “Guardian” columnist,

        We see a lot of that sort of thing, here in Europe. To be a TV/Film star its necessary to act the commie. Indeed they may even kid themselves they’re down n dirty with the plebs like. Method actin’ like. But when you are hermetically sealed by money you don’t get the same diseases..

  4. The hippie cunts of the LN, have always been for sale. Money for the least amount of work. It took the Con/Kike/Capitalists bastards a while to realise it – get with the grooove, if you will.
    And who can blame them for who would want to give money to a fucking hippie? Now they see hippies can be bought like anyone else. So WTF

    So long as you let them hug a tree or save a polar bear, every now and again, to prove their hippie credentials, they’re pretty much the same as any other brand of corrupt degenerate shyster. Though it has to be said they do come with slightly improved hypocrisy

  5. You seem not to know how the Game is played. Henry Ford’s Dearborn Newspaper spelled it out. You can’t get in unless you’re dirty, in fact filthy. The heebee jeebees won’t support you unless you have a self-destruct button. Hillary has a closet full of more skeletons than a graveyard, so she’s a safe asset that will color between the lines. Trump has fuck you money and no really bads to kill his career, so they are freaking out. You have to stink to get in the jew kiddie pool. You have to be perverted and gross or they won’t let you in their Satanic Club.

    • Trump’s Jew-in-laws is part of the Manhattan Crime Syndicate. Elite Heebs plays both sides of the coins. The “better” ones usually side with the Cons n Cunts.

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