When SEALs Try to Kill….Without Permission

by Ryu

There’s an ENORMOUS difference between killing with or without permission.

In one case, one is only concerned with the action itself. But without permission, one has to devote a great amount of time to preparation, escape, and then covering oneself. For criminals, the action makes up only 1% of the total effort.

Cops and soldiers don’t have this experience….which makes them poor criminals and revolutionaries.

One unique problem – is that cops and soldiers often need some “liquid courage” to do work on their own. Alcohol. This lowers inhibitions and lowers anxiety, but makes a person more aggressive than they ought to be.

Drugs and crime do not go together well. Many ordinary criminals are also heavy drug and booze users, which is a large part of why they get caught.

In this case, a SEAL turns to robbery and then homicide to get the “juice” that ordinary life could not provide. Eventually, all the little mistakes add up and he gets pinched…

The SEAL in our story was number one in his graduating class. Bear that in mind, as you hear about the mistakes he made.

5 Comments to “When SEALs Try to Kill….Without Permission”

  1. More like elephant sized mistakes…

    btw. our friendly hemp satanist, or excuse me, pagan, is at it again:
    Julius Malema Promises to Confiscate White South Africans’ Farms

    • That would be great! Then SA would collapse for sure.

      I can remember when Zimbabwe was a very successful farming nation. I followed this athlete who was ths son of a kiwi farmer.

      He’s sure got a bright house for a Satanist.

  2. OT: Future post picture suggestion, two firm Helgas, someones got to use this one!

  3. It appears that meticulous planning trumps courage and brawn. Better smart than strong.
    Even a coward could be a successful activist, if they spent enough time preparing.

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