Interview with a WN Cop

by Ryu

Finally, one has been found. Two, actually.

There are indeed WN cops. They fear their jobs being taken primarily. The problem is that decades ago, American pigs gave up their 1st amendment rights, to be mindless servants for the ruling class.

They can’t help us at all. They are forced by the checkbook to serve our enemies. The money has almost totally zipped their lips. The ones you’ll hear during this interview are retired.

His parts begin around at 84 minutes in.

44 Comments to “Interview with a WN Cop”

  1. I would wager that most cops in the US are closet raciss by now, when day in, day out, most calls involve minos, it’s virtually impossible not to be, you can’t have the cop spidey sixth sense without a healthy dose of racism, or let’s just call it realism, when someone with a tatted faces approaches, you certainty don’t think kumbaya, you profile.

    WN is the perfect match for retired leos who need something to do and who are bored by niggerball.
    If i was Duke & co, i would hire direct marketers and spam veterans and retired cops with free books.

    • If i was Duke & co, i would hire direct marketers and spam veterans and retired cops with free books

      Cannot practically address this good idea without noting it’s not even been considered in many decades; too many. That means wn is indeed a gaggle of disorganized bumblers and will continue to be – more so – in the InternWebz Age of easy KJ.

      Remember leos are first and foremost BIGov employees. Their faux “whistleblowing” is of the ludicrous too little-too late, monday morning quarterback = 20/20 hindsight variety. Krauts at Nuremburg were mocked for later expressing “regret” at shoving 50 hebes a day into ovens. While they had the power it was ALL Jackboot & Whip. Afterwards, huggy McHug-me time.

      Our resident Spaniard~HateMachine JS will tell you LOTB commenters prefer griping about lines at the $18 Manhattan cupcake bistro than concepts of Feudal NYC.

      So as far as focusing on words losing their power, wns have far more serious issues to contend with than utterances. Issues that today, nobody GAF about and by tomorrow, even fewer will even know what to gaf about…

      • The entire Murkan, and to a certain extent, the Anglosphere, narrative is about who has the most BUXs and the process of acquiring it. Even dumb coloreds who cry oppression aren’t jiving about human rights, but moolah. Illegal miggas come here, not because they love red, white and blue, but green money. Muzzies in Murka are smart enough not to commit jihad, when their falafil sandwiches sell like hotcakes to feast n fuck infidels in the wee hours of the night after a makeout session.

        There’s a reason why most Jews live in NYC, in turn, Murka is their new garden of eden, and why hoardes of yellow faces from Asia are not in Montreal (as I mentioned this on Liono of Blogo), but they infest just about every major Anglo nook in Canuckland and Murka with their wontowns.

        Duke is most probably satiated with money and sex, not to dole out ebooks online.

    • I think the “blue code” overrules any white alliance cops feel. By the time we get white cops, they are burned out. Almost useless.

  2. Off topic, great line by Free Northerner:

    “Only whites can be racist, because racist is a nominalist, specifically anti-white slur. Calling another race racist would be akin to calling a white a nigger. It’s silly. The sooner people realize that it means nothing beyond BADWHITE, the sooner it loses its power.”

  3. Our resident Spaniard~HateMachine JS will tell you LOTB commenters prefer griping about lines at the $18 Manhattan cupcake bistro than concepts of Feudal NYC.

    Hence, the entire failure of the Murkan demographic, deeply rooted in money and the short term gratification it provides.

    WNs and Conservatives do not exist.

    wite supremacists are as real as wite ascetics, who forego most material and hedonistic pleasures.

    • Asceticism drowns in the most capitalist nation in history. That’s why it is long dead, because only hippies practiced it.

      White Supremacists became wyte supremacist fantasists, then long ago, also died. You cannot build a concrete “movement” on VRW fantasies of fairy-viking dust portraiture. You get what you got: Nothing.

      Only wn remains, but on its last gasp. There is no more White America. What remains is warped memory, a perversion of the past: wite Hick Jordies waving flags, straining at the leash to enlist and invade Iran for the regime in power – while Miggers flood the border a mile away.

      It’s not all money. There are three motivators, money, power – and sex. Murka allows the lowliest Migger to march with a mexican flag at a rally, influence millions of hermanos – then preside over the Migger version of BLM and influence a white Presidential election as Chairman of some colored Nationalist group.

      All coloreds want to come to Murka for we have multi-culti pussy and blond-blue-eyed pussy already lubed for the next nigerian basketball recruit.

      No one wants to hear this, then realize it. wites prefer griping on lotb about seeing folks richer than they are – on Manhattan, or elbowing in the next Pithy Comment on roissy, where the host enthralls us all with Tales of Wicked DC BIGov! while all the while having worked for one of the most useless BIGov Agencies for over a decade.

      Anglospoore is a misnomer. Italians aren’t anglos, nor are french, swedes or Irish.
      The frustrating, angry confusion surrounding you that you see, hear and feel is the entire White Western World’s collapse.

      • Thanks to guest, FP, I have found an amazing resource.

        This guy used to live in Zim, then moved to SA. There’s a common progression he sees now. Zim had rolling blackouts in 1995, now SA has them in 2008. It is fantastic.

        SA is ready for a revolution. Their infrastructure is very poor today.

        [ed note: i also recently talked w/ a former Rhodesian/zim-imigrant. he spoke of oppression by lying Black Mugabe – and how Murka would fall like Rhodesia. not from ‘racial’ issues, but bloated apathy. he was Black, yet Whiter than 80% of murkan wites]

      • While i found him on the Age of Treason TFeed, so all thanks to Tanstaafl!
        Great podcast:

        He is sadly on hiatus of some sort, apparently all was said. His last tweet was:
        Q: What is the difference between a cow and the holocaust? A: You can’t milk a cow for 70 years.

      • He is an amazing find, G. He’s a very strong nationalist and quite experienced. I’ve listened to many of his talks. He has come to the same conclusions as many of us.

      • Murkan Money is the gateway to power and sex, play and privilege. Dumb coloreds and miggas in our Walmart Murka, hollering for full equality, are fully aware that they only want have access to all things afforded to the most privileged of witey.

        There are no honest and geniune do gooders in Murka, just hustlers, pimps and whores, if they are, heed caution. Roissy is a great example.

        My frustrations center around NYC, and lesser (Greater) Murka, to a certain extent, and not the entire witey world. wealthywites in Manhattan are one of the most inane and redundant demographic, apathetic of their fallen country. You might think otherwise, while genBrandons on the enchanted isle are letting the good times roll until they reach 50, and 50 miles away is a cesspool Brazil.

        Liono of Blogo bloggers have unrealized expectations. They gripe about eating only a $18 muffin, while the most privileged dine at the most expensive restaurants every night.

      • genBrandons on the enchanted isle are letting the good times roll until they reach 50, and 50 miles away is a cesspool Brazil.

        as california goes, so went America. As Manhattan goes, so goes Feudal Murka…

      • I found something interesting FP. This is about that book “The World’s Most Dangerous Places” by Pelton. I think you must have read it sometime.

        “The Book That I Used When In The U.S. Marshals Service

        Prior to my recent retirement from the above agency, I had frequent occasion to familiarize myself with the goings on in the more dangerous parts of the world. Although the U.S. State Department web site had valuable information, NOBODY had the quality, reality based information that Robert Young Pelton does. In fact I purchased one of these books for each of my subordinates. I also met Pelton in Colombia, and I gotta tell you that he has more cojones than anybody I have ever met in my life. He is truly the real deal.”

      • Don McLean’s song Bye Bye Murkan pie is fitting – TD is an optimist and thinks only the best wites will resist and withstand the onslaught of LN radical autonomy and multicult, as we approach the 3rd decade of the 21st century.

      • It is true, JS. Only the very best whites can avoid the contagion of our time.

        The individual is still important in our age. WN has a secret teaching. The masses cannot lead themselves today. Only a small minority of a minority moves things forward. Lenin’s party began with 4 people, Hitler – 7.

      • Bye Bye Murkan pie is fitting – TD is an optimist

        Yet he and Ryu are surely aware every passing year held its own store of “optimists” in LA and Detroit – as the situation deteriorated. Observe them today: Each was/is a microcosm for Migger and Colored Murka.

      • I believe TD has a view (that I would share) of the self destructive tendencies of those who willfully follow the LN paradigm and this is a majority. This also includes our elite members who don’t practice what they preach, but somehow end up reaping what they sow. One would expect that when Murka becomes a fully metastasized shithole, with a few remaining civilizational points, our elites will be scrambling for their well being, because radical autonomizing witey is pretty much gone, and they are surrounded by miggas and coloreds, essentially feral savages coming home to roost. When lawlessness becomes anarchy, the few surviving WS will come to the fore and clean up the mess (which includes eradication of these primitives).

      • when Murka becomes a fully metastasized shithole, with a few remaining civilizational points, our elites will be scrambling

        Not necessarily. Murka is wealthier than every similar nation combined. Still, in those countries, Brazilian Elites live in luxury as do Nigerian Elites and MexElites. Their lives suffer not one moment of deprivation. They actually do better I suspect for they now no longer have to “share” resources like shrimp, caviar and hot co-ed callgirls with the Middle Classes.

        Murka’s wealth assures Elites even greater pleasures as it collapses.

      • Essentially, Murka needs to fall, run its course, a dead corpse then becomes decomposed into the soil, and a new entity grows out of it.

      • That Midlothian case is still unsolved, FP. I’m kind of surprised it didn’t go down yet.

    • JS…

      If “infinite regress” and General Entropy is the dominant “reality” of the high IQ “white” male then total annihilation is inevitable… But this “reality” is, in its deepest motivation, the “white” autonomist’s attempt to usurp the genuine white Supremacist. The ATTEMPT cannot be guaranteed short of a total annihilation of the white race. The genuine wS is rare, by definition. So “we” are nearing Final Liberation.

      • There’s no need for LN wite-Pareens to usurp one thing from so-called supremacists – or even copy them. White supremacists/nationalists have been crushed so badly for so long, they cannot even mention their beliefs in public without fear of reprisal from MMM – forget about implementing policy. They are outnumbered by wite LNs 200:1. Despite the visibility of current reactionary Trumpism, I’m starting to suspect it’s merely a Dead Cat Bounce. LN is the dominant White Culture of today, like it or not. Tomorrow, it looks to be total FFOL Minoism.

        Apparently coloreds are immune from any annihilation, self or otherwise, because during the span of 600,000 years they’ve lived the same way – brush-busting in Africa, eating antelope & bugs. Occasionally, they have the universal setback but even Ebola can’t stop their growing numbers.

        This is why coloreds must be eradicated in Murka. Anything else means they return like black mold. If not, witemurka eventually topples.

        It is my Rule of 50: If you eradicate 50% of MINOs, in 50 years their numbers will return to that of today’s. If you eradicate just 10%, it’ll be ten years. If 95% are eradicated, they’ll be back in 95 years – but that’s better than today’s dismal performance by wites, as they let the mold eat the national soul.

      • These things are true, FP. But there are two sides to it.

        Because so few speak up against them, the LNs are very weak when actually opposed by argument. They have come to rely upon force, and cannot use logic and reason any longer.

        No victory is ever total. The problem is that our enemies think they have won, when they have encountered little actual resistance.

        They won something…did they win it all? It’s very fragile. The US isn’t that far from annihilation. Things are not good here right now.

        It would not take much to being the American economy to a halt. Look at Flint. It’s terrifically expensive to fix that. And there are thousands of Flints just waiting to be discovered across the US.

      • Because so few speak up against them,

        No. The enemy that instills such great fear in their opposition that it is even afraid to speak against them is the Total Power. There were no protests against the Nazi Party in Nazi Germany. No one dared even speak against them, nor the Khmer Rouge or Taliban.

        The less oppositional response to an enemy, the greater is their true power.

      • You have a different worldview than I, FP.

        Fear and greed are always found together. Today, white fear mino greed. In the past, the opposite. Tommorrow?

        The problem of totalitarianism is that it burns itself out. The WILL to do what the Checka or Gestapo did doesn’t last long. We saw that in the Chekist movie. We also see it in the Israelis today.

        Does totalitarianism come from strength, or weakness? In a sense, they cannot permit any opposition because of their own fear. And the fear drives them to seek “smaller” and smaller enemies. Eventually, it consumes itself with that fear.

        The lack of internal opposition weakens the state, for the same reason that a body without resistance training is weakened. They become decadent and overconfident, then are defeated from the outside.

        The US military and police experience this weakness. Look at how obedient the soldiers are. They cannot change. This is why “turrist” forces like the VC or ISIS win.

        And then, the best part of all. Those with power lose their power. They commit suicide. See our Murkan pigs and soldiers after retirement. All these connections are present.

        [ed note: you’re overthinking it. what you describe may transpire – may…but as I always say: you’ll be The World’s Most Satisfied…158 year-old]

      • Perhaps this line of thought is too fine-tuned for you FP? Everything you write suggests a belief in “infinite regress” and General Entropy leading to a total annihilation. So collectively, there is no solution. But the most pertinent question is what does the INDIVIDUAL “white” male do? Pleasurably self-annihilate or attempt to transcend the “infinite regress” as best he can while Narrating AGAINST the “truth” of General Entropy?

        A bleak reality is one with few viable options.

      • Perhaps this line of thought is

        If a bleak reality is reality, then you must face it as it exists. No flowery, arcane sermon changes that.

        The World is a series of infinite regressions peppered with long periods of success. Glubb’s book proves that. Serial empires vie for the transitory title of “world superpower.” History proves that, as well.

        There are zero options for those who do not fight and let all slip away. That is a fact not dissipated by sprinklings of fairy dust wishes for Hope And Change.

        Collectively there is always a final solution: War.

      • I would only ask…

        War as?

      • That’s certainly your shortest – most concise – statement ever made on Eradica.

        In one century, the LN took Murka from a slaveholding nation fond o’ whippin’ nigras to the World’s Mightiest Apartheid State then finally a welfare state electing an Obongo twice to roll out the welcome mat for ever more coloreds.

        The LN conducted war of every type to win and did not content itself with the mere exercising of platitudinal Free Speech.

      • Well FP… My position has been quite clear for some time…

        “White” male wars as a white Supremacist…

        Or he chooses radical autonomy and self-annihilation.

        You inexplicably end the “game” at your own personal annihilation.

        And from a meta-physical perspective, it reads like fantastical hope.
        [ednote: you neglect the other forms of eradication: by an enemy’s hand if you submit, or by the reaper if you age long enuff]

  4. Ryu: SA is a crap and the wites there deserve what they get. Either you eradicate the coloreds or flee, and they don’t do neither. Have you ever dealt with any SA wites personally? I have, and they are in denial of their existence like someone with Stockholm Syndrome. Nothing of civilization comes out of colored land. Living among 3rd world primitives does not make one great.

  5. Plenty of ManhattanBrandons, who live on their parents dime of this sort, but not as severe:

    He’s the 1st one to make the news, because he murdered his dad, who cut off his trust fund. Old news, but these are the ones who feast n fuck on the Enchanted Isle, and there’s plenty of them here. Forget about trying to move here and make it with your own dint of blood, sweat and tears. Not going to happen, those days are over, and the game is rigged in Feudal Murka. On the other side of the spectrum, plenty of coloreds and miggas on welfare who live among him, and if they’re lucky, a menial job cooking and cleaning for these useless wite-parasites at the next 5 star restaurant.

  6. FP: War only if….it’s time the wite boomer farts redeem themselves and become a catalyst, after their legacy via the destructive 60s and post NAM era, culminating to what is today called Murka.

    genBrandons and XerJoe will not do the dirty work of blood sacrifice, to see the boomers walk clean after taking a shit that has gotten us today.

    • BoomerHate is futile, as would be Boomers ‘hating’ GIgen for getting them into ‘Nam and saddling them with their generational form of crap; every gen hates the older because it shifts blame. Boomers are 65 – that is not combat age. War is the realm of youthful glory, or it once was, for today’s youth have never been a more coddled mess of uselessness where their only skill is excelling at blame-shifting. They don’t even cut the lawn while living at Mom’s when they’re 29.

      Thus, you see where and how it ends, and by whose apathy. This is not a time for Happy Predictions for the rosy future. It seems the more dire the predicament, the more Hopey McWishies prattle addled thoughts that are merely a reactive adrenaline fix to the deep fear swept under the rug reading daily headlines that make your forget the warnings you heard the day before.

      Instead of heeding – and acting – upon clear warnings, Murkans retreat into Feelgood blankies as is their practice of being the most bloated, overfed narcissistic materialistic spenders in human history.

      Realize the LN/MMM is not scared of you anymore. wns – and especially trailerparknazis like to fool themselves that they are, like a kid getting his first purple belt at the dojo.
      The real MMM is as intimidated by its captives as much as the SS was intimidated being outnumbered by jews at Bergen-Belsen. They keep up the barbed wire and guns to keep control, but not out of fear of losing it.

      • Murkans retreat into Feelgood blankies as is their practice of being the most bloated, overfed narcissistic materialistic spenders in human history

        Murka has evolved into a large junk yard sale with all kinds of crap up for grabs, and that’s all it matters. Our consumption culture and money lust trumps everything else. Elites, MINOs and anyone in between, are driven by this one thing alone, and only this thing alone. With more money and material acquisition, this signifies more power and pussy.

        And for anyone with PUA concepts in mind, PUA evolved out of our shallow, material oriented Murkan bitches, coupled with a toxic feminist indoctrination.

      • We can tell what the MMM is afraid by what it bans, FP.

        They are not afraid of blogging. Violence against property scares them. Names like McVeigh or Kaczynski scare them.

        ” Sadly, though I spent my entire life trying to believe it wasn’t so, but violence not only is the answer, it is the only answer. The cruel joke is that the really big chunks of shit at the top have known this all along and have been laughing, at and using this awareness against, fools like me all along.”

      • We can tell what the MMM is afraid by what it bans, FP.

        Do you think the Nazis were afraid of jews? Homos? Gypsies??

        good quote. familiar. whose?

      • Joe Stack. The Texas IRS building plane guy.

        There is a new film genre that documents jew resistance fighters during WW2. This is a good area, because in the new LN system, whites are the jews now.

        We must be studying these guys, FP. And then invert the stories, applying them to us.

      • There is a new film genre that documents jew resistance fighters during WW2

        Be cautious of ww2 “resistance” tales. Most of the French stuff was exaggerated bull concocted by ww2BIGovPROP and still further embelished by ww2 Hollywood jewPROP. Both maintained this ruse as a carryover from anti-Nazi propaganda to the anti USSR Cold War Propaganda. FDR’s fascist BIGov used these tales to keep the Murkan Publik on the leash thinking their blood, trillion$ and precious lives were not being wasted again on France the way it was on WW1. Most was that Happy Thoughts! 🙂 bull going on today…that I hate.

        In reality, the froggs only came out of hiding when the Allies USA was within miles of Paris.

        So, Tales Of Brave j-j-jews written by j-j-jews is highly suspect.
        Some did occur, but not the amount Dim-urkans assume.

        Your SuperFriend Chetniks and their counterpart Partisans were the most active, with Chetniks siding with the Nazis to fight the Partisans. Very bloody. Too bad Conchofaggot’s not here to blather on way too long about SuperCCP Shit.

        The Russian partisans were also particularly fierce. Norwegians, most cunningly effective and secretive in their partnership with England. They helped stop the Nazi development of heavy water factories hidden in mountainous regions and fjords.

      • There’s very few people alive who know how to play all the angles, FP. When you’re up, when you’re down, when to do nothing. The white race is down right now. We’ll never win again:( Again, fear and greed come into play. Men tend to fall into extremes, getting greedy when ahead and being afraid when they lose.

        There is a famous story about a poker pro who went from 0 to 10,000$. It is something like what WNs have to do.

      • My spiel about buumers is really about redemption with their negative image as self serving hypocrites to the younger generations. bummers were always loud and clear with their intentions, except they aren’t, even with their viagra at old age, when Murka hangs like a limp dick ready to be sliced off and cast aside.

  7. Ryu: A word of caution, elites reassembled with might after 9-11. The terrorists did nothing to bring down the status quo. Murka becomes a totalitarian police state post 9-11 and the elitists became wealthier as a result. FP would not be ranting how the enchanted isle becomes an oasis of wealth, pre-911.

    [ed note: your beloved manhatty – whence you left Belinda Valencia for – has been such an oa$i$ since 1716 ]

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