Cops and the MRM

by Ryu

Male police officers make feminism possible, as they en-force the law. Do you think they know the truths of the MRM?

Absolutely. Though they’d roundly deny that knowledge, because American cops are trained liars.

If the police have a male suspect, their favorite target is his old lovers – girlfriends, fiances, wives. Especially if they are divorced or seperated. These are great interview targets on a suspect, because the womenz are wanting some payback.

There’s a little phrase “dirty up the husband.” Often if a couple is married, the police will go interview the current wife. They will then suggest or plant the seed that he may be cheating on her.

Naturally, she goes crazy thinking about this. She’ll “cooperate” with the police fully then. Hell hath no fury, like a woman scorned.

There are many variations on this. In one case, the wife was wired up and tried to get the man to talk about the crime. She questioned him hardcore, tears flowing, screaming, the entire bit. He took the bait and she took the tape back to the police, which caused him to be locked up.

Many times, a man is caught through his woman. The American police state knows where the weak link is. Beware.

One Comment to “Cops and the MRM”

  1. It should be easy not to be stupid. What’s easier than doing NOTHING? Yet the strongest guy can be incapacitated by a woman’s fake tears.

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