Manhattan Penthouse Chosenite Bathrooms

by Firepower

Murkans are too stupid to “learn” how the Oppressing Elite live. It’s “too hard! (sniffle!)” to internetz.

Madoff Slept Here!

OWSers iz rong: This class is taxed too hard. They barely have enuff left over.

Think hard why this class would support an Obongo – a Killery. For shitsngiggles, read the article and play a drinking game of “Kount the Kike” doing a shot of your Popov Vodka.

36 Comments to “Manhattan Penthouse Chosenite Bathrooms”

  1. Yet it’s got a certain type of vulgarity about it. No fuck it, looking again, its got loads. Sorry FP I appreciate this isn’t an interior decor blog but I feel it needs saying.

    • Yet it’s got a certain type of vulgarity

      The joke (one of them, at least) on Trumpi was that he built “classy towaz full of class made of lots of smoked glass and brass, baby”
      …and it is pure fuckin’ class.

  2. It is impressive in a sense. Reminds me of Versailles.

    These rich places all look the same to me: like museums, like a living person does not live there. In America there are tons of magazines with super-expensive houses, but never of the people who live in them.

    The intellectual classes always have these huge libraries. Funny thing is, I never see them reading the books. I have books too but they are all used, ripped, all over the place.

    [ed note: they do live there. the owners just have a crew of mexicans (and a foreman like our JS) doll it up for magazine shoots. getting your lil’ ole penthouse in House Beautiful is a prestige award you use to rub it in on your frenemies. it’s a mark of distinction]

    • Ryu: FP wants to rub the Manhattan in us. I don’t know why. I’ve walk into these places before, because I’m from there. It doesn’t impress me at least not anymore, like a hot woman you get to know and get tired of, after fucking and talking to her.

      He writes more about it than Liono of Blogo, the only friendly NYC Jew he gets to like.

      I hate these Manhattan types, not because they have money, but they’re wasteful and vapid, shallow and oblivious to anything, except their day to day, minute to minute, pettiness of status signaling.

      A gaudy apartment like this in Montreal rents for $1500 in US dollars. I’m not kidding you.

      In Murka and especially on the enchanted isle, jewProp ensure Jews get rich, by making you get keep up with Joneses, where you break the bank, even for a small closet.

      A question to ask, wouldn’t it be better to exploit the elite for their money, like they do with the rest of us?

      A wealthy lady recently wrote me a check of $2K, for a simple task of balancing her financials in less than a hour.

    • Yeah and it works in Versailles, where you can look out of the windows, at the spectacular, formal garden setup. And appreciate the granjoor of the Sun King’s palace. But Manhattan, I’ve never been, in fairness.

      They take these shots for magazines and they’ve been all staged, decorated like. My ex-sister in law got married to some guy whose brother was some Scottish Duke. He had this dilapidated castle. (The Duke).
      There was this bedroom that had been done up for a “Homes and Gardens” take. By the magazine – gratis. Very nice like, but I bet six months later, the mildew would be coming through the attractive primrose wallpaper.
      There was a room at the top of the castle that was full of dead flies. Perhaps they called it the Dead Fly Room. I would have asked but didn’t want to appear common.

    • In reality, NYC is an ugly decivilization. The city is far from grand, not even to Versailles in any sense, Paris or Montreal.

      Yet, it’s the most coveted and expensive city in Murka.

      Tell me what’s wrong with people? Or better yet, jewProp does wonders!

      • tell me what’s wrong with people?

        Plenty of hot actresses over decades bedded down with (or even married) the ugliest, greasiest, hook-nosed hebe – provided he had what she wants.
        Think of your Manhattan as a methaphor for that hymie.

        People are stupid. No matter how ugly, sheeple will worship whatever has money.

  3. I love your term Castle Manhattan because is so true, I had my awakening with Jew York kikes, the most vile “people” that ever walked this earth.
    [ed note: the jew is the creature that will fight for freedom (and israel) to the last drop of your blood]

  4. NY is strange, you have white professionals who can barely afford two bedroom apartments, yet somehow there are millions of illegals living in the same expensive place, i mean how do they do it, do they live 20 in a room? How can there be so many, New York and New Jersey are 2 of the eight states which contain three-quarters (74%) of the nation’s Latino population. What is this, a backdoor reconquista? (great video name tho)

    NY NY is even before LA, it has a bigger mud population!

    • I agree with JS re: making money off the bastards. There are lots of fake therapies out there now that you don’t need a license to practice. It’s very stressful having all that money. You can help unstress the poor dears. And maybe also pick up some side money balancing their checkbooks !

      Colin that commoner comment cracked me up!

    • Hollywood is another cesspool hole that Jews thrive, because they hate a large presence of ONLY wites.

      NYC, LA and Israel = Kingdoms of Judah

      • The jew thrives in places it has selected for conquest.
        Upon arrival, when new and weak, it appeals to “fairness” and “humanity” – and other suicidal sucker notions of White Chivalry – like hyping the holocaust.

        When the jew then has its foot in the door, competition between “equals” is now promoted. When the jew has ultimately stolen, cheated (or actually earned) wealth and power it suddenly switches the rules to favor their now powerful cartel. Then, it is ruthless in eradicating its perceived enemies by financial means.

        These are the present results you see in Manhattan and Hollywood: Think of finance as the furnishings and foundations of mansions you never see inside of – like the opulent rooms of this post. Most “commoner scum” never realize such sights.
        It is not overt like a 1933 Munich SA riot: Finance is hidden.

        In the dark, mysterious world of finance, the White Giant is as disadvantaged as he is at night, against a swarm of dangerous mosquitoes carrying Zika virus.

    • omehow there are millions of illegals living in the same expensive place. how do they do it, do they live 20 in a room?

      MMM/BIGov subsidy. The LN also assures every MINO a place – the way its guaranteed for decades an affirmative action “job” even if necessary to unemploy a White Man.

      Do not confuse or jumble-in Jersey, or Brooklyn with Manhattan…

      • Manhattan and NYC in general, shows elitism and 21st century slavery all in one setting.

        You have wealthy witeBrandons/Britneys feasting n fucking, fussing around the enchanted isle, meanwhile coloreds and miggas make their food and clean up after their mess. other non-wites include gookas who perform higher functions like making their $1k plate of sushi and kobe beef for these useless, yet relevant parasites. then don’t forget the Jewlord who oversees his everything and he ensures his son sleeps with the most prized and desired shiksa bimbo, in return for her discounted or free rent.

        [ed note: yes. those are the concepts I write to enlighten readers: Feudal Manhattan. but, once enlightened, today’s wite only complains about them and never acts. the perfect symbiosis for a minority parasite]

    • NYC has large swathes of housing projects next to multi-million dollar condos:

      This brown migga/nigga building is next to manhattan-wite.

      Mick Jagger has a luxury apartment in Manhattan just a few blocks away from migga turf. Brown Sugar indeed!

      They don’t call it the greatest city in the world for nothing.

  5. FP: Blog post idea, on minos essentially living in what amounts to a parallel communist state or socialist legal entity, it’s certainly not America.

    Because how many ghetto dwellers even work in the free market economy, if we exclude government, aa, drug dealing and prison inmate as valid job categories? Is it even 10%? There were more people participating in the underground economy behind the iron curtain than blacks are in the above ground economy now, that’s why dindus reject Bernie and go for Hillary, for example, they would have to work more even in democratic socialism! There was no hanging around the hood in the Soviet Union…

    • MINOs in Manhattan work, they are slaves for the wealthy wites, who in turn are clients of the Jewlords.

      [ed note: LIUFY top google searches. tell me if such a people can ever topple the ManhattanMoneyMachine…]

      • Giuliani drove a large hoard of coloreds away, and made NYC the most coveted city in Murka.

        9-11 Muzzie bombing made Manhattan even more elite.

        Yet many WN types think these were celebratory events against their enemies.

    • good ideas.
      I must ponder more the difference between Communism and Feudalism; or Communism and Monarchy. North Korea is like a hereditary rulership. Stalin had no worthy successor sprung from his loins and chaotic bloodshed ensued like a medieval British War of The Roses.

      When I thought of the Feudal America concept, I was drawn to the immense similarities between Monarchy and Communism/Socialism where even all merge into a sort of Universal Human Condition: Totalitarian Rule.

      It seems to me, all the ridiculously evil human government decays into totalitarianism at some point no matter where it started. I realized America was unique among its government from every nation in history. That is passed. Today we have far more in common with an 18th century English subject than a 1776 Militiaman.

      • Latinos are working, blacks not so much, i remember Adam Carolla talking about how he never met one black or jew on a construction site, and he worked them for more than a decade, in jew Central L.A.!

        And speaking of North Korea, i recommend this documentary:
        Money & Power in North Korea – Hidden Economy

        “North Korea utilizes a policy of extravagant gift-giving in order to buy the loyalty of high-ranking officials.”

        That’s how they keep it going, good old bribery, half the gdp goes for that.

        And it’s true, they arrest official North Korean buyers/smugglers all the time in Europe.

        You know what’s up when some Korean wants to buy 1000 gold watches in cash…

        [ed note: miggers are from a homogeneous mexican society getting no MINOGuiltBUX from a chivalrous majority, like coloreds get from GuilteeWhitee, coming from a heterogeneous society]

      • jews make their wealth mostly sitting on their asses, essentially, what many wites in jew centers do, if they work.

        Or get to know it from the best source, Jew the Liono of Blogo, calls it “value transference”.

        [ed note: if you cannot motivate fellow disgruntled manhattanites while in manhattan, expect continued manhattanizing of Your World, until you are displaced like the 1986 Version of yourself]

    • On alot of Murkan forms today, there’s a part for race. Are you hispanic, black, indian, asian or causasian?

      I always put black or hispanic now. And if they ask gender, I put both. Good trick!

      • Capitalists in Murka don’t really care about race, but whether your are cheap for hire. MINOs are cheaper.

      • Ryu: In Manhattan, we have several Whole Foods. As you know, they are expensive, and the workers are 99% MINO, with a sporadic witey here and there.

        I once asked a few wite employees where they live. they told me it was outside of Manhattan with a long commute. Whole Foods does not pay for your $3K apt in Manhattan.

      • The New York ideal that I believed when young, is that you go there with nothing, work 2-3 jobs, get some shitty closet apartment, then work one’s way up.The jobs would include waiter, bartender, working at the fish market or the docks, peddlers.

        How much does a service person make in NYC? Gotta be at least 15/hour.

        I looked at craigslist jew york. Looks like mostly resturant jobs.

        Like Wall Street or Coyote Ugly?

        [ed note: manhattan (not staten is., queens etc) also has the largest co-ed callgirl/sex worker force in Murka]

      • Those suggestions are no longer relevant and need not apply.

        NYC has now morphed into a modern day elitist caste system. Today, our genBrandons in Manhattan have $100K + jobs, with supplemental income of the same amount from daddy. You cannot compete with these country club elitists who all know one another, that is if you want to live the NY life of a wannabe elitist/hedonist. Even the “starving” artists types are now wealthy bohemian trust fund kids, living on their parents’ dole.

      • In terms of your scenario, I know of a few “starving” actresses, working at restaurants, yet they live in the most desirable Manhattan neighborhoods, annual rents that command as much as their salaries. So where are they getting the money for their luxurious living arrangements? Some of them even invite their colored guy friends into them. Others are with an ugly Heeb, or most likely, living on their parents money. To me, this is all radical autonomy and self eradication. Yet, FP thinks wealthyWite have a long way to go.

        [ed note: if I confuse you, but you readily quote Thordad… you are well on the road to accepting Baby G-Ziss]

  6. I really know of no disgruntled manhattanites, because my circle of association are witeBrandons w/ money. As I’ve mentioned to Ryu, no wite comes to NYC pocketless. this isn’t Ellis Island anymore, but the enchanted isle with a kike ticket collector.

    there are coloreds/miggas who feel persecuted as a form of payback. the last remnants from the olden days, when the enchanted isle was the seedy aisle, when the forefathers of these bastards preyed on wites. the smarter ones take a obedient role to wealthy wites and the powerful jewLords.

    none of these people are my allies.

    wealthy witeBrandons are only my bread n butter.

    the only real wites in NYC, live in less sumptuous areas, like Queens and Staten Island.

  7. Trump and the Clintons have one thing in common, both have Jewish criminal inlaws, and Trump’s Kike inlaws are Clinton supporters.

    Both the Cons & Cunts will continue to suck the Kosher sausage either at home or Israel.

    • Trump and the Clintons have one thing in common, both have Jewish criminal inlaws

      ALL Elites have crimJew ties. So do everyone on manhattan worth over $500,000.

      • And now all of our remaining presidential candidates are tied to the Manhattan Crime Syndicate, what Teddy Cruzy call NY values, he himself an outreach of the extension, but gripes afoul like Liono Bloggos whining about the long lines for a $18 muffin or cupcake, because he’s just a weaker link.

      • You’ll be quite surprised that most Jews remain in NYC for generations. Their heirs, regardless of economic standing, are de facto residents. Maybe you knew that. But greater Murka to most kikes are below them.

        witey SWPL elites are only transplants to Manhattan. Jews own it. This is the difference, perhaps this is the only thing that matters and why kikes are in charge.

        This is another reason why goombas, who lived along with kikes, were only their minions. They became the Sopranos in Little Italy, while kikes became the George Soros of the world.

      • You’ll be quite surprised that

        Stats prove Manhattan holds more of the jew than anywhere outside isreal, so it’s predictable they will always reside in the wealthiest square miles in the history of the world.

      • And yet you have losers among their own, who complain about NYC being unaffordable for their less fortunate brethren, because of colored barriers, which they profit from. Then with bravado to say witey have it better, because they live in feudal Murka.

        Most of them are lazy parasites, which is essentially DA Problem!

        [ed note: it’s The Golden Rule, and the jew has the gold in manhattan, therefore the jew rewls…]

      • Not only are they da wealth extractors from no labor, their God Chosen paraplegics get preference over sedentary MINOs when it comes to welfare:

        Even their own honest media reports it as such —

  8. if I confuse you, but you readily quote Thordad… you are well on the road to accepting Baby G-Ziss

    I share a view with Thordaddy that those who seek radical autonomy (essentially a hedonistic life reflective of the Manhattan-Hollywood LN scenario) will just self destruct one way or the other.

    I already gave references of 2 examples on this site.

    A witey bitch who has a white husband and children, snorts cocaine with coloreds and dies in Manhattan.

    prodicalBrandon who kills his dad, because he decides to cut short of his playboy life, also in Manhattan

    [ed note: the concept of too much luxury ruins character is…quite old…]

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