The BIGov & MINO Alliance

by Firepower

Ours is different than the soviet style tyranny, so instead, Murkan oppression is now the innovative remnant of that once famous “murkan exceptionalism.”

Here we punish GOVfelons with RICO confiscation, while STASI used electroshock; communist slaves had nothing to confiscate. In this Murka of Greed, forfeiture is the greatest punishment; it is more profitable for the calculating tyrants. It is “the rack” versus the seized assets; it costs money to maintain torture devices and….… dungeon staff, but seizing homes and BMWs is what turns a profit. It’s the old, dead “American Way” – but twisted – as applied to BIGov profiteering.

Soviet style tyrannies have/had but ONE enemy to attack – non-Party members. Murka learned the success of this by creating its one, unified MINO enemy: White Men, or just plain whites.

SJWs and victim classes do not need the Bill of Rights; they are pro-BIGov and see their enemies punished, silenced and defeated, so they are allied w/ UncleBEAST’s government. They orgasm over the NSA/IRS Surveillance State. On one hand CCTV was designed to protect The Elite and its property and on the other, to catch “klansmen” lynching coloreds on 5th Avenue.

It’s why all those PolarBearing assaults captured on video result in few arrests of coloreds and wytes are left with the facial scars. You do see “prosecutions” of coloreds in exceptions for Manhattan attacks: The wyte victims there are seen as Property of The Elite, for many are employed in banks or finance. In Murka, money talks – and if The Elite decrees a prosecution, it is done.

Few “prosecutions” occur in Plowville, Iowa. If so, a wise man knows the resulting jewPROP news proclaiming “25 years TO LIFE!!!” means the colored attacker’s 32nd felony conviction really means parole and freedom in three short years.

The Ruling Class and its MMM became aware long, long ago that “Modern Militias” are like the smokers of old with their “I Smoke An I Darn VOTE!” bumper sticker threats. They bigtalk/bluster because they are impotent, and thus, register zero threat or even a passing thought.

33 Comments to “The BIGov & MINO Alliance”

  1. It takes more brains to write than read.
    So, witey writes – for those too old to rebel. Rare is the literate witey under 40.
    It was told once, youth listened to elder’s admonishments, accepting them as a warning how to improve their lot. Today, even slight differences compel youth to tell their elders to suck a cock – then demand to kick their ass. They are ridiculously ignorant, silly and mindless.

    Then, most elders were potheads fucking hairy hippy whores at Woodstock. Now, they repent by slapping Lone Wolf/ScreaminEeegle jpgs on everything and pretend VRW is a viable strategy to teach youth. No wonder yoofs see them as senile bullshitters.

    I’ve reluctantly long suspected (and am currently reaching) the conclusion wites themselves have reached The Conclusion. Taking the two above classes of wites into account, none are worth fighting for and both deserve extinction.

    Those with the experience to fight are flagwaving VRW fools. Those with the brains to fight are too old and those with the stamina to fight are too stupid.

    Differing from the VRW Fantasists’ attractions, I must disappoint you with my lack of Sexey Daily Warnings! on Prepping for imminent RAHOWA~WTSHTF~TEOTWAWKI. That is another ploy to glorify war – our war – with $7,305 AR15 rigs and bunkers. In reality, war is ugly, grinding and protracted – just like Afghanistan and Nam.

    I suspect today’s witey will die with a full gunsafe and a 58″ waist. His moron kids will sell off the safe and the Mountain House cache on the vacation property to feed their kids – who in 50 years or so will be the ones to experience the dreaded, actual collapse.

    • I find the internet a very poor and inferior substitute for real life. Meeting people, recruiting, following leads, gaining experience.

      This is entertainment. Its not activism. It’s like TV or video games.

      If we could get the strongest WNs in the same place with no interferance, things would change fast. Its hard to make changes when our best men are spread over 10 states.

      • find the internet a very poor and

        Yoofs operate the machinery of Revolution constructed by superiors.
        Youth no longer reads books, newspapers nor discuss Revolution in town squares and collij: They Internet.
        Even “clubs” declined because of apps.
        If not here, there is no place.

      • No, no. Trying to PU recruits on the net is like trying to game a chick on the net. There’s too much competition for attention.

        You gotta rap to them in real life. Just like PUA, nightgame is dead. Too many flashing lights and junk.

        Recruiting is a form of PU. PUAs wouldn’t teach it that way, but I do. And a modern kid has the attention span of a 18 year old club girl. It takes a real magician to get them interested. You have to get them to put the iphone down.

  2. Damn, FP. She must be one of those Soylent chicks in those Trump tower things.

    The Murkan system is uniquely capitalist. They figured out that you can’t steal $$$ from a corpse. If you keep a man alive, you can bleed more money out of him.

    The rackets start with birth and end with death. I can’t think of a single industry that isn’t a con: medicine, law, prisoners, gun running, drugs, etc.

    • Damn, FP. She must be one of those Soylent chicks

      I was “hoping” when you commented on ZH articles (like below) we would attract more followers, but you killed your link – and that mansonite-swasty av is a taint.

      • I do not read zero hedge with any regularity. Too alarmist for me. I mostly read academic papers, study and write here, that’s how my WN time spent.

        Taint to some, honey to others. I want to find other WNs who know James Mason. One of my remaining goals as a nationalist is to re-establish contact with him.

        When I wish it, I can use the camo. But I rarely read outside WN circles now.

        [sorry bro: honey to scant few, taint to most]

      • I do not read zero hedge with

        You’re a numbers guy. Certainly you realize zh uses analytical data.

        It is the basis exposing discrepancies between jewPROP’s line of “4.9% Unemployment!” and the Workforce Participation Rate reality.

        They expose the many instances of jewProp afflicting The Sleeeple and ring with reality bell.

      • I am a numbers guy, FP.

        Which is why I don’t trust alot of numbers. Never invest in a scam you don’t fully understand.

        If only I could impress WNs with how much science and forensics is fake. If one promises that he is “an objective, non-biased scientist”, he can get away with almost anything.

        What is Zero Hedge’s angle? Why do they do what they do? Do they support my boys Tim and Anders?

        [ed note: perhaps zh aint as credible as Bilderbergermeisterberger-rothschild theorists, but they’ll do]

  3. Do you two know about Ann Barnhardt?

    She is one fiery woman, the real deal, who closed her business and is on some sort of tax strike.

    I recommend this recent interview with her.
    And her Economy Is Going To Implode lecture.

    • The old economy imploded looooong ago. Notice all them boarded up factories and GENbrandons staying home all day? I know many 27-year-olds who’ve never had a job.

      The new economy is strong, but it also may implode in a few decades: That econ is taxing the 1% for BIGFed Welfare Bux to placate the 70% poor with Bread & Circus-Pizza & Sexting.

      • witeBrandons in liberal centers do well at the moment.

        They’ll run out of money from their wastefulness, once daddy’s capital gains implode and their fake make work, new economy, is no longer in vogue.

        I try to tell a lot of younger witey than me. Save your green bucks for greener pastures, if they ever listen!

      • They’ll run out of money from their wastefulness, once daddy’s capital gains implode

        Not necessarily: 21st century murkan gains come from murkan companies in china, nam and mexico – that sell to murkans. Then it will shift to chinese markets as chinx get progressively richer, they way they have in affording Manhattan $133 million penthouses.

      • FP: It appears that we live at polar opposites. Your wites are poor with bread and circuses. My wites are wealthy eating their $20 dollar French baguettes and drinking their $100 champagne. Both unproductive and hedonistic, one poor and the other opulent. This leds me to believe, why rev, when you can exploit for a buck. It works on both demographics. McDonalds get wealthy feeding coloreds, Nobu gets wealthy catering to ManhattanWite.

    • I do now. Thanks Guest. We’ll see what she’s got.

      What is this Bernard Consultant Group? Was Anne involved in the long con Wall Street swindle? “Come one, come all! Get rich by investing, yayyyyyyyyyy!”

      Is she a racist? And why is she using her real name, damn her. Her moral outrage isn’t going to help against BigFed guns.

    • She’s a firecracker, guest. But I don’t think she’s a WN. She’s a survivalist chick, a disgruntled conservative.

      She negged the Nazis! I’m offended by this.

      At times, she sounds like FP.

    • I’m not so sure she’s the real deal in any real sense. As I remember she repeats all the “sovereign man / woman” platitudes, but her business was closed as it was coming under investigation for some sort of fraud. She’s just making it sound like she closed it for “altruistic” reasons.

      • Yeah. I thought she was a sovereign citizen too. And she’s using her real name. She’s gonna get burned hard.

      • SovCits have “every right” to express their freedom for this evil MMM, for we abolished BIGov Tyranny in 1776 and established Freedom of Speech and Freedom FROM EvilGOV… Yet, that we all mock them for temerity of foolishly using their real names – in an ostensibly free usa – proves how long ago this nation was truly lost.

      • The Soviet constitution was a beautiful document. But the eternal truth always holds: you can’t criticize those with the real power.
        A Russki is free to say he hates Murka or the Nazis. Let him speak a word against his Kommisar, and he’d be off to the gulags.

        I like that Edward Snowden has to run to Moscow to expose USG surveillance.

        He had to run to the Russians for political freedoms. The USA is worse than Russia. I’d like to defect to Russia. A WN has more FOS in Russia than the United States.

        [ed note: perhaps there would be no reason to criticize the NEW~SSR as it seemingly holds only positives for us in Vlad-Land]

  4. Ryu: I have spoken to few different groups of Eurots. Spaniards being the most receptive of Anti-Americanism, and perhaps the only group I can comfortably speak about topics addressed on this site.

    The French in Montreal as in French as a whole, are a mixed bag. The French from France are more receptive of America than Quebec. You’ll see, Quebecois always insisted to separate themselves from their Anglo neighbors, something the French in France does not experience. They view Murka&Colin’s British Isles, as a distant Disney Land of some sort, far away.

    You’ll discover the most pleasant people you encounter, want nothing to do with the English Speaking world, especially the USA.

    Your desire to visit NYC for a starter – don’t waste your money. Manhattan is just another LA, except with sidewalks. I’m sure you’re fully aware of this, as most wites in these centers, act like the filth you see in a Hollywood film. No Jew land is worthy of admiration.

    • I do admire the Israeli border:

      Israeli “Auto Kill Zone” Towers Locked and Loaded

      So easy even women can operate them!

      Women Drone Jockeys Kill Gazans Remotely

      Just wait until Trump finds out about this!

      • Good find, guest. I wonder if America helped them build that wall, or paid for it in some way.

        I have heard of sentry guns before. Are they any good, do you know? Accurate, low maintenence, good at confirming targets?

      • Who cares about Is-a-hell or any apartheid state? When does the western world begin to realize its self implodes by 3rd worldism, when miggas are encroaching your backyard?

        The worse and the most in denial of all wites in self annhilation mode, are the brits and afrikaners in South Africa. They will tell how wonderful Johannesburg is, when in fact, that’s the kind of nightmare scenario took upon them, by living next to primitives.

      • Israel has alot to teach WNs, JS.

        It is a nearly perfect ethnostate. It has a strong military, paranoia about outsiders, they made a working economy out of that desert. Its quite amazing. Israel has basically 3 cities: Jerusalem, Haifa, and Tel Aviv. I admire them.

      • What do Jews teach wites? Only degeneracy and money lust. Israel exists, only because juden jews were forced there by Whites. Murkan wites admire Israel more than a Eurot nation like Poland, Albania and Greece. And these nations, don’t have miggas or very few of them. Israel has plenty of migga jews, arab israelis, and colored kikes. Shame on them!

      • Selfishness can be a virtue, JS.

        Whites today are too giving. If they were truly selfish, they’d tell the minos and jews to fuck off and die.

        Do you truly hate the jews, or are you jealous of them?

      • Israel is not even model country for wite citizenry. The notorious and deceitful Ashkenazim, wite masquerader, tries to emulate the goyim and keeps his reign, but his downfall is like what he does in other people’s land: He’s perverted penchant for multiculturalism and degeneracy. Israel has a lot 3rd world dregs and primitives: migga jews, colored kikes and aayrabs – along with Manhattan-Hollywood values.

        I never understood the Cons & Cunts admiration for that little NYC in the middle east, where we fund its existence. Israel is another ugly LN paradise.

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