Buying Another Election

by Firepower

my and ryu’s kinda jew – Bill XXXlinton’s – too!

The newshounds at WaPo finally counted just who supplies all the money to elections! While they are good at numbers, they ignore how many of Those Cho$en 50 are…tribe members.

How very odd. If 1.5% of the population are 99% of another random group, it “should”* be cause for concern. If handicappable Lithuanian lesbians donated all the Klinton Ka$h, why sumbuddy’d get curious: Not the Beltway Boyz.

Some of The Irish:

  • hedge fund manager Tom Steyer
  • New York hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer – begorrah!
  • Michael Malbin (not McMalbinberg)
  • energy investor Toby O’Neugebauer,
  • car-dealing magnate Norman Braman
  • and hedge fund manager Steven “Shamrocks” Cohen and his wife,

You can figure out whose granpappy changed their name from Redstein to Redstone, etc. Probably all of them.

*non-active-activists: note proper usage of the word “should”

40 Comments to “Buying Another Election”

  1. The “Irish”- fucking hilarious, I will use that.

  2. I will praise Trump, because many seem to be waking up to how corrupt Murka really is. We’ll see how long that awareness lasts.

    Now, Cruz and Kazich don’t want to win, they just want to stop Trump from winning. It’s a con all the way on down the line.

    • From where I’m sitting it looks like the GOP seems determined to nominate Hillary. I thought that was against the rules? Democracy – you live and you learn -eh?

      • Yep. Seems like they’d rather have Hillary than Trump as president. It tells me that Trump is more dangerous to the establishment than Hill.

      • Hillary is the fucking establishment. Cruz and Cunt with a “K” are just random shits, that somehow managed to hang in there. Maybe they had nothing better to do.

        The contest for POTUS was meant to have been between Hills n’ Jeb. A Die nasty re-run, that was meant to keep us glued to our screenz,. as they debated the finer details of what little they would change in the greatest cuntry in the wurld.

        Trump is one of those random events that crop up, Like throwing double sixes or something. Hope he makes it, I suppose even if he does, the chances of him not getting fucked over by the establishment are small. But small chances are better than no chances right?

      • We know the system very well. We should be able to predict what happens.

        I’d place a bet that Hill wins, Colin. There’s more mino and women voters now than white men. That route is closed now. Americans are that stupid.

        Hope can kill a man as fast a bullet. It’s hope that “someone” will come to save us that prevents many things. Donald Trump doesn’t save us, we save ourselves.

      • It’s hope that “someone” will come to save us… Donald Trump doesn’t save us, we save ourselves.

        You’re a rational gamesman, correct? Remember and realize there comes that time when odds, numbers & luck (or any combo of that) stack-up against you; when time and numbers run out the odds in an enemy’s favor.

        It is not only more MINOs fighting the same amount of White Men, there are less White Men – every year. When this all mixes with less of that FED crazy cash printing press to go around, increased GENBrandonism, plus all the other growing issues we know, for Whites, it becomes like jews in 1938 Germany: The time has come to take The Shower, because allllll those tenderSweet Hopey McWishy prayers to Yuckweh were a waste of breath. I hope u know: Good Thoughts only get you so far. Especially in Poker and genocide.

        That’s wytes of today.
        There is no place for “hope” in poker. And those other places I warn you of.

      • I am sometimes rational, FP. It takes a lot. Rationality is an unnatural act for human beings. To learn discipline is harder than learning the math.

        I feel certain there is a strong former WN in a high position, working for the system. He is playing it just like I would.

        I’d let whites think they had a chance. Let them vent a bit. Then, burn them at the last minute with a “surprise” demo victory. They think they can win, they hope, but it never comes to fruition. A few would wise up, but most would keep hoping….2012, 2016, the next one.

        Hope? Luck? Those with power don’t rely on them. They believe in odds. They own the future. It’s the diff between the average gambler and the casino. The public sees the flashing lights, the tinkle of coins. They don’t see that most are losers.

      • I am sometimes rational, FP.

        oh, ho-ho. we simply must play a little hold ’em

      • We should. That or Chess. Nothing reveals a person’s character faster than when money is at stake.

        Everyone is capable of going on tilt, being greedy, or being gun-shy. Even me and even you.

        It takes a lot of time to control these very human emotions. Feeling is more pressing than logic. It’s another reason why so many DAAs get caught: too young. I am saddened when I see a 20 year old pick up the gun.

        Even if he gets away with it, can he live with what comes after? The fear? The insomnia, uncertainty? This isn’t the military or police – no one will pat him on the back.

        There’s a secret. In order to win, one has to lose. Lose one’s emotions, sometimes one’s humanity. It is the human part that makes us weak. Science and logic help in that both are completely inhuman.

        In time, one can neither celebrate the wins, nor lament the losses. One either did the work or not. There is no praise or blame to be had. The ones who could actually win the game in WN are no longer fully human. This is the real white supremacy TD speaks of.

        [ed note: aha. then wites should* be ready for monumental victories…after all these decades of momentous losing]

      • From where I’m sitting it looks like the GOP seems determined to nominate Hillary

        Murkans no little of the TwoJews who rule Murka – euros, by distance, know still less.
        I wrote of it in the past on the Saudi/Israel bent.

        One side of the 2jews support israel over all – that includes Murka. The other supports MINOs purely to eradicate Whites. These are LNs, the former are NeoCons. Neocons say “some of mine best friends izt goyim!” – goyim stockbrokers/bankers/elites. Neocons feel the same way about WASP Elites the way 1950s WASPs felt about Country Club jews who could make them a fortune; they tolerate them purely out of avarice.

        LNs in effect hate israel bc israel loves guns, religion and defense like NRA/SO 76 Whites/Pentagon WarHick types that rattle them here. No other nation has this “NRA/76” type and that is why you don’t yet grasp the dynamic. When you do, you understand Murka as…I do.

        Throughout the World, jews hate everybody out of outnumbered fear, but tolerate Gentile moneymakers. In Murka, jews have two distinct sets to hate: Those that eurojew hates, plus the unique 2nd Amendment types who may be later inclined to put them in eradication camps – where they belong.

      • @ Ryu – “We know the system very well” – yes of course we do. We can’t predict the random event though. Not even the best of us. It’s a Maths thing. I think some Paki professor, in one of your Uni’s has recently done some work on it. They call it a Black Swan event or some such shit.

        @FP That said, I managed to to confidently predict you would tell us what a pair of cunts we are. [LOL]

      • FP thinks the Trumpet Man will try to save the day.
        [ed note: dont know where you read that i love trump. no matter, you hate everybody. maybe you liked Roemney?]

        Murkan elites come only in 2 flavors, like a bland choco vanilla combo.

        Cons love Israel, and Cunts worship the Kike. LNCrats are made up of the most degenerate of the Jews, and they pander to MINOs, coloreds, miggas, just anyone who isn’t a White hetero male.

        [if Genealissimo Francisco Franco himself came back from the dead to run against Killery you’d take a giant shit on him too]

  3. Funny you should mention these fuckers. There was a recent article in Kikebart UK – someone had posted a holocaust denial essay, on a notice board at Edinburgh University. Kikebart thought this proof positive,that students are muslim commies.

    I stuck up a post saying that you really, can’t make any protest about Holocaust denial, because its the only item of history that can’t be researched by law in countries such as Germoney, and there are many other rules and regs in other countries that prevent investigation. Holocaust denial can be prosecuted in a lot of countries. That is to say it has unique protection from historians.
    Therefore it is impossible to say if this one item of history was in fact merely propaganda, invented by the allies at the end of WWII.
    I asked kikes to stick to my argument, (in reply) or essentially prove that I was right, by going for the man. (Serious replies only personal insults would be ignored)

    One had a go at my writing style another at my punctuation. But not a sign of the shitstorm I expected from the cunts.

    Clearly, the six gorrillion argument and its unique legal protection from serious investigation, has become a vulnerability.

    • It’ll go down eventually.

      The Murkan version of equality and diversity is not diverse. Everything can be questioned…but the holyhoax. All POVs are valid…except pro-white or anti-mino ones. It must crack.

      • There are signs that it is cracking. If only in the desperation of the shit, the kike media are trying to pump out.

        It’s fragile yet though. In Europe Frau Kaw blew it with her million dune coon import. Sounds crazy, but seems the daft bitch didn’t reach for her calculator first. The money thing, rather than the cultural enrichment will be her downfall.

        Kinda like Hitler, Let’s invade Russia guys – I tells ya, the whole thing will be self financing. I feel it inst mine bones – Ja.

        I’ll leave it at that – its time for FP to pour some cold water on my “undue optimism”.

        [ednote: yer undue optimism is delightful. maybe, it’s the accent?]

  4. @FP 2Jews eh? I thought i’d arrived there myself. Though not as aptly as you describe. Well yeah of course you understand Murica many times better than me. Just as I understand the Euro’s better than you. and tend to extrapolate their stupidity to your great cuntry. I don’t think I read that essay as a lot of your stuff goes over my simple head.

    My two jews are the hippie jew and the money jew. The money jew being the boss.
    The hipppie jew worries about global warming and the dirty industries the peasants use to feed themselves. The money jew goes along with this kind of shit as it allows him to move industies (capital) around the world to the place where he can find the cheapest labour. The problem for the money jew, is he can’t get round Marx’s destruction of capitalism theory, in so doing. A thing he realises.
    So his trick is to horde as much money as he can whilst giving plenty to the hippie jew to encourage him in his endeavours.
    These are our strategic target. The sub human species they lend their support to are merely trash.

    • you understand Murica many times better than me. Just as I understand the Euro’s better than you

      Not necessarily, for you do not know whether I’m a euro transplanted to Murka in my youth with libraries of familial euroTales. Hell, once me mum coulda been a maid at Dublin Castle…

      euroNews is plentiful in Murka – for the lad who knows how 2find it. Whilst MurkaNooz in euroLand is relegated to hateporn infotainment further contaminated with LNprop – because there’s nothing a europeon hates more than indebtedness for its Nazi-free Liberty to a once great transatlantic nation.

      My two jews are the hippie jew and the money jew.

      These are identical players in my theory. The hippiejew is the LN. Xlinton was a hippy; just bc he didn’t grow his hair to get elected is immaterial. Obongo is also: His pot fever reveals it. Jon Stewart, also; all that’s needed is time to research their teenage photos and soon, a crown of smoke surrounding long hair – or an afro – comes clearly into view.

      The only reason you do not see it is: Long hair is out of fashion. It is absent today on telly presenters for only that reason. As for the rest, you are totally on target, with your observation on Marx’ DOC theory most apt.

      • Check out this story, FP.

        A white feminist LN gets canned for what she did at a BLM protest. Then she says she was fired only because she was white! So is she an LN now, or a WN?

        It mentions she’s all shook up now, looking over her back? Anyone following me? That BigGov shield she had is gone.

      • A white feminist LN gets canned for what she did at a BLM protest

        Blatant hypocrisy typical of the LN sort stems from its roots in Feminizm – LadyThink. You and I saw this exposed in PUA, i.e. Hamster Wheel, Bitch Shield etc.

        I call it Rachel Dolezal Effect.
        Anytime the LN eats its own is entertainment. When it happens to stem from its own vile LN Policies, it is sheer delight.

      • FP, I have continued to follow the story out of Midlothian. Why the hell are the fbi, atf, and marshalls involved?

        It makes me curious. This is not a federal matter. Its a small town homicide. They say there are 24 detectives working the case.

        Some of this makes me laugh. They want the public to watch his gait. The police used the old trick of doing surveillance at the funeral. I still think that swatzi getup is gonna bust him.

        [ed note: same reason GreatestGEN Joe executed the Battle of the Bulge Germans disguised in US MP uniforms. Our fascists have egos like the SS. They regard their uniform as a badge]

      • They must be getting desperate. That case is cooling off.

        They’ve now tried to bait the suspect. The cops approved of the mother trying to goad him. When or if he responds, they track it and then they’ve got him.

      • That would explain my meeting you on good ole’ Sib Daedelus site all those years ago. I remember it well, you blew my Lib arguments to fuck – I can never thank you enough for that.

        Now I’m going to say the Hippie jew is subordinate to the money jew. He is tolerated. The purpose of the Hippie jew is to give the impression of democracy. They get elected and do as they are told, coz they like the money it earns ’em.

        Consider your pickaninny prez. At first the boy’s didn’t like him. Well who does like niggers FFS? but once they’d convinced him to save the wurld economy and cart on with the neo-con shit, albiet with a bit more spin, than Dubya. They thought ,yeah, hey a nigger what’s wrong with that? They probably bought him for a fraction of the price they paid for slick Willy.

        As a commodity though their value is reduced. They aren’t the fashion item they once were, And the plebs seem to be finding their meeja output – well not as hot as it once was. Say what you want about Trump – I don’t see any fucking flowers in his hair.

      • why, thank ya m8

        Now I’m going to say the Hippie jew is subordinate to

        Yes, indeed. The one thing every jew ever born knows is who’s got the money. To them, money also = power. So, they inherently know who to suck-up to and obey; all those years “Diasporaing” and shit.

        $jews financially support LN OWSer hippies – The Soros strategy demonstrates; they use these LNjews as “Morality Surrogates” for good press, in jewPROP, of course.
        LNs are thus $upported in their efforts and follow the commands of the $jews.

  5. Killary will get the Presidency, the Neocohens are supporting her over Trump, the jews prefer the monicker of “liberal Interventionists”, they don’t like Evangelicals even if they swear loyalty to the, and Fight their wars.

  6. No I will not shit on Frankie ha vuelto.

    Wite Murkans have been reduced to self sacrificial lambs for Jews and MINOs.

    The Cons and Cunts were once anti-semitic. It now worships Israel and are more of gung ho of the Middle East and Muzz than its IDF.

    LN Crats were once for the downtrodden, now it’s an ideology perverted to take anything wite and give it to the lesser races.

    What is it for wite? Nuthin…

  7. The election will be fixed so Hillary wins.

    [ednote: ok and then what?]

    • ok and then what?

      Nuthin…You can only hope wite becomes White from bloody work.

      • JS, what do real New Yorkers think of people wearing those “I heart NYC” or “BRK-LYN” shirts?

      • They don’t care. But real New Yorkers are no longer relevant, except for coloreds and miggas. Only the wealthiest of wites can afford to live there, and it’s not just the enchanted isle, but the entire city, except MINO areas.

      • Real newyorkers are the Elite PlayBoys now; they replaced Kojak & the Bowery Boys. The former Hell’s Kitchen of hardened, tough citizens was transformed into Faggot Playground decades ago.

        Again, Manhattanites are newyorkers but Brooklynites are NOT manhattanites. Manhattanites ARE relevant because of their Great wealth. Significant wealth in Murka always makes one relevant.

      • I remain, one more comment as to not derail this to another enchanted isle discussion.

        You asked me if witeBrandons in Manhattan will be voting for Trump. That’s as relevant if one asks what Chelsea thinks if her mutha loses to Trump. Basically, a non-sequitur issue. Kids living on the high hog with daddy’s stock market are busy festive n fucking, not worrying at all if we need a new leader.

        [nope. asking one person (chelseee) is irrelevant and anecdotal, but inquiring on an entire demographic is highly relevant]

      • We’d like to hear more about Manhattan. I hear there are 3 types of pig in NYC: patrol, housing, and transit.

        Transit works in the subways. Mainly looking for fare jumpers, sometimes undercover. Is that right, JS?

        What does the housing authority do?

      • Housing Authority is the public housing. It’s mostly miggas and coloreds who live in them. It used to be predominantly colored, now increasingly migga. The pigs who patrol the 3 areas are all NYPD cops.

        [youre forgetting Port Authority]

  8. And also kikes, as outlined by FP. They invest in their children and grandchildren, unscrupulously in NYC. Jews are the one of the notorious, unethical freeloaders, on the planet. And they do it well and they get away with it.

    • “They invest in their children and grandchildren”
      Yes unlike wites who let thier kids sink or swim. Young adult jews have the leisure of trying on different high end careers and business and don’t have to hard scramble like most 20ish wites do.

      • NYC is the most coveted city in Murka right now, and Jews owned it and jewProp tells wites you ought to be in NYC, competing with their heirs for a stupid cubicle workstation or that Hollywood High Hog life. many wites have been sold to the idea.

      • I wanted to go to NYC at one point in my life.

        The dream is to “work your ass off”, live in a small closet, and then get rich. Of course, all the good money making schemes are tied up.

        Most new NYCers don’t make it. They burn up their youth chasing the impossible dream. I’d bet most of them have to leave after about 5 years.

        How long does the rookie New Yorker last, JS? What happens to them?

      • Usually about 5 years from the people I’ve met.

        Granted, most people who come to Jew City are privileged like the jews who live here for eons, where their heirs reap the benefits of paying cheap rent and live the high life in return, where as incoming witey have to fork out an arm and a leg to emulate the kids of the kikes. many incoming witeBrandons have a supplemental income from daddy.

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