Stop Being Mean to Cops :(((((

by Ryu

“On December 20, 2014, Police Officer Rafael L. Ramos and his partner, Police Officer Wen Jian Liu, both assigned to the 84 Precinct, were sitting in their patrol car performing duty in the 79 Precinct as a Critical Response Vehicle (CRV) Post at the corner of Tompkins and Myrtle Avenues. A man approached their RMP and unprovoked, assassinated Police Officer Ramos and his partner, Police Officer Liu. Shortly thereafter, the gunman took his own life.”

Monster! That dirty criminal attacked the hero-cops unprovoked. Assassins, roaming da streetz!

What is police doctrine when making a bust?

Speed, surprise, and violence of action. It’s being an unprovoked assasin. You sneak up on someone, yell your intentions, and if they move, waste them. Cops know this technique best of all.

Americans have a mania for “the facts”, as if facts were non-biased. Facts can be written from many points of view. The above passage is entirely pro-cop. Certainly during a drug bust, police reports don’t refer to the cops as “assassins.”

Cops and cons are brothers; similar in every manner. They are two sides of the same coin. The way that cons kill cops is exactly the same as cops kill cons.

5 Comments to “Stop Being Mean to Cops :(((((”

  1. I have the impression that these two cops were killed simply because they were cops, and the killer did not know them. The strategy was effective in that they were indeed killed. But what longer term strategy could it have served, since they will be replaced on patrol by other cops? Maybe the goal was to demoralize the police department.

    But the number of people willing to commit suicide to kill cops who are individually innocent, is probably quite small. It seemed to be a part of the BLM uprising which was more intense around then.

  2. Do “we” know Mr. Ninja OPs killed himself – or did the cops shoot him forty times in the back – per usual?

    • I think he killed himself, FP.

      Seems to fit the pattern. I found one where a guy went into a cop shop, shot 3 pigs, then killed himself afterwards. I have also found confirmation many times that cops beat and torture cop-killers. Seems only criminals know that fact.

  3. A man with nothing to lose can be very hard to stop. It may work best when he even surprises himself.

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