The Chekist (1992)

by Ryu

An anonymous admirer has sent us this film. We thank him for this magnificent gift.

“The Chekist” documents the actions of jew executioners in 1920s Russia. The Cheka were the Soviet secret police of that time, like the Nazi Gestapo or the American FBI. It might be hard to believe, but atrocity can actually get boring.

3 Comments to “The Chekist (1992)”

  1. Great find, speaking of, welcome to the USSA:

    “NSA’s warrantless spying has been formally approved for use in general criminal investigations. The national security justification has been entirely blown.

    That’s because the secret court, over the objection of its hand-selected amicus, determined that once information is collected by the NSA for “foreign intelligence” purposes under section 702 of the FISA Amendments Act, that information can be searched by the FBI for regular criminal investigations without any need for a warrant or prior court oversight.

    The FBI may query the data using U.S. person identifiers for the purposes of any criminal investigation or even an assessment. There is no requirement that the matter be a serious one, nor that it have any relation to national security.”

    via the EFF

    You should feel safer already!

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