One Man’s Security Means Insecurity for All Others

by Ryu

The one is pulled right from the Book of Human Moves. To truly make one man or group safe, ALL others must be made insecure.

– The NSA wants to protect America from turrists. To do that, they’ve installed backdoors, created a surveillance police state, and made the Internet more insecure.

– “Officer safety” is the religion of American LEOs. They have committed a thousand atrocities to ………..protect themselves: tasered little kids, beaten up women, and violated the Constitition.

– Israel. They’d do anything to feel more secure. They genocide the Palestinians. Torture Palestinian children. Poison their water. All while complaining about the holocaust.

– Ever seen how the Secret Service rolls? Usually a 60 car convoy. They close the road to everyone else. They have explicity said that to kill an attacker, they will shoot THROUGH an innocent civilian, even through an ordinary cop. Their boss is more important than anyone else, the most important man on Earth.

…and so on.

It takes alot of ego and pride to say YOU are the most important person in the world. Only your security and POV matter. All others are wrong.

America is ready to fall today. They have an unbelievable hubris. They are the world’s Savior and protector, the American way of life is the best possible way. An American life is worth more than an Iraqi, Vietnamese or Afghan life.

13 Responses to “One Man’s Security Means Insecurity for All Others”

  1. “An American life is worth more than an Iraqi, Vietnamese or Afghan life”. Unless, of course they want us to embrace the Iraqi, Vietnamese or Afghani as a “fellow American”.

    I can only imagine what it must be like for a Vietnam vet to see whole colonies set up in So Cal and elsewhere by essentially the same people they were shooting at a few years ago. No wonder those guys had trouble adapting to civilian life!

    If you want to feminize a man, tell him he can’t kill his racial enemies…even that he has to financially support them and then watch some of them buy up his neighborhood. And these are the men raising sons. They are shot out!

    No offense intended to you men, we women are dysfunctional too.

    • It is harder for a man to take. Man is naturally inclined to act. Murka is a country where men can’t be men and women can’t be women.

      The smart vets figure out that they got played. The dumb ones just keep supporting the USG.

  2. A real separation is what all your post’s examples share; a separation of Elites from commoners – because Murkan Elites are as powerful as Soviet and REDChinese Oligarch class of elites.

    This is noteworthy in both dead America and emergingMurka. Classes were intended as mutable and transitional because achievement was supposed to be open to all. Today, it’s as mobile as Feudal Europe.

    You detect an Emerging Oligarchical Elite by how fast they distance themselves from all under classes.
    ot: it is possible to commit moida – even ondaTeeVee:

    • Most important, having MINOs, especially coloreds living amongst you, signifies a lower quality of life, let alone, elites want them to eradicate the average witey, one way or the other.

      • having MINOs, especially coloreds living amongst you, signifies a

        Although a different subject, it bears addressing. Coloreds have an exceptionally insidious effect on both White and wyte environments: The first “pioneer” coloreds on the block are acceptable – nice, even. This lulls whites into tolerating the next stage – pure nig-filth. In this, coloreds are like Reverse Butterflies. They arrive charming then mutate into ugly chrysalis creatures.

        Further stages of Colored Colonization are encouraged by those blackfaces already inhabiting wyte territory; coloreds also heavily recruit other coloreds to join them. This especially includes their inferior criminal relatives. Coloreds are so stupid, they don’t “realize” they import the very scum they fled from. However, I suspect they do not care so long as this new scum harms, corrupts, miscegenates and kills Whitie “neighbors.”

        Miggers arrive on whyte streets as fully developed scum.

      • Good stuff, FP. That’s how it works.

        I too doubt that they care. Figure on getting about 15 years from pure white hood to minofied. Thus, a mino wouldn’t have to move more than a few times in his like.

      • One of my propaganda spiel about Murka, when talking to your average witeBrandon, is that it sucks and is unlivable. It’s now expensive, with a low quality of life, because of the MINOing effect.

        I don’t bring race into the discussion, just in case I come across a LN. I’ll tell them that many people are unfit to live in Murka, because the elites want them out.

        The enchanted isle is expensive, because elites have pushed the coloreds away, and this costs a lot of money to do that.

      • when talking to your average witeBrandon, is that it sucks and is

        Then heed Your Manhattan Trump: He has huge support from GENBrandon, as does Sanders.

      • as does many Jews and now judaified WASPs, who have support from genBrandons.

        LNs come in 2 flavors, they are either pro-Kike or pro-Migga/Colored.

      • You’re right about that, FP. The young WNs love Trump. Think he’s gonna build that wall.

    • But even wealthy wite can be dumb, that they’ll get their tax returns done by a dumber colored at H&R Block. I’ve seen it on the enchanted isle. coloreds do not make good accountants, or any other professional, besides fuck sports.

    • Thanks. Nope, not a burg, FP. And not random.

      He didn’t get away yet.

      Scent dogs are used to track suspects. A scent trail may last for a few days. I hope he didn’t walk straight home. It’s not about gunshot residue or bombs.

      I see they left out the usual investigative keys – how she died, caliber, where, sexual assault, etc.

      Ex husband or boyfriend did it. That SWAT outfit is what may get him busted. They’ll check for who sells them, then who bought them in the area in the last year. Too distinct.


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