Texas Faggots

by Firepower

map-mexican-origin-us-population-largeLegends are dangerous. Especially lies. Texans once were tough, but today they epitomize wytes. Beaten down and conquered by the LN MMM BIGov they talk tough to hide their shame of defeat – like the big guy whipped by the little guy who makes lame excuses.

Don’t Mess Wif Texas!

Horseshit. Shove a spick cock straight up Tex’s asshole – he likes it.

Tex has taken it up his big fat fake cowboy ass since….….. Prez-Kennedy. More Miggers flood texas percentage-wise than Califas. Yep, it’s not Texas anymore – it’s tiny-t  t-t-texass.

TX Miggers GOODIf they were so tough, they’d scare the shitfuck out of BIGov with their Big Trucks festooned with Gadsden Flag/NRA stickers. They’d shoot Miggers at night with all those $16,230 night-scope rifles. Love to see ’em brag how they plumb gots 21 of ’em in thetthar safe…collectin’ thetthar dust.

Texans are worse than shit. They’re phony-tough, pretend fakers who make it seem they have impact when they have less than none.

I collect news of their Faggotry. The latest outrage? From a land where they fly off the handle blubbering and wailing like hysterical mourners at the mere mention of every HEROcop!© “duty” injury: methinks she doth protesteth too much. LIUFY that quote, hillbilly readers. The Dullbart Krew will quickly show how “tuff” they are by spewing hate empty online words.

You can measure how “tough” a people are by how much they scare the enemy. ISISISIS laffs at The Obongo Bois & SEALs. They shot them out of helicopters with rockets, while the mere hint of an ISISISI snappin’ pix and skulking around DC & Manhattan Penthouses causes Governors to fill their $68 shorts and increase their $750 Billion DHS anti-turriss budgets.

Whites, nationalists and all included, are like fantasy texans. They endanger their soul with empty words of fantasy. If wishes were Cadillacs, bums would ride.

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26 Comments to “Texas Faggots”

  1. I was really disappointed when i found out that “Don’t Mess with Texas” was just a marketing slogan used by a public service campaign to reduce littering on Texas roadways, there is nothing historical about it, what a bummer.

    But the biggest joke are sanctuary cities, where if you apply for welfare or city housing, municipal employees are not allowed to inquire about your immigration status, they even have forms available in 100 languages to make it even easier to abuse the system! I wonder what would happen if someone from Europe tried this sanctuary scam, maybe it could finance a nice vacation in the States? And is it fraud when it’s legal, encouraged and promoted?

    Even D.C. is such sanctuary city, the police in your imperial capital can only ask whitey for his green card!

    • Disappointment is the 21st Century’s white/nationalist constant state.
      btw, if you see any concrete “good” not of the “wishy” kind (the kind keeping MoMa lubed)
      …do inform me.

      This t-t-texas Effect is the symbolic answer to: Why-eeee does the MMM keep bringing in Miggers N’ Muzz and …p-p-putting them in S. Dakokta/Idaho/Montana/only wite places?

      A: The MMM knows it can fuck today’s wites up the ass and they won’t do a thing but post on AmREN.

      • Speaking of reaming…

        Norwegian Leftist (Male) Feels Guilty About Deportation Of His Rapist

        The irony is that it’s liberals taking the whole turning the other cheek to the extreme, and literal.

        In a few years they will be flogging themselves in the streets, those libtards, we should just whip ourselves bloody and start groveling down every time some mud stubs his toe, damn raciss furniture!
        a la https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Self-flagellation
        and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mortification_of_the_flesh

        It’s the same principle at play, group penance for atonement of sins and a path to sanctity.

      • Holy crap. That’s bad.

        Luckily if the Muzz kills a LN, he can’t return to life. This should be encouraged.

      • guest,

        In a radically autonomous environment, the default assumption is false flag. And because an event like this can be manufactured far easier than other claimed false flags then it is paramount that “we” force the zeitgeist to fill in the details. First, “we” should make the zeitgeist account for the rampant homo-sexuality throughout Islam. And then “we” should ask whether this was a case of racial hate rape or an aggressive homosexual on homosexual rape? Or was this “rape” at all?

        “We” should treat these “events” as manufactured psyche-war “courtesy” of the anti-wS zeitgeist.

  2. The Southwest is lost in terms of territory.

    In terms of men, I like it. The most radical WNs come from the heaviest mino areas. Cali and Texas are already majority Mex.

    Whites in these areas are impotent, but they are not unaware. Whites in still-white areas are impotent and unaware. They don’t even feel the danger.

    • The Southwest lost? Pshhaw! Come on, Ryu, 90% of the actual Southwest territory is uninhabited and THUS safely under the control of UncleBeast. Now, you can define this as “lost,” as in, lost to UncleBeast… But this is not equivalent to the false narrative of being lost to the marauding migger. What “we” know about the Southwest GOING SOUTH is that it is PRIME REAL ESTATE… The stuff of an imperial drive. The stuff of a Trumpening.

      • Where? What? So Cal is the best real estate in the country and it isn’t looking good demographically AT All. We are SO outnumbered. Still, if we as a people had the will to do it, we could deport them. That will take a super-Trump though.

        [ed note: those maps ARE the demog. it’s not opinion]

      • 90% of the actual Southwest territory is uninhabited and THUS safely under the control of UncleBeast.

        re: spicks, UncleBEAST prefers them over Whites. Miggers kill one another over drug deals; each one planted in the desert is one less permanent housing expense for the MMM – for BOP, the Bureau of Prisons.

        White Men TParty, Eradica and blow up Murrah Buildings.

      • Well, the ‘bad’ parts are uninhabited.

        Most of the Southwest is hot, dry desert. If it weren’t for AC, few would live there. I’d bet most of the population lives within 100 miles of the Pac Ocean and Gulf of Mexico.

        You know about the drought, TD. How long is LA going to be able to steal water from small towns and farmers? They cannot grow their mino population forever.

        [ed note: MINOs are primitives w/ fewer water ‘needs’. they do not water their lawns, have no golf greens, fountains and parks, or bathe as much. 3x the minos can survive where wites do. spicks are a desert people]

    • One irony in that part of the world, is that many Whites and Mexs band together and become criminals. And given the fact, that Mexs are more proactive when it comes to organize crime, Whites follow their lead. They actually move their asses for once.

      You have a greater chance of recruits with them, than those in rural south, where wites live near coloreds, all hazy lazy in the trailer park.

      • I like Mexicans, for the most part. Maybe not like, but I understand them.

        Most Mex men seem to work alot – usually lawnwork, construction, or roofing. Mex women always have tons of kids. They are cheap too. Mexican kids are a step above negros. They do band together with whites.

        The real disappointment?

        There’s almost no white Hispanics. Forget Salma and Antonio. The short injun type dominates. Most spics look like they just left the coffee plantation.

        For a brief time, I tried to watch those telanova and Mex soap opera things. Latinos are more white supremacist than the Americans are.

      • Coloreds have been replaced by Miggas in Murka. We have a few rough spots in Manhattan, they used to be mostly colored, but it’s now SPIC.

        The Mexs in the Southwest aren’t even all that injun in appearance. The little squatty types move to the big cities like LA for work. There’s no life for them out there, except being a rogue. They have Mexico for that.

  3. Texas may have a high Muslim content, which of course screws up decision making and throws things off course.


  4. The tttexas “secession movement” is now the perfect Stalking Horse for – tadah! – Miggers seeking the easiest method to establish La Reconquista via that new satellite country.

    ot for Ryuski:

    • Thank you, FP.

      It is easy to make drug dogs false alert. A “drug dog” is a dog who loves playing with its ball. To train it, just scent the ball with MJ, coke, cadaver, whatever you want it to find.

      Drug dogs are just another racket, another fake “objective” scientific tool. Their trainer can make them alert at anything.

      Barry Cooper was a cop who showed the public these things. The pigs turned against him, and he had to leave the USA.

      Barry looks weird, because he went from straight-laced narc to a pothead.

      • Interesting guy. I skimmed his video only because I’m already fairly aware of how to harden a residence being that I have ahh, how do I say? Recent experience… with his situation. I also share a background somewhat like his and was also put into a life threatening situation for a bullshit trumped up non-event charge with people lying actively on warrants, etc.

        I also had my family terrorized by men in black masks with machineguns wearing the authority of the state to murder me at will and my career destroyed, so this is all sadly familiar terrain. What did I learn? If you are the only motherfucker willing to stand up you will be instantly erased.

        I noticed a few articles back Maureen was calling FP out for lamenting the lack of people with intact testicles and encouraging him to go take action and not be a keyboard warrior. PRO TIP— you know enough of my story to know this is the worst idea ever.

        Until there is mass movement (read: never) you will be a nameless martyr for a cause few care about and even fewer would ever take action for. I am a very rare animal as I found out, and now I’m a good little house n-gger because the massah cracks a whip you cannot imagine.

        His full story here: http://www.progressive.org/news/2013/04/181898/%E2%80%98drug-war-insurgent%E2%80%99-flees-us-claiming-death-threats

        p.s. As an aside, if you harden your residence in such a manor as he described the only thing you will be doing is buying you some quality time with your loved ones before you are mercilessly gunned down in front of them. Once you ruin their day of playing billy bad ass operator (read wannabe special forces) they are going to go with a vengeance on your little roadblocks and eventually -will- get in. At which point you definitely were reaching for a butter knife or even a plastic fork and had to be summarily executed so everyone important got home that night. “Safe Tour” and all that, innit??

      • …the best defense
        is a good offense

        Moron-een is a frustrated bitch w a room temp iq and 5th grade vocab, incapable of even mere tactics, and certainly not strategy.
        She is a prime example why women should never vote, much less “lead” men in any activities.
        Perhaps one gal out of a thousand is fit to join an organization. Women do not ever organize or invent – they nag.
        Ignore her.

      • We know all about how to fake warrants and OIS reports here, AP.

        I’m going to write on how to plant evidence. In hot climates, people leave their car windows cracked down a bit. Just drop a roach or bag in there, now the cop has PC to toss the car, arrest the driver. Almost like using a drop gun or knife.

        Beechheading. Testilying. Farming. Policing is a dirty biz in the US.

        You may find this talk of interest. 2 retired WN pigs talking.

        Where can I get some info on who is watching those CCTVs? I want to know who, how long the data is stored, maintenence, and specs.

  5. Sicily is overrun with thousands of miggerniggers and Muzz.
    Even in a nation where White Men have the courage to shoot one in the head, the nogg has the bullet harmlessly pass thru his noggin, missing his teeny monkey-brain. Now the CCCP-TV cams will send the mafioso to prison, and he didn’t even kill it.

    Told ya: God is a nigger.

    • The influx of riff raff on southern eurot – the work of Obongo and Murkan LNs in general.

      Qaddafi, a migga tells wite that other miggas and nigs are up to no good. But of course, wite falls on deaf ears.

      [ed note: the “Blame Murka FIRST!!” Club always displays tunnel-vision preventing discovering the Truth that all wyte western rulers are accomplices…when Murkan peones partake, this serves guilty EU rulers well]

    • We’ll have to watch how it goes. If the mafia owns the police, and they can keep the media out, they might be able to do alot. If the mafia is weak and the journos are there, they’ll have to be careful.

      • We’ll have to watch how it goes.

        No need to Watchy McWatch then scribbleblog: If wyte western EU-Rulers photo/locate/arrest/persecute White niggakillaz in 4 seconds – yet “can’t find” Rapefugees on New Year’s Eve cock sprees in PolizeiSTAAT modern Liberal Nazi Germany…the jigaboo is up, on top – and thus, already completely victorious.

  6. “Until there is mass movement (read: never) you will be a nameless martyr for a cause few care about and even fewer would ever take action for.”
    [ed note: then fighting for illiterate halfwits is even stupider than they are]

    I learned this the hard way too, but just in different ways. People will complain and complain, but that doesn’t mean they actually want to do anything.
    [thus, we waste our time here. better to PoolSide and enjoy the fruits of Decaying Empire]

    “Once you ruin their day of playing billy bad ass operator…”

    Exactly. And they love humiliating vets.
    [jordiVets deserve every ream up their redWhiteBlue assholes they get. THEY VOLUNTEER to serve the regime that invades their front door]

    • I’ve lost much of my taste for poolside, FP. It doesn’t satisfy.

      Heroism is doing something hard, because it is right, even if it is unpopular. American soldiers are worshipped as heros regardless of what they actually do.

      The only hero-vet I can think of is Tim McVeigh. A true hero – and the USG executed him.

      I am starting to enjoy our times. Living in this time, for one of us, is very hard. Maybe its like a jew during the holocaust? Shall I get rich? Start a business? Ha.
      [ed note: courtesy of Dolfi The Deity, the majority of jews suffered unbearable tragedy & misery, then died in agonizing filth]

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