POW Prisoner Resistance

by Ryu

If you really want to learn from the military or the police, you must read their work backwards and standing on your head. Every possible situation a WN might find himself in is covered. The hard part is in reversing the POVs; a true Murkan never belives that his country and his government does evil.

The field manual on POW Resistance is written for the WN who finds himself in an American prison. That’s where our POWs are – not Hanoi or Islamabad. The greatest American prison camp for our soldiers is ADX Fluorence.

“Isolation/solitary is the true test of a man. It brings him face to face with himself. Intelligent people adapt to isolation.”

Avoid fatigue. The PW will tire quickly under normal prisoner life and by the pressures of the environment. To beat this, save youe………… energy…slow down everything you do, rest as often as possible. Emotional stress is every bit as tiring as hard physical activity. Don’t panic, don’t get emotional, don’t lose your temper.”

The Americans will manipulate your diet:

“You will get less, worse, and stranger food that you ever had before. If you are a finikey eater, get over it.

The enemy knows a lack of enough and the right kinds of food decreases mental and physical powers, making you less able to resist and easier to manipulate.”

This FM was written in 1981. I apologize to Communist WNs; this is an American FM and his quite anti-commie. I support WNs everywhere, regardless of the economic system they use.

5 Comments to “POW Prisoner Resistance”

  1. Now this is actually short enough to take one’s time to read.
    The funny thing about it though is that it is really a guide to everyday life now.
    To have certain thoughts, a certain worldview requires you to follow the advice it gives in the mindwar of today.

  2. There’s too much American Exceptionalism!™ in the text; a gung-ho bravado reflex born from (our then) centuries’ unbeaten streak.

    Although, my assessment is strictly for leaders; do not fall for the bullshit parts. Use it only to get the troops causing disruption among the enemy.

    “Enduring For Victory” worked in John Wayne movies but did nothing for some five millions of ww2 german pows marched off to Siberia – who died there “believink in h-h-hope!” Nor starved and dead pows from 1776 in Manhattan Harbor prison hulks and Andersonville-type Civil War camps on both sides. LIUFY

    Murkans are magnificent at deceiving themselves – and never better during that passed Golden Age. It’s easy to lie to yourself when you’re kicking everybody’s ass and you expect victory; quite another thing when you’re a Bo Bergdahahal.
    The text’s date ignores Murka’s Vietnam defeat and the pointlessness of The John McCain Experience – a rahrah who shoulda* been more likely to commit suicide over his gullible stupidity were it not for the fame, money & power heaped on him by an even stupider public.

    German pows were better off making a shiv, sticking it throgh the base of the Commissar’s neck, then cutting their own throats before the Soviets retaliated and tortured them to death.

    Murkans, historically, prefer the Glory of Slow Death

    • It is a very optimistic document. It is almost touching their faith that if the POW waits long enough, help will come.

      Is that what German POWs did? I didn’t know that.

      • Don’t think so; it was a comparative point.
        Nobody knows what happened to them except approx. 6,000 out of 5 million pows were returned in the late 1950s. The rest died. Nobody, including The Great Humanitarian usa, did a thing or even inquired with the Scary Soviets.

        The soviets first marched-off to Siberia the german Stalingrad survivors plus those later cut-off and abandoned in the race to Berlin in Lituania, Latvia and Estonia – with any german soldier behind the rapidly closing Iron Curtain. It added up.

        SS were simply executed in the field, unless they had desirable intel. All those Siberian victims were mainly Whermacht.

      • “Nobody knows what happened to them except approx. 6,000 out of 5 million pows were returned in the late 1950s. The rest died. Nobody, including The Great Humanitarian usa, did a thing or even inquired with the Scary Soviets.”

        One of my relatives was one who was returned in the 1950s. Never ever saw him laugh or smile..ever. Never spoke about it either from I can tell, and but then I was just a young kid. From what I recall, the ‘Greatest Generration’ left a lot of US POWs to the mercy of the Soviets after the war, so why would they give a shit about the former enemy? Did you also know the U.S. repatriated many U.S. children of German ancestry back to a crushed and starving Germany? Kids who knew no German were basically dumped in Germany probably with the though they’d die. The great humanitarian US was never more than a cheap PR stunt. The Geneva convention also had to be revised because post war many former German officers were simply picked up and summarily executed just because they could. Obviously, the ‘Allied’ Armies don’t like to draw attention to the behavior of some of their own officer corps. Wouldn’t want pesky questions to be asked by the proles.

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