Crappy Murkan Jobs: CSI Tech

by Ryu

All the kiddies today (especially girlz) want to become crime scene techs, like their heros on TV. The name of the game in Murka is conning these kids to work these undesireable jobs, while they have stars or dollar bills in their eyes.

How would you like to spend 3 weeks vacuuming fuzz off of a house’s rugs? That’s just one homicide…fun!

If you find this video boring, just imagine spending hours doing this junk. The reason the teacher left CSI and became a teacher is because he got tired of that bull.

That’s reality. Crime scene is tedious work. There is no creativity involved. It is merely the following of a set of rules, which is what most police work is like.

8 Comments to “Crappy Murkan Jobs: CSI Tech”

  1. I always wondered how defense attorneys could attack CSI evidence.
    I see how it is possible from your video.
    A lazy tech, a tired tech, or an indifferent tech can mess up a case.

    Good teacher but a crappy job.

    • I can help you with that one, Marlon.

      Most CSI evidence is not scientific. It sounds scientific, but it is not. Most of it has not been subject to peer review. Its another con to BS a naïve American people.

      In virtually every case where a COMPETENT defense can be hired, the forensics is tossed. It was proper that OJ got off. The LAPD was, and is, very poor at evidence collection.

      There is a large human factor in most disciplines. One analyst comes to one conclusion, another comes to another. Who is right? Same training, same evidence, diff conclusion.

      Here is a paper on the topic. You’ll get the picture real fast.

  2. You’re right. This forensic business is no CSI TV deal but a goldmine for good attorneys.
    From the book (350 pages is no paper!) on pg 28.

    There is no uniformity in the certification of forensic practitioners, or in the accreditation of crime laboratories. Indeed, most jurisdictions do not require forensic practitioners to be certified, and most forensic science disciplines have no
    mandatory certification programs. Moreover, accreditation of crime laboratories is not required in most jurisdictions. Often there are no standard protocols governing forensic practice in a given discipline. And, even when protocols are in place (e.g., SWG standards), they often are vague and not enforced in any meaningful way.

    In other words, get a good lawyer, and get free.

    • You read it! That is amazing.

      CSI is a racket. And I have seen its practitioners try to “secretly” teach that to students, but it went over their heads.

      But still, they defend it. You never fuck with someone’s money. If people want to cook up fake science, they do it. The money is everything in this country.

      Would you like to become certified, Marlon?

      All you need is the $$$$. I’ll refer you to the sites, if you wish. Then you’ll be an “expert witness”, able to render your opinion an American court.

    • Yep. Fewer autopsies are being performed today, FP. It is a dying art.

      Some of it is cultural. Jews and Muzz have their own strange rituals, like a non-Muzz can’t handle a dead Muzz body. Jews want the corpse buried within a day.

      Money plays a part. A full autopsy costs both time and money. Budgets are getting tight.

      I would not mind being a coroner or medical examiner. It’s an easy job, but requires many years of school. Most of the job I can do right now, as I sit.

      It can be an important job. Whoever does the autopsy gets to determine manner of death – natural, accidental, suicide, homicide or undetermined. You know that when pigs commit suicide, they pressure the ME to rule accident, so his family gets benefits.

  3. No Ryu, I only read some of it, man! Couldn’t read all that so fast. Gotta go to work.
    Still send me the sites, though..

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