The Window of Knowledge & Opportunity

by Firepower

i see Good Things for megan n’ ME

As America slides inexorably into the pit, every successive generation will be dumber – more atavistic.  That means it will be harder to recover with each passing year. So, future decades are impossibly dark to imagine.

Those that actually saw a Golden Age of America will die-off, leaving cultural orphans who only ever knew Bill Clinton as the “good old days.”  Then they die and future folks think Obama The Great truly was great.

This is how declines happen. Nobody remains to explain the moments of National Stupidity for World War One or Prohibition. The same now for Our Historic Black President, the Bushite Dynasty and the resulting mess of today.

My comrade Ryu sees Good Things ahead and I appreciate his positivism vis-a-vis my pragmatism. Still, hope is not strategy. The trend towards growing stupidity, venality and degeneration must be addressed when imagining the hope of those future “Good Things” – lest it be just another pipe dream, like religious salvation.

30 Comments to “The Window of Knowledge & Opportunity”

  1. at least atavistic = more raciss

    I would think that essentially every White high schooler in places like Maryland, and other similarly enriched places, must be fully race aware by now, or am i wrong? Certainly much more so than generations preceding them…

    There’s nothing better than half black, or mud, class rooms to turn people towards the white light.
    Think American History X times 1000. This may be the most fertile generation for the cause ever!

    • You are right. I have also seen these things.

      Today’s generation IS stupider than past white generations, in the same way that I am inferior to the version of me that may have been born in the 50s. America was inferior to Rome was inferior to Greece. The quality of humanity is in general decreasing.

      White kids are very open to WN, presented properly. If I could get a job as an American high school teacher, I could recruit almost any white male .

      If I wanted to blow myself out, I could raise a few hundred in real life. Of course, it would roll up after a time. Hard to keep that number of people in one group without getting state attention.

      But I will definitely find someone to follow in my footsteps before I leave.

  2. Yeah just keep calling everyone stupid. That will do the trick. (sarc)

    FP I guess you haven’t noticed that around half the country is on board with a semi-racist presidential candidate. It’s not everything but it’s a start. The glass is half full.

    • You mean comrade Joosef Sanders and his White privilege comments?

      Because if you mean Trump, his racism is mostly a media straw man construct.
      He is racisss because he didn’t condemn Duke in under 5 seconds and such.

      • Trump, his racism is mostly a media straw man

        Trump is not perfect, nor do I “have hope” he will ever be the ultimate. Indeed, he is the best we can “wish” for in the debilitated Murka.

        Duke was/is goofy and his reputation still carries a stench waaay back from the 80s IIRC; quite a long time. Running around in a White Sheet an’ Swasticky Armband proves how fucking stupid he was by not Sun Tzu-ing a proper, realistic assessment of his enemies and battleground: He was crucified for it and he “should”* have seen it coming.

        I often relate the story of young Civil War Rebs (or doughboys) engaged in trench warfare becoming so frustrated, they leap up on the ramparts and shake their fist at the enemy only to be picked-off by a steely sniper. Ryu’s recent sharing of “Howlers & Hunters” (that fascinates me) is most apt.

        Even the most powerful jew in Murka never comes out and announces “ve haff zuccessfully taken you stoopid murkans ova, bubby!

        Trumpsta’s fave kid (Ivanka The Blond) is a full-on converted jewbabe in deference to her jew-husband and her lifetime of fucking Manhattan jewdick. We’re not talking secular jew, we’re talking yarmulke-wearing yeshiva boys who don’t work on Friday Sabbath.

        Trumpsta, therefore, is likely to be like all his predecessors and “ignore” the jew-thing, then order more hillbillies to invade Iran. But, the death of Jordie volunteer idiots is a comical price to pay if he indeed boots out Miggers.

        A Migger with a yard full of junk and twelve bambinos – with twenty of his hermanos pointing guns at me – is more immediate than some Manhattan MEDIAjew in a penthouse broadcasting to idiots to suck Killary’s Kock.

    • If it’s stupid, I call it.
      If anyone cannot stand The Truth – they are worthless babies.

      Burbling to ‘the half-full’ sunshine corn syrup is like….
      A jew exclaiming see bubby,’dem Joimanz aint so badd – dey giffink us showerz!”

      • I’m just saying, it isn’t effective. Ryu gives us concrete ideas as does the fly farmer.

        But if you’ve got proof that telling men they are crap works, let me know. It kinda works in the military but no one would do it without a paycheck. So no paycheck, no one worth fighting for (in YOUR (FP) opinion, and you (the (potential soldier) are also a piece of crap (in FP’s opinion), but you should give up your life with no payoff, not even a kind word from the people you’re trying to save. Sounds pretty DEmotivating to me which is why you just blow smoke here instead of practicing what you preach.

      • If men need paychecks to revolt, then you are ignorant of 1776, the French Revolution and the Russian Rev.
        Ideas are stronger than mercenaries, but you hold to the Ragnar School of VRW where you expect Gen. Patton to lead the charge up Omaha Beach on a White Stallion.

        This alas, is typical of Female WN and wholly impractical in the age of machine guns in fixed emplacements – and those pesky NSA CCTV cams on poles…

        You see, Jordies are decidedly not “called ‘crap'” in the military, but actually coddled. That tough DI stuff went out with Full Metal Jacket and Nam.

        If an ugly Truth demotivates you, sadly it proves you unworthy to receive more Truth. There is no point.
        Women always needed Huggy McWishes to keep going, but once, Men did not.

        Today, males are not Men: They are like females and need coddling to comfort their self-esteem and empowerments. Fine, the general calls Junior Jordy “turdies” then Major Maureen hurries in to wipe their tears. BUT – she STFUs in front of Baby Jordi bc she knows General Sir is Right and both keep on advancing. Women have that “all life is wonderful!!!” mentality and “believe” a grunt is worth as much as The Leader: Wrong-0.

        Running away from the DHS to surround yourself with whites in da woodz, gathering around a burning cross, is silly if all you do is NSK & VRW.

        FWIW, Ryu does indeed provide concrete ideas at Eradica…that nobody do.

      • WN is a little different than the US military.

        We don’t have money or benefits to offer our men. They do. It makes all the difference. The money is the glue holding it together.

        You guys see how it is. People who hate each other at work can work together – because they are getting paid. But if WNs don’t get along, they just form their own group.

        We do what we must to survive these times. I think its a miracle that WN still exists. The USG has near total control of this country. We were forced into using the cellular system.

        When the system weakens and the police become more inefficient, maybe we can coalesce again.

      • If they follow Ryu’s suggestions, they certainly won’t post it in the internet you idiot. The whole idea is to NOT get caught.

        [ed note: besides sketchy VRW/PP nutsite fakes, show me real instances of your White Powwa Revolution. or stfu]

        Seriously, short of internet confession, how would you even know if your rants are achieving the desired results? Answer me that.

      • How?
        bc they get you menstrual – ya vrw cunt.

        Do you really “believe” aryan exclusion of frogs, whops and russians gets u anything but Berlin 1945?

        you start w/ the bitchy insults, you can go fuck a stick

  3. Trump is not on any WN’s wish list.

    Anyone on this blog, who thinks anyone who is wealthy from the enchanted isle, is out to rescue Middle America is delusional!

    • Whites have sat submissively for decades in the face of real liberal nazism.
      On one hand, LN’s aggressive response with a Barrack Obama was proof no one is at the gates.
      Then, the finality of the desperation is whites’ frantic embrace of a Trump.

      kooky VRW kunts like Ms. MoMA “believe” weekend target shooting and bonfires at the cottage in woodland camo extrapolate into “white resistance.”

      It’s pure VRW: Total fantasy in the face of the millions of wite Dillennials For Killary and wite LNs For Boini.
      VRW’s hate their comfy dreams disturbed with Truth. It is the 2nd Indicator of the presence of VRW.

      Reality is, even with tempered Hope, that Killary has the better chance of being elected Ruler than Trump.
      I hate that even more than Momo because I’m more intelligent and foresee with pragmatism, its hundred times more real, dangerous possibilities.

      But, to the VRWist, even uttering Killary has the better chance is grounds for charges of “defeatism!!!” and personal attack. The 3rd Proof of VRW.

      VRW, PeterPanzering and NewsREEL Nazism are dangerous, real diseases hindering survival – like being blind or deaf in a nighttime house fire. These diseases have symptoms and diagnoses – and cures. Eradica is intended as The Cure.

      Even Huggy McJesus Type religion like thordaddy espouses is usually a deathtrap of “warm feelings” and “forgiveness!” but his convoluted gyrations of it work (for him) a Divine Excuse for the old UltraViolence ala the Crusades. But, he’s not used that Manson Zen Line to ever produce a single disciple for Eradica.

      Usually a large, ripped Nordic type with an indecipherable philosophy is practically guaranteed for Murkans an enigmatic Death Trip to Valhallan Paradise but its not materialized. Perhaps he has a congenital defect – a peen growing out his forehead – but the clock’s ticking: The older a prophet gets, the more he loses appeal. It used to be the other way around.

      • I’ve been to a few of those rallies. Scary stuff. Its kind of surprising they don’t go out and kill whites right after them. The audience, you already know. Minos, white women, and herb men.

        What I found most surprising was their complete openness and lack of security. They don’t hide their agenda. They act as if they have already won, which in a sense they have. They take virtually no security precautions. Must be nice to have the state at your back.

      • They don’t hide their agenda. They act as if they have already won, which in a sense they have.

        In 1936 Germany, Nazis spoke openly. It shows who rules.
        if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck it is…

      • DO SOMETHING THEN writer-boy.

        [ok. doosh to get red of that tuna smell – oh AND DROP 40 POUNDS 😆 ]

      • ♢♢♢Last comment directed at Writerpower.

      • FP…

        It’s like I know you as my own. Lamenting of not one disciple for Eradica? Not very pragmatic. It’s a real hard sell. The aim, as you have intimated in a myriad of ways, is the stuff BOUGHT ONLY BY the rarest of the rare. You should feel relief that this one here “sees” separation and/or eradication as “our” only viable courses of action so much so that these things are INEVITABLE givens. But the material given is a mass of self-annihilating “whites” who have their “intellectual betters” assuring them that there is a “genocide” on the loose.

        BUT WHO WASTES VALUABLE resource annihilating STUPID?

        Who wastes resource annihilating those ALREADY prophetably self-annihilating?

        The only real question… Challenge… ZEITGEIST… For this bouncer and father of four is whether UncleBeast is really set to take down the genuine wS?

        And then if you ponder that no genuine wS actually exist THEN who does UncleBeast “take down” other than lesser liberals run amok?

        My only advice for you FP at this point is to conceptualize the Perfect Eradication in the face of a near certain “white” racial self-annihilation.

      • That is a good response, TD. Waiting for LNs to self annihilate is a logical move, but it may take many years. It does not satisfy.

        There are genuine WSs who exist. Tim, Ted, Eric, Anders. They know what we know, and they did not expect their actions to inspire the masses. They all knew that there were previous actions that failed to motivate them.

        They did what they did because it was the proper thing to do.

      • I believe many elites want Murka only for themselves. Given the overall agreeableness in climate and topography, Murkans had it easy for too long, and now greedy elites want to put an end to it. Pay up or die from their MINO minions.There’s no other alternative, most people do not react by ideology, only from desperation.

    • JS, what is Guiliani doing nowadays? Counting money in the Hamptons?

      • Yes, most wealthy elites in a degenerate society, could care less of the little guy.

        He’s probably playing golf with Bill Clinton, when he gets a chance. The same applies to Trump.

        [ed note: Trumpa is the best choice for Ruler in decades. vote 4him or die]

      • The same was said of Jewberg of NYC after 9-11. He would be the best ruler for the enchanted isle, and look at what happened to Manhattan. Businessmen do not care about people without profits.

        Elites in Murka have simply realized that its citizens have had it too easy for too long, and they want us to pay for it now.

        Lazy asses who want to remain in Murka, only have 2 choices: Either scratch and crawl or rebel against the status quo (and that includes eradicating MINOs).

        [ed note: nothing pleases you. enjoy DeBlasio, i’m sure LNs are better than Sweet Julie]

      • To restore an inkling of Merica from Murka:

        A form of rebellion against the status quo (and that includes eradicating MINOs).

        I’m longer associated with the enchanted isle, and thus de Blasio is no longer a focal point. But, I’m trying to do my best by making wites aware of my plight, my exodus out of Murka, serves a catalyst of removing the LN malaise from the outside.

      • And FP: Watch this video of Trump calling the current mayor de Blasio, a good mayor in the making:


        Another fucking Manhattan elitist who lives on the enchanted isle, who makes sure his profits are rolling in!

        “I never supported Bill de Blasio. I never supported. I said I think he’s going to win, because I saw the kind of competition that he had. I never supported Bill de Blasio,” Trump insisted.

        “You said, ‘I think pretty strongly that he will end up being a good mayor, maybe a very good mayor,'” Dickerson followed up.

        “Well, I did say that, because I deal in New York,” Trump acknowledged. “And, frankly, I hoped he was a good mayor.

  4. td & ryu:
    I discovered an absolute. Situations go one of three ways: They either improve, stay the same or worsen.
    As time passes, it means a dwindling of our good and concurrent, logarithmic growth of Evil. FutureGENs will face more evil than we imagine.

    Revolution is War.
    Each are won by ideology and soldiers.
    If there are no soldiers there is no victory.


      “Man doesn’t float…
      He strives towards Supremacy or he is in descent.

      This is this the first natural law of civilization.”

      • In descending order, civilization is not made of blogs, inconsequential sub-groups (like wn) or isolated deep-thinkers. These are influential only in a Ruling Class. Ours currently is the LN.

        For example, compared to ‘wn’ forming over a century ago (with little result) BLM formed only two years ago and already influences Killary and the entire Presidential election on every side.

        Civilization is made by those wielding power. Including those not within the civilization structure (as codified by the above laws) is an overweening assertion when revealing such groups’ decades of descent.

        Striving to get a job or make fire in a blizzard is not the same as doing it.

        Caution is required lest The Law unintentionally exposes wn as impotent paper tiger. If such is the case, then those abandoning it to PoolSide are blameless.

      • I found an article once, FP. I’ve forgotten the exact words, but I remember the meaning.

        It was at a satanic site. It was a father’s note to his son. He said, all successful revolutions are from the top-down. In this note, he was choosing a successor.

        We see the true meaning of WS in our DAAs. They act, even knowing they will not awaken the masses. Even if they win they lose, but they still try.

    • But what do you mean by “good” and “evil”, FP? And good for who?
      [ed note: by “good” we take it to mean us. Evil means TOTE: liberal nazis, BLM, FFOL, etc.]

      This is a part of the problem, that whites today are too good. Revolution is crime. It is always illegal. Whites must become more evil in order to gain the power to resist.

      I have found exact analogies in all categories with America 2016 and Nazi Germany. Yet Murkans view their country as all good, and Germany as all evil. We have our own experiments on people, gulags, gestapo, and so on.

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