Colored ϟϟ

by Firepower

Blacc Wiking Diwision! ARISE!

Here are your future boogeymen. They have the guts even now to march with guns while whites do not. Whites have lost their courage; what’s worse, they’ve lost even the Will To Fight. So, they content themselves by venting online in ever-increasing, futilely complicated “letters to the editor!”

PeterPanzers still “think” coloreds are Saturday Night Special monkeys. They can’t picture them with ARs decked-0ut in $5000 worth of red-dots & SWAT gear. Coloreds march for coloreds while witey hides in bunkers for Mt.Zion type Bundy ranchers. That’s the same as waiting for….….. SWATZIs to toss a flashbang through your family room window and execute you. At least Justice Scalia had a chance to hit back at the LN.

Don’t give me the lame-0 “ooh Firepower whites just lay low becuzz BIGov/MMM picks on ’em!!!”

Tupac’s step-daddy uncle funded his Revolution by robbing banks. Wytes beat drums in sweatlodges, cry over their bitches then masturbate to porn. You think there shall be no volunteers in uniform to march your 78-year-0ld white ass to the oven? You won’t even see this on White Guy News Channel aka FUXnooze. even though Rupie Murdoch owns both the network and the paper this ran in.

That itself proves my point that wytes are beaten. They spend Trillions 0′ Daily-Werdz on AmRen, spittling the same old grecycled shit. They yap for Trillions 0’hours wif Rushy. They’re so scared of the MMM they gossip to Hannity instead.

How’s that workin’ out 4ya, wytie? Take a guess how many uppity bucks now admiringly worship Black Panthers and want to be just like them – as many as wytebois wanna grow up to be…Megyny Kelly?

Even Muzz had the balls to confront them. No wytes in syte!

Colored soldiers don’t even pay ’em no mind. Like the original SS viewed the Polish army.

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18 Responses to “Colored ϟϟ”

  1. Or in other words, THE beast to slay remains White guilt, to dissolve the KKKrazy glue!

    Dindus are, from i gather, more like school yard bullies, who scatter like cockroaches at the sight of any real resistance, and who don’t even know how to hold guns, i always joke: thank god they shoot their guns sideways!

    I was once afraid for LaFond, no more, quote: “The black youths and men who have attempted to threaten or harm me have all acted too vocally and have eventually folded bitch-like. As my friend Steevo says, “They are raised by bitches and fold like bitches”. It must be tough being raised by women and thus being taught to backtalk on reflex. So, in light of their near total lack of rugged manliness, they pack up and attack like wayward chimps. Ghettoized blacks are all raised by women, and have an overwhelming tendency to investigate, instigate and escalate confrontations with unprepared white people through verbalization. As crazy as it seems, your typical confrontation with a strange black man who is trying to determine if you are ripe for the picking, will begin with a searching or belligerent emotive phrase, just like bitchy wives and girl friends start arguments with their husbands and men.”

    • The toughest white crews of the old school used to live in the ghetto.

      George Lincoln Rockwell’s Suicide Squad live in one of them around San Jose. I think they only had 4-5 men in their cell.

      I’ve seen many times that leftists and minos rely on superior numbers, not superior men. That’s why our current and future numerical situation doesn’t trouble me. There are many accounts of skins and white cons say the same things.

    • Ghettoized blacks are all raised by women,

      Somethings to think about: Being raised by women is called Matriarchy and yes, the black belongs to a Matriarchal Society. However, some of the most savage injuns – Iroquois & Mohawks, for example – were matriarchal. Matriarchal societies usually produce the most violent male warriors: Think if Killary ran the Beast’s military.

      In addition, proper trigger-finger placement did nothing for HEROVets in nam, who got their asses butt-fucked by Viet Cong in flip flops – and in Ryu’s stan, where goatherding ragheads with ten buck AKs did the same.

      Even an army of overgrown colored girls will win against an army of sleeping white sheep every time.

      • Well, I’ll say they certainly look impressive. Everyone does in the glamour shots.

        Its when the other guy is in charge, then we find out a thing or two. Mino SS looks good because they have no resistance.

        I found some great pics for you, FP.

      • All extremist groups of all races depict primitive, violent cartoons. Turner Diaries‘ cover looked amateurish to me and Unintended Consequences needed an editor to whittle down those 5031 pages, but a successful message thrives despite its practitioners’ inexperience with media.

        Only jewMEDIA is polished and slick. Yet, it’s constructed of the Biggest Lies, while both Panthers and kkk are based totally on truths.

  2. Thanks for the great pic, FP! My fav is always the trigger finger extended along the guard. Every pig and soldier pic has that.

    Of course – its how you use your weapon, now how pretty you look in camo and shades. We’ve yet to see that.

    Whites have deal with minos AND pigs. The minos only have to worry about whites. Whites don’t like going to prison. I understand this and I want to help them.

    When we start talking about getting away with it, it’s a level of preparation beyond the common man. It means an elite level of attention and training.

    [ed note: problem is, whites do too much trigger fingering on the guard while coloreds simply pull them. frequently. VOA is sometimes King]

  3. “That’s the same as waiting for….….. –white– SWATZIs to toss a flashbang through your family room window and execute you. ”

    FTFY, but yes, the point is salient. They do this on the regular now for fairly minor infractions and it will get much worse if we stay on the current trajectory.

    “When we start talking about getting away with it, it’s a level of preparation beyond the common man. It means an elite level of attention and training.” -Ryu

    And who has it? Just like Navy SEALS are the l33t as phuck of the Armed Forces, they absolutely can not win a war. They are a cruise missile strike when what you really need is napalm and carpet bombing. FP said it a few posts down, soldiers win wars, period. End of line. Until soldiers appear, there is nothing happening whatsoever except mental masturbation.

    • Amazing, they should harvest her ovaries and make a 1000 clones of her. Race conscious beautiful blonde haired blue eyed white girl willing to take up armsl. Find me even 10 of these in ‘Murka or West Europe and I will give you a cookie.

      • The sad part is that it was the USG who drove a wedge between Russia and Ukraine,
        who are otherwise natural allies and would not be at war without the State Department!

        A war between the two makes as much sense as a war between Austria and Germany.

        The broader goal was to drive an even bigger wedge between the EU/Germany and Russia:

        “The primordial interest of the United States, over which for centuries we have fought wars, the first, second and cold war has been the relationship between Germany and Russia. Because united they are the only force that could threaten us, and to make sure that that doesn’t happen.”

        George Friedman, Chicago Council on Global Affairs lecture

        But well played, the US are now laughing at the stupid EU, where the sanctions on Russia are causing hundreds of millions in lost business, projects are canceled, while they can grand stand, bravo!

        And our stupid rulers actually went for it.

        Even funnier “According to the Frankfurter Rundschau newspaper, of the more than 7,000 Ukrainians who applied for asylum in 2014 and 2015, only 5 percent have been granted that status, and all the rest will be sent back to the Ukraine—even though there has been a full-scale war there since April 2014.”
        White Refugees not Allowed in Germany

        Yup, gotta make room for those sand niggers instead!

        Fun fact, most strippers around here are Ukrainian, so I’m told :).

      • Fun fact, most strippers around here are Ukrainian

        Ukies vs russkis is hereditary: burly Cossacks rapin’ hot ukie-peasant poon for centuries, and ukies welcoming Mr. Dolfi’s real SS as “liberators” freeing them from Stalin’s Worker’s Paradise tyranny.

        The World proves time and again, it belongs to those who take significant action – no matter how seemingly ridiculous – whether it be 21st Century SS in isisisis or coloreds in camo.

        Worse, today’s krauts are such pussified Socialists, they are more likely to join ISISISIS than the SSSSSS:

    • Too bad. She’s so young to do those things. It takes a certain amount of control. No 19 year old has that.

      It takes years to develop the kind of emotion and discipline to do those things with….intention. To rely upon luck, but skill.

  4. @FP

    Unfortunately today, just like in the U.S., being ‘German’ no longer necessarily means being White/European. More than likely those were sand miggers with German citizenship. Germany switched their citizenship requirements to be similar to the U.S. Previously, a child born in Germany would be given the father’s citizenship, but now it’s the whole anchor baby crap that we have here. Apparently if something is proven to be a bad idea, everyone else has to try it just to make sure.

    • May be good, may be bad. If everyone adopts the same winner, they all win. If a loser, they all lose.

      The USA merely copies what Rhodesia and South Africa first did. They will repeat those performances. If they fell, we shall fall, and the Germans too shall fall.

      Maybe it works in the other direction too.

    • Apparently if something is proven to be a bad idea, everyone else has to try it just to make sure.

      It is deliberate White Eradication. It is not harmless Socialist engineering. That is why we see similar de-whitification programs in every White Western nation.

      if wites ever get their shit together
      it now takes an ocean of blood
      to cleanse the world
      of coloreds
      & MINOs


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