Police States Cannot Function Without Informants

by Ryu


We’ve got him.

The REAL magical investigative technique is not forensics or DNA. It’s snitches. That’s how a case goes from ice-cold to solved in a minute flat.

The USA opened the door for creating many snitches with RICO in 1970. They also create WitPro or witness protection at the same time. It was the only way for the fbi to destroy the mob.

…but it was the devil’s bargain. Soon, informants could destroy any organization. Including law enforcement or the fbi itself. RICO destroyed alot of group loyalty and truly made the USA a snitch-society.

“The ruse.” SO MANY cases are solved because of this. Cops recruit a civilian to do some of their work. Hotel employees and landlords are especially helpful there. It is an extremely popular way to get someone out of their room.

The US today is as bad as any police state in world history: East Germany, USSR, etc. I estimate that at least 1/2 of all Americans are spies for the USG. This exceeds East Germany’s total of 1/3.

14 Comments to “Police States Cannot Function Without Informants”

  1. I know you like watching them gory boring morbid cop lawyer shows on all the channels. But them ass wipes only catch %15 of murderers**
    **[ed note: PROVIDE SOURCE]

    and many of them are innocent due to dirty lawyers f ing up ect..Yeah the rest were’nt do to sherlock figuring it out either. WTF wife of billion air found hanginging with her feet tied and her hands tied behind he back 1 week after the kid was thrown down the stairs and died and th pigs said it was suicide. like a macafee yeah right bitch o

  2. ps before she hung herself she gagged herslef I called the cops on someone on the news that kidnapped annd rapped a girl from bus stops and the pos cops came late told the pr s that i called ect anyway they the freakin rikens falsely accuse me ect. and I got off after they lied ect.They were from the same spic castro family that enslaved the 3 girls for over 10 yrs. the spic housing cops wanted to jail me but i got the city cops there first and proved that the spics lied .But I got put out and im still homless in this god dam f ing town

    • That is very common.

      Often the first suspect is the one who called it in, or discovered the crime. They always take a real close look at them. If the interrogaters are really hot, they can get a false confession easy.

      Medical examiners rule the cause of death. If they rule suicide, there’s no homicide investigation. Makes everyone’s life simpler.

    • If you called the police for -any- reason you are your own worst enemy. They -will- find a way to get you arrested and indicted. It was they do best. They will fabricate evidence, take false statements, falsify reports, and lie under oath.

      I am no stranger to any of this, and I -worked- in that system at one time. You hear stories every day of people naively calling the cops thinking it is still the 1980s and taking a beatdown themselves, being arrested for trying to report a crime another committed, or being arbitrarily executed because the big tough cop felt ‘threatened’.

  3. When you realize the world is deliberately evil in almost every way, hate becomes liberation.

  4. “The US today is as bad as any police state in world history: East Germany, USSR, etc. I estimate that at least 1/2 of all Americans are spies for the USG. This exceeds East Germany’s total of 1/3.”

    I don’t think we are -quite- there yet, but we are rapidly on the way. Look at the rationale for it though, we have these SJWs, feminazis, victim classes, etc. who would be more than happy to burn the Bill of Rights at a moment’s notice. They are groupthink professionals and would turn you into the the Checka for a bullet to the head with glee if the laws allowed for it now. (And they may someday in our lifetimes, not an exaggeration)

    Every rape hysteria accusation on a college campus is GUILTY until proven innocent. The poor young man is summarily ejected from the school because some slut had morning after regret. Due process is a distant memory on college campuses, and once these little snowflakes graduate and become policy makers, this will be writ large.

    White males will likely have a special law written for them that they need Beyond a Reasonable Doubt from a jury to get the automatic guilty verdict overturned. You will be guilty until you can prove with a mountain of evidence you are innocent.

    Once that is around for a while, it will likely move to summary executions at some point. And no one will lift a finger, because no one does. I saw those billy badasses in Oregon armed to the teeth with their specops gear and not one fired a single shot when the FBI came calling. It is the way of things. People want to live, and do not want to sacrifice. Until that paradigm shifts, the war is already lost.

    That whole “the tree of liberty needs to be refreshed with blood” dealie is real. But everyone can quote it, none can act on it. FP had it right, a single muzz suicider that can gun down or bomb a dozen or hundreds to his 1 death? In warfare that is what is known as a rout. Any general in history would be so lucky to have a soldier that destroyed 10 to 100 men before death.

    • we have these SJWs, feminazis, victim classes, etc. who would be more than happy to burn the Bill of Rights at a moment’s notice

      I agree w/ ryu. Ours is different than the soviet style tyranny, but Murkan oppression is the last bastion of that once famous “murkan exceptionalism.”
      Here we punish GOVfelons with RICO confiscation, while STASI used electroshock, bc communist slaves had nothing to confiscate. In a Murka of Greed, forfeiture is the ultimate punishment; more profitable for any calculating tyranny, too. It is “the rack” versus the seized assets; it costs money to maintain torture devices and dungeon staff, but seizing a house and a Lambo turns a profit. It’s the old, dead “American Way” as applied to BIGov.

      Soviet style tyrannies have/had but ONE enemy to attack – non-Party members. Murka learned the success of this by creating its one, unified MINO enemy: White Men, or just plain whites.

      SJWs and victim classes do not need the Bill of Rights; they are pro-BIGov and see their enemies punished, silenced and defeated, so they are allied w/ UncleBEAST’s government. They orgasm over the NSA/IRS Surveillance State. On one hand CCTV was designed to protect The Elite and its property and on the other, to catch “klansmen” lynching coloreds on 5th Avenue.

      It’s why all those PolarBearing assaults captured on video result in few arrests of coloreds and wytes are left with the facial scars. You do see the “prosecutions” of coloreds in the exception of Manhattan attacks: The wyte victims there are seen as Property of The Elite, for many are employed in banks or finance.

      Few “prosecutions” occur in Plowville, Iowa. If so, a wise man knows the resulting jewPROP news proclaiming “25 years TO LIFE!!!” means the colored attacker’s 32nd felony conviction really means he is paroled to freedom in 3 years.

      • AP, both you and FP have achieved a very high level in WN. This should be rewarded.

        Only the elect would be able to use the material in this book. It’s yours.

        [ednote: scheweeet…mail me the pdf]

      • The interesting thing about America’s gulag system is how the courts are used to siphon money from ‘criminals’. It’s just another business.
        [ed note: Murkan Legal Institutions http://wp.me/p2kmGE-51p%5D

        Of course, we are all criminals in the USA. The poor get a very inferior defense from an overworked public defender. The rich can get off, but they have to pay big bucks. OJ and Robert Durst got off, but their lawyers made mucho dinero.

        When one goes to jail, capitalism is still there. Companies like UNICOR exploit prison labor and pay as little as possible, like 23c/hour. We don’t shoot our prisoners, because you can’t steal from a dead man.

        It’s not over yet….even when the prisoner gets out!

        Then you’ve got the parole system, full of bureaucrats. It’s a monster.

        I’ve heard it said that only the legal system profits from crime. The courts and police have used “crime” to increase their own power and budget.

      • Not only the jew profits from misery, WASP elites also learned if they cannot eradicate MINOs, it’s down to that adage: Living well is the best revenge…

        Profiting from imprisoned coloreds guarantees they’ll never run out of niggerfactories – and Pri$onBUX.

      • FP: Being a Manhattan witness here, I’ll tell you that the grass isn’t greener on elitey’s side. Being a businessman, and dealing with clients on the enchanted isle or insane asylum, I’ll tell many of them are on some kind of medication, basically a unhappy lot (this would include grubbing Jews).

        [ed note: it’s one thing being on meds living in a fridgebox, quite another on 5th ave.]

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