Hit and Runs are Bad News

by Ryu

WNs should be aware of certain facts. Getting away with hit and runs, without getting lucky, is almost impossible today.

The car is a great asset to the American police state. It’s registered. Every repair is logged and on Car-Facts. Traffic cameras record them. The back of cars have the make and model written on them.

There’s a large amount of evidence left when a body contacts a moving vehicle:
broken glass
broken plastic
repairs made
insurance claims
paint chips
…and so on.

There are reasons for writing posts like this.

Some WNs fear government assassins. For those assassins to get away with homicide within American boundaries, ****without having an inside connection at the police deparmen or coroner’s officer******, is almost beyond human ability.

If government assassins actually exist, there must be only a few dozen in the US today.

4 Comments to “Hit and Runs are Bad News”

  1. I would think Government Assassins would be limited to foreign targets or the very powerful. For the rest of us proles they’d just charge us with a crime, and lock us away forever (or bankrupt you and then laugh as you die of exposure living under a bridge.) If they really hated you, they’d torture you (physically/mentally) first then let an inmate kill you. Today, they’re still working on the pretense of ‘Justice for all’ and try to keep up the image. It won’t be long before they drop that pretense and the cops can pick up whoever, whenever they want for indefinite detention. You’ll be lucky if your family even knows what happened to you. Strangely enough, this will be coupled with a sudden jump in inmate deaths by suicide, accident, disease or ‘misadventure’. In other words, we will go back to the way things have been done for thousands of years.

    • There’s some amazing material out there, Adit. You’ve just got to ask the right questions.

      Here’s a story about cartels hiring Jordies.

      Israel has a unique squad devoted to only one purpose.

      • “Here’s a story about cartels hiring Jordies.”

        Well, the jordie in the story is a migger, so I’m not surprised. In a way, its nothing new. The Zetas are basically Mexican jordies or should I say Juans. However, if and when whites try to fight back I will guarantee you there will be white jordies trying to kill us because of a good paycheck from the cartels, the Gov and every other group interesting in killing off Whites. Fuckin’ Janissaries. No mercy for them or theirs.

        I’ve actually heard about the Israeli kill teams before however I didn’t know their official name. There have also been some mysterious deaths of microbiologists worldwide but I haven’t researched it too much.

        Sadly, at the current state of Pro-White movements, we aren’t even enough of a threat to send a third-rate leg breaker after us let alone real assassins. I can only assume that people’s fear of assassination is yet another excuse (as if whites don’t have enough of those already) to sit on the couch and let the world go by. Honestly, fear of assassination isn’t even something that would have occurred to me.

      • Sadly, at the current state of Pro-White movements, we aren’t even enough of a threat to send a third-rate leg breaker after us

        Similar probes like IRS’ing the Tparty without reprisal and SuperDuperDELEGATE fixing in the “political process” are enough to control docile wytes. You don’t use a gun on a Cocker Spaniel puppy, all you need is a loud voice. Guns are reserved for wolves – and coloreds.

        Observing and investigating Whites and wytes over the years and publishing the results of the investigations on Eradica lead me to seriously suspect whites have reached an end to the civilization. Not extinction (yet) but the greatest receding of all time – like the Black Death. But this time, technology aids the coloreds, Muzz, Soviets and gookers in wresting dominance from a degenerating Race. Civilization ends when primitives use the Coliseum as a toilet – or Detroit and LA.

        If it were Murka alone that’s decayed (or only Europe) it might be explained on societal/cultural differences, but now, it is every white nation. It is all of white civilization in retreat. Even after terrorist attacks on Charlie Hebdo, Paris Death Metal and 9/11 the white nations still mewl, snivel and throw out the welcome mat to MINOs.

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