Salt, Fat and Sugar Docu

by Ryu

Many WNs seem to know about this subject. I found the audiobook online. It is many hours long.

This covers how much of America’s food is now engineered; it is no longer natural in any sense. There are scientists who calculate the “bliss point” of so much salt, fat, and sugar.

14 Comments to “Salt, Fat and Sugar Docu”

  1. Coca Cola manages to magically fit more sugar into it’s soda than one can dissolve into water for example, and they even dare to advertise it as an healthy breakfast beverage! When it’s literally worse than eating pure Cotton candy.

    The whole food situation is made even worse by the establishment pushing bad dietary guidelines on top of it all, they were actually able to convince the public that milk and eggs are bad, it’s hysterical.

    My personal favorite is how tens of millions of Americans still take statin drugs (used to lower cholesterol levels) even tho the lipid hypothesis (that dietary fat causes heart disease) turned out to be pure bs.

    Or didn’t you know that cholesterol is no longer even a “nutrient of concern”? Apparently “One expert noted that the widespread cholesterol warning, like much dietary advice, was “never supported by science.”, oopsie, no harm no foul right?

    Let me quite Karl Denninger from the market-ticker on that:

    “I’ll say that the so-called medical establishment willfully and intentionally ignoring contrary evidence on the lipid hypothesis along with what appears to be a bad etiological model for coronary artery disease that has become embedded in what’s sold to you is the true extreme position, much as is someone who claims the Earth is the center of the universe or is only 5,000 years old, despite plenty of contrary evidence that is easily accessible should one care to look, simply because God said so.”

    He goes on to recommend:

    “What stops damaging your insulin sensitivity and might even allow your body to reverse some of the previous damage you have done? That we know scientifically and with certainty: Eating low-carbohydrate, and specifically, getting starches and sugars — that is, high-glycemic carbs — out of your diet entirely. Stop. Eating. Fast. Carbohydrates. Period. While you’re at it, stop eating vegetable oils.”

    So go paleo Whitey or go home! And don’t buy any food seen advertised as a rule of thumb.

    And be sure to read:

    More Karl:

    “We’re definitely overpaying by more than twice for medical care; we are in fact probably overpaying by as much as 80% across-the-board.

    It is not hard at all to find examples of people being billed 10 or even 100x a price in another nation for a given thing. It is cheaper for me to fly to Narita, Japan, round-trip, and have an MRI done there by more than 50% than the average amount charged for the same scan here in the United States.

    While you can in some cases get that scan done for a few hundred bucks here they’re all $200 or so in Japan, and most people grossly overpay here in the US. Why? Because of various practices that all amount to consumer deception, extortion, price-fixing or all of the above — all acts that are supposed to be crimes.”

    From the F-35 to drugs, it’s all keep the problem going so the money keeps flowing…

    • Good stuff, guest. Virtually everything in the USA is a con. I too have followed advances in nutrition.

      I’m embarassed to say that you know more about America than most Murkans. Despite knowing the sugar is bad for them, I still see them buying candy and soda. Information is not enough.

      • I just copy paste from the market ticker, but Obesity and diabetes are on the rise here as well,
        in 2015 Europe even overtook the US as McDonalds most profitable region, for example.

        And i saw “Coca Cola, a healthy breakfast beverage” posters in a local shop just a few weeks ago! It isn’t even satire, they mean it, everyone knows a bottle of cola a day keeps the doctor away, or was that potato chips?

        Don’t get me started on breakfast cereals…

      • Roosh has mentioned this. His crew talks about how Americanism is contaminating even the most distant lands today – junk food, iphones, sluts, hipster values.

        You’d have to be insane to believe Coke is healthy. Some Murkans drink it instead of coffee because it has so much caffeine and sugar. It is surprising that crap even sells anymore, but it does.

        [ed note: iz still amazed you got yourself banned by Teh Rooishy hisself…missed opportunities…in 30 years after c0-0pting all our ideals, some punk rooshite’s gonna be Generalissimo and i hope youre not his Valet 🙂 ]

      • It’s alright, FP. I’m not mad about it.

        Living in America, I am thoroughly used to being jewed. There is no one who can do what you or I do. They imitate, but they can’t beat the original.

      • here is no one who can do what you or I do.

        that’s true, but they sure can steal and plagiarize the christfuck out of Eradica. I’m still bewildered how you tolerate it. I suppose you’re so relaxed, youd roll with your daughter bringing home a colored bf?

      • The fact is, that whites are so weak today, we have to choose our battles carefully. We have few resources and few men. I have had to live my life in this condition.

        Tolerance is not the right word. I lack the resources to properly exert my will. Words are not great weapons. More importantly, they tip the mark and leave evidence.

        Psychology matters.

        If my daughter brings home a black man, and I yell, I make him more desireable. Women enjoy breaking taboos. The more forbidden the romance, the more they enjoy it.

        The relationship must be destroyed in such a way, that it is her idea…a jewish method, if you like. Whites are the new jews of our day.

        We lead from ahead, FP. The movement follows us like a donkey following a carrot, us being the carrot. Roosh is the man riding on the donkey, whipping it. WN only moves in one direction – more radical. They’ll reach our level, in a few years. Roosh will make a good jihadi.

        [ed note: you neglect that in a few years i wont gaf and rooishi will be pushing 50 and thus, old – and only good as as a wordie]

  2. Fewer people WANT to live to get old nowadays.
    The culture is an alien mishmash that stimulates the young but is fraying at the edges.

  3. Sugar… The all-time, undisputed king of PEDs… Once Southern Man’s unassailable monopoly of mindbogglingly potential wealth… Now “we” consume REAL POISON with absolutely no performance enhancement capability.

    Salt… The very conduit of the senses… Deprive yourself of salt and you will be so contracted as to only possess a sense of literal self-implosion…

    And fat… Where there is fat, you can live and live healthy… Thank God fat is almost inexplicably ubiquitous… A resource so bountiful as to necessitate an evil cabal’s desire to make it into nothing but “bad.”

  4. Dude… Did I mention white man “loves” sugar, salt and fat… These “things” are “stimulants” of the most basic desire. Just eat these things right now and you can feel the surge, the volt and satiation… Stuff your face and feel the sickness, the blown fuse and the sheer excess.

  5. Cholesterol Does Not Cause Heart Attacks
    Must read, the comments as well! Or to quote the best part:

    “>But this build up in the arteries is caused by??


    Why do you have this problem inside the arterial wall itself — not attached to it, inside it, and why limited to the coronary (and in some cases carotid) arteries?

    You have low-level systemic inflammation that the body interprets as damage (much like a thorn in your skin is damage) and it responds by attempting to encapsulate and repair it, which is a normal response. That your body does this in response to damage is good, not bad! The problem is the damage, not the response. There is no “deposit” on the inside of the wall the problem is embedded in the tissue of the artery itself, not attached to it.

    What increases systemic inflammation? Refined carbs (starches and sugars) along with (especially) vegetable oils, the latter of which have off-the-charts Omega-6 numbers.

    BTW this is why a low-dose aspirin, if you can tolerate it, reduces the risk of a heart attack for those otherwise at high risk of one. It’s not the “blood thinner” aspect, it’s the fact that it’s an anti-inflammatory and thus reduces systemic inflammation.”

    That last part is especially interesting.

    Yet the medical establishment is KNOWINGLY prescribing more statins than ever, good times!

    I predict the biggest class actions suits in history of the US once this scam unravels.

    And I’m shocked that the plumber based artery explanation is wrong, shocked!

    It sounds like a bad SNL sketch when you think of it, Joe The Plumber explains how the vascular system works, with props!

    • It will never come out, guest.

      The US is filled top to bottom with scams. The medical industry thrives off of disease. The more diabetes and cancer, the more $$$$$$$ for them.

      We expose one scam, only for another to take its place. The great Big Tobacco trials of the 90s solved nothing.

      I follow Linus Pauling’s ideas on arterial plaque.

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